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   Chapter 27 Self-assertion

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Eric sneered and then slapped away the hand of Grace. He stared at her eyes and said, "Coward? You are kidding! You know nothing."

The anger in his eyes stunned Grace. Why did he look so angry?


There was no tenderness in Eric's eyes, only endless coldness. He opened his thin lips and said dejectedly, "For the last time, stay away from Ethan. If you become his obstacle, I will kill you without hesitation."

Grace's face was a little pale. The homicidal intent in Eric's eye was absolutely true.

Gritting her teeth, Grace quickly stepped forward and stood in front of Eric. She said loudly, "I don't think I did anything wrong. If you have the ability to kill me, just have a try. I've said that I'll protect Ethan!"

"How self-assertion are you!"

After saying that, Eric turned around and left directly, without saying one more word. This woman definitely would not live long!

Eric clenched his fists. If she continued to cause trouble like this, Ethan would have to constantly help her. If it was only once, it could be regarded as a coincidence. If it was too much, others would noticed.

No paper in the world could wrap fire.

Frowning slightly, Eric turned around and went back to Ethan's room.

At this moment, Ethan was lying leisurely, and throwing Eric's phone playfully. He looked casual, not as haggard as before.

Glancing at the closed room, Ethan chuckled, "What did you say to her?"

Eric's face was a little gloomy. He kept silent. Ethan became unpleasant instantly. As expected, Eric said something he should not say.

After a while, Ethan threw Eric's phone on the ground at will, turned over lazily, rested his head on the pillow casually, and said playfully, "What I need is a person who follows my orders."

Eric lowered his head and said calmly, "yes."

With a trace of coldness in his eye, Ethan suddenly said, "I don't want it happens again."

"Yes, sir."


At first, Grace was about to follow Eric and ask him about the meaning of his words, but her phone suddenly buzzed.

Glancing at the strange number, Grace answered it confusedly. Then her face turned red in an instant.

A woman's sweet voice came from the other end of the line, "Is that Grace?"

After being stunned for a while, Grace quickly replied, "Yes, it's me. Who are you?"

After confirming the identity of Grace, the woman smiled brightly and said, "I'm the manager of AY. Just call me AY. If my memory serves me right, you passed our examination. When can you come to work? "

Subconsciously, Grace breathed more heavily and her hand grabbed the phone tightly. She explained, "I'm sorry, please give me another chance. I was delayed by something else. I'll be right there!"

The woman replied briefly and then hung up the phone.

Grace rushed back to Ethan's room. Ethan was lying on the bed lazily. Eric had a strange expression on his face.

After putting on the sneakers, Grace turned around and said, "Watson, I'm going to work in AY Company. I should be able to come back before afternoon. Don't worry. I'll be with you."

When she said the last sentence, Grace looked at Eric with a defiant look.

No matter how bad his attitude was, Grace would stick to her own decision!

Ethan grinned, not as gloomy as before. He struggled to raise her hand, and then waved to her, "Honey, be careful on the way!"

Clenching her teeth, Grace slammed the door and strode away.

With a slight smile at the corners of her mouth, Ethan slowly sat up. He stretched out his hand to pull up the wrinkled collar and said calmly, "Don't interfere. This woman is more interesting than I imagined. Just watch quietly."

Eric nodded and said no more.

AY…… Ethan even bought that kind of poor company for Grace. He really didn't know why Grace attracted him so much.

With the help of the small signs made by Ethan, Grace arrived at the villa's exit in a hurry. After striding for a long time, she finally arrived at the street and took a taxi to AY company.

It was only a dozen minutes' drive.

Grace arrived at AY company smoothly. Compared with the shabby look before, the company was a little bustling at this time.

When Grace just walked to the door, a woman smiled gently, stopped her and asked, "Excuse me, who are you?"

Grace nodded with a smile. At this moment, Grace was elegant and gentle. She replied, "I was here for job interview. Is the manager here?"

The woman nodded and gently made a gesture of "please". She led Grace into the room.

In just a few days, the company had changed completely.

The originally pitted wall had been coated with new calcimine. The sky blue wall made people feel relaxed and happy. The pace of Grace increased a little.

The door opened easily, and an enchanting woman came into view.

The woman who was greeting Grace retreated quickly and bowed respectfully to the enchanting woman. Then she said in a soft voice, "Miss, the lady has come."

AY put aside the glass in her hand and said enchantingly, "Okay, thank you."

The greeting woman smiled and left.

AY stood up slowly and walked to Grace in her ten centimeters high heels. She raised her eyebrows slightly and the perfume spread to the tip of Grace's nose in an instant.

She smiled ambiguously, and raised Grace's chin frivolously with her fingers. Then she said softly, "You must be Grace, right? I've been waiting for you for a long time. You are really special."

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