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   Chapter 28 Manager's Secretary

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Grace frown. The woman's words seemed to have a deep meaning. But when she wanted to ask, she found that her mind was in a mess.

Although she was confused, she had to pretend on the surface. With a smile on her face, she bowed respectfully and nodded before saying, "Yes, manager. I'm Grace. I can start to work today."

She was respectful, but not humble. She was very polite, neither too flattering nor too proud.

There was a trace of approval in the woman's eyes, and then she nodded slowly.

After circling around Grace, the woman went back to her desk. Then she pointed at a corner and said, "I see. You can be my secretary. If you have any problems, you can ask Lena Jiang at any time. She was my former secretary and also the vice manager of AY Company."

After hesitating for a while, Grace nodded and replied in a low voice, "Okay, manager."

Things went on smoothly unexpectedly. Although she had never been a secretary, she could deal with the work related to finance.

The whole afternoon was quiet and idle, but Grace didn't have a good time.

She didn't know if it was her illusion or not, but somehow she felt that there was an incomprehensible darkness in the eyes of that manager when she was looking at her. They must have met each other for the first time, right? Why did she say that...

Then the manager stood up with an enchanting smile, and then picked up the Chanel bag hanging on the wall. With a sweet smile, she said, "Well, thank you. That's all for the afternoon's work. I hope you can perform better tomorrow. I have a date, so I'm leaving now. Bye."

After being stunned for a while, Grace nodded and said, "Okay."

The door was gently closed, and Grace even felt that it was a dream. With such a general manager, could the company really thrive?

To temporarily suppress the uneasiness in her heart, Grace took out her phone and looked at it. It was only four o'clock now, which meant that she still had time to rush back to the An Family's villa. She wanted to know what kind of person this man called Zaid was! How could he make Watson so depressed?

With a cold look in her eyes, Grace half bent down, gently wiped off the shoes that were a little dirty, turned around and left in a domineering aura.

The street was a little crowded, and in an instant, Grace lost in the crowd. She wanted to hail a taxi, but found that it was in the peak hour. It was not easy to hail a taxi at all.

She lowered her head and glanced at the screen. More than ten minutes had passed. If she continued to delay like this, things would be difficult. According to Eric's character, he would only stand aside cowardly and watch Ethan being bullied. If she did not go back, Ethan would be doomed to suffer losses.

She stamped her feet anxiously and frowned. She didn't know that all her actions were seen by her manager of the AY Company.

She didn't look as enchanting as before. Instead, she looked experienced and sophisticated.

She closed her eyes slightly, and her long and slender fingers slowly swept across her pink cheeks. Then she muttered to herself, "This woman... What kind of place is it worth your special arrangement?"

Grace looked around and found that there was still no parking space. Even the bus station, which was empty at usual, was strangely full of people. According to the current situation, if she continued to wait, she might not be able to find a place.

Grace grabbed a pass

er-by by her hand, leaned her head over and asked the address for An family's villa.

Since the An family was a famous clan, almost every passer-by could accurately tell the position of the An family. But in that manager's eyes, she had a different point of view.

She chuckled, then covered the corner of her mouth and muttered, "You are really a skittish woman... Was it because that Ethan couldn't satisfy this woman? But it make sense. Ha-ha..."

There was no longer the desire to explore on the woman's face. She turned around and left directly. So she didn't see the terrible behavior of Grace.

After looking around, Grace leaned against the corner and quickly took off her shoes.

Her bare feet were pressed to the ground. She held her shoes in both hands and leaned forward slightly, as if she was about to run away.

After confirming the direction to the passers-by again, the corners of Grace's mouth lifted. Then, under the surprised eyes of the crowd, she ran away barefoot

After asking the way all the way, she miraculously walked back to the villa.

Her feet were stained with filth or stone debris. Her trousers were rolled up high, and she didn't look like a daughter of an eminent family at all.

If it weren't for the fact that the security guard was familiar with Grace's face and temperament, she wouldn't even be able to get close to the villa.

There seemed to be a sense of sternness around her. As Grace threw her shoes to the ground, she grabbed one of the security guards and asked directly, "Let me ask you, has Zaid come back?"

The security guard's face darkened. Then he took a disgusted look at the dirty hand of Grace and shook his head unhappily. "It is just said that he would be back soon. We are requested to pay more attention to him."

She withdrew her hand with satisfaction, patted her hand stained with mud, and then kicked it and put her feet directly into her shoes.

The security guard looked at her with disdain. The clothes on her were not even as valuable as the security guards' uniform. It was hard to imagine that such a woman would be the daughter-in-law of the Gu Family. He was afraid that no one would believe that.

It was absolutely shocking!

Just as Grace turned around and walked into the villa, a luxurious extended Lincoln car slowly came into her view. The man sitting in the back seat was exactly Zaid.

Not as innocent and pure as Ethan, the first feeling that Zaid gave people was cynicism and playful.

His eyes slowly fell on the beautiful figure in front of the door.

This woman was really interesting. It was the first time that he had seen a woman in sneakers and dirty all over her body in rich families. Generally speaking, there were only two possibilities. Either that woman was a fool, or a madwoman.

With great interest, he raised his hand and motioned the servant to stop the car. People were surrounding the car and he then opened the door slowly.

The moment he got out of the car, someone knelt on the ground and carefully wiped his shiny shoes. At the same time, an enchanting woman stretched out her hand and wrapped it around his neck from the car. With a hint of temptation, she straightened his messy tie.

An ambiguous smile appeared on the woman's face. Then she took the initiative to hold the back of Zaid's head tightly and kissed him without reservation. Then she said in a sweet voice, "Honey, I'll wait for you tonight."

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