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   Chapter 22 Gaunt

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Ethan's eyes were almost popping out, but his hands couldn't reach Grace. He could only flop feebly in the air like a drowning child. Then he said in a daze," What happened?"

Eric didn't say anything, and his expression returned to normal. His indifference didn't make Ethan suspicious. If he was nervous, that would be the most strange thing, wouldn't it?

He looked inadvertently at the medicine bowl on the table, which was still lying on the table, and then looked at Ethan. The thick smell on it made smart people know what was wrong.

With his fingers deeply twisted into the quilt, Ethan said," Eric, you take her to the hospital first. It seems that things are getting worse."

Eric had never wanted to refute Ethan's order, and then naturally agreed.

Anxious as Ethan was, he called Daniel over and put the medicine bowl into his pocket in front of him. Then he urged him to push him away and follow Eric.

When the two arrived at the hospital, Grace's face was a little blue, and there was a bad smell on her body. Needless to think, they all knew what it was.

All the people around looked at them with strange eyes, but at this moment, Ethan didn't care about these tedious etiquette at all. He just wanted the safety of Grace!

He found the doctor quickly and put Grace on his desk without saying anything. The things on the table were scattered all over the ground in an instant. The doctor, who had been angry, swallowed back the words he wanted to protest when he looked into the eyes of Eric.

Compared with Eric's attitude, Ethan was much manner. He slowly stretched out his white and tender hand, and carefully pulled the corner of the doctor's white coat. Then he said timidly, " Doctor, please help me. I don't know why my wife suddenly vomited and diarrhea, and it seems that she can't wake up all the time. She is very sleepy."

He looked very cautious, as if he was afraid that the doctor would be angry and was unwilling to treat Grace.

In the end, whether it was because of the pressure from Eric or the innocent look in Ethan's eyes, the doctor didn't care about what happened just now. Then he called the medical staff to put Grace on the bed and pushed her into the examination room for a stomach examination.

Daniel just watched all this silently, but his eyes fell more on the pocket of Ethan.

Did he forget to take off the bowl? Whether Ethan did it unconsciously or on purpose, Daniel felt a little uneasy, but he didn't show any unnatural expression.

Eric habitually pushed away the position of Daniel, and then naturally held the push hand. He pushed Ethan out of the office, as if he didn't care about the woman in the monitoring room at all.

When Daniel was about to catch up and have a good look, he found that the two of them had already disappeared in the corridor.

At a dim corner, with a gloomy face, Ethan slowly put his hand into the pocket. It seemed that he put it casually, but the residue in the medicine bowl was well preserved, without any residue spreading out.

His eyes turned cold, and his hand on the medicine bowl tightened secretly. Then he said in a dull voice," I suspect that there is something wrong with th

e medicine."

Eric nodded without saying anything, but he agreed with him. But it was puzzling that if the family doctor really wanted to hurt Grace, then his intention was too obvious. If things went on like this, he was doomed to get some bad results.

The two of them looked at each other, and then they knew how to deal with it without saying anything more. Ethan quickly handed the medicine bowl with a strong smell to Eric from his pocket, and then bent forward and said," Go and check it. Remember to avoid Daniel."

"Yes, sir."

Eric answered and quickly reached out his hand. Then he put it into his pocket casually. The huge windbreaker instantly hid the medicine bowl well, without any sign of bulging.

And the calm expressions on the two men's faces were the best mask.

Halfway through, Eric appeared in the sight of Daniel on purpose. Then he glanced at him and pretended not to see anything. He walked and stopped as if he was looking for something. On the other hand, Ethan looked a little depressed with his head down.

Daniel looked down vigilantly at the position in Ethan's pocket, which was still bulging. It seemed that this matter had not been exposed. Was he being oversensitive?

After temporarily suppressing his doubts, Daniel slowly walked up with a smile on his face and said with concern, "where have you been? I've been looking for you for a long time. Just now, the doctor said that the patient might need some porridge when she woke up. Well, I'm not familiar with this..."

Eric glanced at Daniel casually and then volunteered," Please take care of the master. I'll go out."

Daniel was glad to hear the words of Eric.

There was an irresistible smile on his face, and then he slowly walked to the back of Ethan. Just like a good man, he slowly pushed Ethan's wheelchair, and then slowly walked to the monitoring room.

According to the doctor's words, the examination of Grace should be about to come to an end. And it was the most rational choice to get Ethan's words when Eric was not here!

It seemed that he didn't notice what was on Daniel's mind. Ethan frowned slightly, and then looked up at the position of the butler, full of mist. "Will my wife be fine?"

The steward nodded and smiled in a hurry. Then he said perfunctorily," She'll be fine. Of course she'll be fine! Ah... By the way, I saw you holding a bowl in the room just now. Where is that bowl? "

Hearing that, Ethan laughed in his heart. Then he said with an innocent look on his face," Bowl? What bowl? "

Stunned by his question, the butler smiled again and asked awkwardly," It's the bowl that Grace took the medicine. It's probably in this shape. Yes, it's exactly like this..."

As he spoke, the butler made a general gesture, as if he wanted to make Ethan know more about his thoughts. However, Ethan just tilted her head slightly and then showed a puzzled expression.

The old housekeeper's mouth twitched slightly. Then he reached out his hand and took out Ethan's pocket. However, the phone of Eric rolled to the ground.

How could it be...

He remembered clearly that the medicine bowl was put in the pocket by Ethan. Why did it become Eric's phone?

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