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   Chapter 1 Prelude

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It was already midnight, and it was very dark outside. The whole house was so quiet. But miserable sobs broke the stillness of the night. It sounded like someone was grieving a person's death. Anyone who could hear the sobs would get flustered and sad.

Lettie Lin stood in front of the window and stared into the distance. She was at Mike Zhao's house right now. As the night wind blew, the leaves of the trees swayed with it. Some of them fell to the ground. Watching the darkness outside, the memories of the past flashed back in her mind. She didn't expect that love could be so disappointing. In the end, what she felt was endless desolation and loneliness. All the beautiful things disappeared.

"Claud..." she whispered. But as soon as she mentioned that name, she felt heartbroken.

She loved Claud Chen and treated him sincerely. She did everything for him, but it was all in vain. No matter what she did, she could never be number one in his heart.

She hated him so much now, but she still didn't want him to feel sad, self-abased, or depraved. For him, she took the blame for everything. Every day, she went to a remote village to see the famous doctor who could treat his infertility. But in the end, she was suspected by him and his mother. When his chairmanship in the company was endangered, she took out all her properties to save him and make sure that his position was safe. She even signed the divorce agreement prepared by his mother secretly, enduring all the pains in heart.

From a distance, Lettie Lin noticed a black car slowly approaching. Its headlights shone all over the house. The car pulled over the roadside in front of the house. Then, a familiar figure got out.

He finally showed up again.

Looking at the figure walking slowly towards the house, her heart raced wildly.

Claud Chen seemed to feel that someone was staring at him because he stopped and looked up for a few seconds. After leaving the golf court, he didn't go to Lettie Lin directly. Instead, he went to his mother to know everything that happened. When things became clear to him, he seemed to have gone crazy. Pain overwhelmed him. He lay in bed for the whole day and night without eating anything. Eventually, he suffered from a serious illness. On the second day, he couldn't bear his longing for Lettie Lin any longer. So when his parents were not around, he sneaked a bottle of wine into his room and drank it up. He waited for midnight and drove to Mike Zhao's house to look for Lettie Lin. He had to see her right away. Otherwise, he would die immediately.

She stood rooted to the spot, not knowing what to do. Her heart skipped a beat at the thought that Claud Chen came to see her. He looked away and strode inside.

Lettie Lin leaned against the glass window and slid down. Her nose twitched, and tears streamed down her face. Her heart was beating so fast that she felt a dull pain in her chest. She couldn't breathe.

Before she could react, the door was suddenly opened. She raised her head reflexively and saw Claud Chen standing outside. He looked aggressive and fierce. The expression in his eyes felt like she was blaming her for everything.

He slammed the door and walked up to her. His eyes were bloodshot, and his face was cold.

She suddenly felt a sense of danger, so she reacted quickly. She moved her right leg and prepared to run away.

"You want to escape?"

Claud Chen snorted with a deep frown. He rushed forward and grabbed her wrist.

Lettie Lin looked at him in panic and asked, "What do you want?"

"What do you think?" He reeked of alcohol. She had never been treated so rudely before, so she couldn't help feeling frightened.

At this moment, he seemed to have lost all the gentleness in him.

As he pulled her, her pajamas were accidentally torn, revealing her pearl skin.

If it were some random guys, they would have been enticed by her beauty. But he was not in his right mind at the moment. He didn't care when her delicate skin was exposed.

He pressed his lips against her ear and growled, "Lettie, have I already told you what I hate most? It's betrayal and deception!"

His voice was not loud, but it was so frightening that she trembled all over.

She shook her head and said, "Claud, what do you mean? I don't understand what you're talking about." She had expected to see a cheeky grin on his face, but it never appeared. Perhaps he was really angry right now. But with the current situation, she could never admit that the child was his. Or else, everything she had done would be in vain.

"Huh? You don't understand?"

She shook her head repeatedly. "No. I never lied to you. I never betrayed you."

"Ha-ha! Are you sure about

that?" Claud Chen sneered as he pinched her chin with one hand. He then took out the divorce agreement and showed it to her face. "Don't tell me that you don't know what this is."

She looked at the document with eyes wide open. It was the divorce agreement that his mother forced her to sign. She only agreed to it because his position as the chairman was at stake. His mother said that as long as she signed it, he would remain as the chairman safely. But as far as she could remember, only his mother, Chloe Zhang, and Ava Gu had a copy of it. How come that Claud Chen had it now? Was it because...?

"Why did you sign this? Did my mother force you?"

"No, she didn't."

"Then, why? Tell me! I was in the dark all along. It was only later that I found out that we were already divorced. My mother told me that you asked for it. I thought it was fine. I could have a chance to stabilize the company, then let Julia manage it. Then I would take you everywhere to seek medical treatment. We wouldn't stop until you get cured. After that, everything would be fine. But I didn't expect that you were all lying to me. Why?"

"We didn't lie to you."

"Really? Are you sure you didn't lie to me? I am the sterile one, but you made me believe that it was you. Why do you have to do that? Are you afraid that I won't be able to accept it? You don't want me to feel inferior, do you? You pity me!"

"No, Claud. You're wrong. Who told you that nonsense? That's not true at all."

"Are you still going to lie to me until now?" He raised his voice. "Lettie, do you know how much you've hurt me? I don't want your sympathy or pity. Do you think I will be grateful for what you have done? No! I will only hate you! Hate you!" He was already on the verge of breaking down.

She hurriedly held him and said, "Claud, you're drunk. Lie on the bed for a while, please."

But he shook off her hand. "I'm not drunk!" His eyes were wet, and his voice became hoarse all of a sudden. "Lettie, don't you understand me? Don't you know what I really want?"

She didn't know how to answer him. She just shook her head and choked with sobs.

"Lettie, I know that you still love me. But my mother is pressuring you to get pregnant. You are pregnant now, aren't you? Let's go back and tell my mother about it. I'm sure that she will be happy.

She will keep you in the family and let us live together." 'My mother-in-law would only keep me if I could bear a child.' Those words were like a knife that cut her heart. Lettie Lin was deeply hurt. She gritted her teeth and said, "I've already told you, this child is not yours."

Claud Chen was stunned for a moment. He thought for a while and realized that she only said it out of anger. Just now, Kyle Wang had confirmed to him that the child was his. He suddenly came to his senses and held her in his arms. In an instant, her hair was wet with his tears. He said between sobs, "Lettie, I was wrong. Please forgive me for being cruel and careless. Forgive me for doubting you again and again."

"Stop it. I'm so sleepy now. You'd better go home." She pretended to sound impatient. She tried to push him away, but her hands were so weak that she failed.

"No, I won't leave. If you are sleepy, just sleep. I will stay by your side and watch over you."

"No need," she countered. "Didn't you say that you don't want to see me anymore? Besides, I heard that you are with Jennifer again now. Your mother wants you to have children with her, right? Claud, since you have already chosen her, stop hurting me anymore. Don't forget that she is still waiting for you to go back. She needs you to accompany her."

There was a trace of jealousy in her voice. He held her face up and looked straight into her eyes. "Lettie, please don't be like this, okay? You know that I've never loved her. I only have you in my heart. Are you mocking me on purpose?"

"If you don't love her, why did you give her hope again? Don't you know that you will only hurt her?"

Lettie Lin hated the truth that Claud Chen turned back to Jennifer Li when things were going crazy between them. But he felt extremely regretful now. "I was wrong, Lettie. I was in a fit of anger when I went to see her. I didn't mean it."

Upon hearing his explanation, she felt that her heart calmed down a lot. She forced a smile and said, "Claud, Jennifer is a good woman. We can't hurt her again. You should go and find her."

"I will talk and apologize to her."

"No. I hope that you will stop being childish from now on. Don't let Jennifer hate me again." She had no choice but to tell a lie. "Claud, I don't care if you feel sad. But I don't love you anymore. In fact, I don't want to see you ever again."

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