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   Chapter 24 Closer

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On the third day of her hospitalization, Ethan couldn't withstand Grace's request and had to agree to leave the hospital.

When Grace went through the formalities, her face was a little dark, because all the people around looked at her strangely.

As for Ethan, he habitually lowered his head, trying to avoid those sights.

However, at this moment, all of a sudden, Grace put her hands horizontally and protected Ethan behind her, just like a hen protecting a chick.

She walked straight to the place where the most people were talking about, and then frivolously picked up the man's collar. With a dangerous smile, she said," What's wrong? Sitting in a wheelchair, do you think it's strange? Is it very rare? Huh? "

The man didn't expect that Grace would do such a sudden thing. He was stunned for a while and then pushed her away. He said in disgust," Yes. Do you think I don't know? This is the eldest master of the An Group. More than ten years ago, he was a loser. No, he was an infertile man. Ha ha... "

His arrogant laughter made the people around him laugh too.

Was this woman stupid? How could she picked on Ethan's score spots? And now she acted as if someone had done something wrong.

There was still a smile on Grace's face. Then she nodded just like she was satisfied.

She crooked her finger slightly, and then leaned her body forward a little. With a hint of temptation, she said," You said infertility was a very pathetic thing, right?"

The man swallowed and stammered," Yes, yes. That's right. What's the point of a man who can't have a child living? I'd rather die than be a eunuch!"

His words were full of sarcasm, which made Eric feel a little uncomfortable. If it wasn't for the need of the plan, how could Ethan make himself a disabled man?

He had thought that Grace would lose her temper or ruthlessly divorce that man.

However, to his surprise, with a scornful smile on her face, Grace turned around and walked directly to the side of Ethan. She slapped away Eric's hand directly, and then pushed Ethan to the front of the strange man with a smile on her face.

At this time, many people had gathered around, seeming to want to see the fun. In fact, Grace didn't care about it at all. It would be better to have more people, so that things would become more and more interesting, wouldn't it?

She gave an evil smile. Only Ethan, who was standing next to her, could clearly feel the coldness from Grace.

She was angry! But why did she still do this strange thing?

Even Ethan couldn't figure out what Grace wanted to do. Subconsciously, he also felt that Grace would punch everyone who laughed at him.

However, the next second, Ethan knew why Grace did that.


The man who had a smile on his face let out a loud groan. Before everyone could react, he directly knelt down on the ground. And that position was right in front of Ethan.

Having roughly guessed what Grace meant, the corners of Ethan's mouth curved up a little, but he still pretended to know nothing. He nervously reached out his hand and pulled Grace's hand, saying," Honey, don't hit him anymore. It's so dangerous. "

Compared with the violent of Grace, Ethan looked much more honest, as if he was always on Grace's side. But who knew how much he wanted to see her stand up for him.

The feeling of being cared and favored slowly occupied his heart. He liked to see Grac

e defending him.

With a slight smile at the corners of Grace's mouth, she stretched out her hand and pulled the man's head up. Without saying anything, she threw the man backwards, and the man fell to the ground in an instant. It seemed that Grace didn't intend to stop in this way. The shoes directly trampled on the man's most fragile part. Then she raised her eyebrows and said," This is called waste."


The man's heart wrenching voice came out from the spot in an instant. That was the most fragile part of a man. He usually jumped up and down in pain even if he lightly collided with something. Moreover, almost all of Grace's strength was used under her feet. How could an ordinary woman compare with her strength?

Sweat trickled down his forehead because of the pain. When he tried to struggle, he found that the strength under Grace's feet didn't decrease. On the contrary, it was getting bigger and bigger. Considering his happiness for the rest of his life, the man quickly gave in and begged," Aunt, I'm wrong. I'm wrong! Please forgive me. Ouch... "

Instead of saying anything, Grace turned around with a playful smile and talked to Ethan, ignoring what the man said.

Feeling bored, Grace leaned forward a little. Then, she untied the shoelaces on her sneakers and asked casually," Watson, do you know what rubbish is?"

Hearing that, Ethan's Adam's apple bobbed slightly. What did Grace mean? Was she going to laugh at him?

His eyes closed slightly. With a little disappointment in his voice, he said slowly, "honey... I... I am just... "

Hearing the unconfident words of Ethan, Grace knew that he had recalled the past again. Then she changed another foot and untied the shoelaces again.

The man's painful howl drowned out what Ethan said later.

After Grace tied up the shoelaces tightly, she released her feet, turned around and said seriously," Loser is not like you. You're just a toy boy. Look, I'll teach you what a loser is today, okay? "

Hearing that, Ethan blinked in astonishment. Then he nodded obediently and said," Yes..."

The man on the ground raised his hand to wipe the sweat on his face. When he was about to check if he was still a normal person, he suddenly slid close to the ground for a short distance.

The piercing pain from his lower body almost made him faint.

What the hell was this beautiful woman capable of! Where did her strange force come from!

The people around sighed. Just looking at the scene, one could imagine how painful it was. The man's roar was like a pig being butchered, violently impacting the hearts of the people around him.

Everyone looked at Grace in surprise, but they were no longer as sarcastic as before, as if they were afraid that they would be the next victim.

However, for that man, this day was just a nightmare!

He had thought that this matter would come to an end, but he clearly heard the sound of the sneakers under the feet of Grace.

The sound continued to approach, one step, two steps.

Everyone was secretly worried about that unlucky man, because no one knew what crazy things Grace would do next.

There was only a trace of hatred in Eric's eyes, as if there was a deep hatred between Grace and him.

Then Grace bended down and picked up the man's collar. Like a dead dog, she pulled him directly to the front of Ethan's wheelchair and threw him on the ground with a bang.

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