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   Chapter 30 Have No Chance

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Sitting in the corner, Zaid raised his eyebrows slightly. His long and narrow eyes slowly moved to Grace, and then his eyes lit up.

Didn't he just bump into this woman when he was about to enter the villa just now? Judging from the intimacy between her and Ethan, it should be the woman Ethan had married before.

He didn't expect that Ethan would marry such a woman. Ethan was really brave.

Putting down his crossed legs slowly, Zaid stood up slowly with a domineering aura. Then he looked down at them with a condescending look and said in a ruthless tone, "I'm Zaid An."

The indifference in his eyes made Grace inexplicably annoyed. What did he think who he was? How could he be so arrogant?

Although Grace thought so, the corners of her mouth slightly raised. After a pause, she provocatively looked up at the position of Zaid, and then said, "Very good. I'm your sister-in-law."

Zaid's face darkened, and the guests around him were even more surprised.

It was known to all that Zaid enjoyed a good reputation in the United States, and his living environment had been more luxurious than that of ordinary people since he was a child. But now in this luxurious villa, a slovenly woman with a shaggy head and a long face said that she was Zaid's sister-in-law, which undoubtedly embarrassed the An family.

Trying his best to suppress the evil smile in his heart, Zaid raised his eyebrows in pretended surprise and said, "Really?"

His words successfully cut off their conversation.

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Grace continued, "As you sister-in-law, it's the first time I've seen you. If I hadn't met you today, I wouldn't have known you. Your sister-in-law doesn't have much money. How about this? This is all I have now. Don't mind. Just make do with it."

Speaking of this, Grace stretch out her hand and rubbed it against her muddy trousers for a while. Then she took out a crumpled piece of money and put it into the palm of Zaid's hand with a reluctant expression.

The corners of Zaid's mouth twitched slightly, and then he looked at Grace up and down with an unfathomable gaze.

However, the guests around them burst into laughter. Whether this matter happened or not, from the way Grace dressed and the appearance of Ethan, they had already discredited the An family. Moreover, in front of everyone, Grace's action had directly embarrassed Zaid.

The playful look in Zaid's eyes was no longer the same as before. His eyes instantly turned cold. Then he pursed his thin lips and nodded. "Very good."

His words confused the crowd.

All of a sudden, Zaid's fist went straight to the position of Grace. Sensing the murderous will, Grace tilted her head to the side slightly and avoided his fist.

His fist didn't fall down. Instead, it froze in midair, as if he had been bluffing at the beginning.

Zaid's possessiveness was aroused in an instant, and the smile at the corners of his mouth became deeper and deeper. He shook his head left and right. Then, Zaid sped up his movement and went straight to the position of Grace. "You are awesome. How about this?"

Everyone's eyes were instantly drawn to the scene. They all wan

ted to know how this matter would end. But to their surprise, this time, Zaid just stood rooted to the spot. He didn't even take a step forward.

Grace was also stunned and slowly looked at Ethan, and her pupils suddenly shrank.

Ethan? What was he doing?

There was a trace of contempt in Zaid's eyes. Then he stretched out his hand to take off his white shirt, and threw it aside in disgust. Then he said in a mocking tone, "You are such a useless man. Don't touch my expensive clothes with your weak hands!"

His words were full of unpleasant attitude, and the blue veins on Grace's forehead rose slightly. Was this tall and arrogant man the younger brother of Ethan? No wonder Ethan kept a distance from him.

Unfortunately, these things would be completely changed this time! As long as Grace was here, there would be no peace in the An family!


"Wow, it hurts!"

Grace's hand was still in midair, keeping the shape of a fist.

On the other hand, Ethan held his head with both hands, and then turned to look at the position of Grace with tearful eyes.

He just stopped Zaid. Did he do something wrong again?

Flames of fury were about to spurt out of Grace's eyes. With her hands on her hips, she glared at Ethan and asked, "Do you know what you did wrong?"

In the face of the angry Grace, Ethan subconsciously shivered his neck, and then shook his head innocently to show that he didn't know.

Then her fist landed on him again.

Tears began to spill over Ethan's eyes. He covered his head with his hands tightly, shivered and said cowardly, "Honey. It hurts... I really don't know."

However, it seemed that Grace didn't intend to let him go so easily. She didn't care about the surprised or sarcastic gazes of the people around her. It seemed that in her world, there was only Ethan in front of her.

Raising her index finger gently, Grace shook it reluctantly in front of Ethan. Then she said slowly with a threatening smile, "I'll give you the last chance. Tell me what you did wrong."

Subconsciously swallowing, Ethan shrank his neck, as if he had already sat ready to be punished.

With a shrug, Ethan thought that he would be in trouble and said cowardly, "Honey, I don't know what I did wrong..."

Undoubtedly, what he got was another punch from Grace.

With a livid face, Grace rubbed Ethan's face for a few times and sighed, "Let me ask you, what's the possibility that you fighting back if your brother hits you?"

This time, Ethan reacted very quickly. Without thinking, he answered directly, "Zero."

Seeing that Ethan was not that hopeless, she covered her head with her hands and continued to ask with a painful look, "What's the probability of you knocking him down?"

Seeing that Grace didn't punch him, Ethan immediately knew how he should answer her. So he then nodded hard and said, "Zero!"


Then, Grace raised her fist, and Ethan continued to whine. The guests around them burst into laughter.

Although there was anger in Grace's eyes, she was more worried.

The look in her eyes softened a little, and then she whisper, "If you know you have no chance to win, then why do you fight back?"

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