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   Chapter 20 Humiliation Again

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Ethan's eyes were filled with anticipation, while his gaze remained glued to the bowl of medicine, as if as long as Grace drank it, she would immediately come to life.

The doctor smiled kindly. Then he leaned close to his face and looked at Ethan, saying, "let her take this medicine while it's hot."

Nodding, Ethan stretched out one hand to touch the bowl, but his hand was not long enough.

He frowned and looked at Daniel.

Daniel smiled knowingly. Then he took the medicine bowl directly in his hand and walked up to Grace. He gently pushed her, but there was no response.

He looked at Ethan in confusion, but he also shrugged, indicating that he didn't know why.

Finally, after several attempts by Ethan, the muddleheaded woman finally managed to open her eyes. Then she said in a daze, "what's wrong?"

Ethan felt sorry for Grace and looked at her. Compared with her morbid condition, he was more used to her waving her fists to threaten him.

He slowly reached out his hand and took the medicine bowl from Daniel. Then he cautiously put it in front of Grace and whispered, "honey, take the medicine. It's just cooked. You're sick..."

He didn't know if Grace understood what he meant or not. Grace just sat still and stared at the position of Daniel in a daze.

Her vision was blurry, but she could always see someone chuckling. Was it an illusion?

Grace shook her head hard, and then she turned around and fell back to the bed.

With the efforts of Daniel and Ethan, the bitter medicine finally poured into the mouth of Grace. At this time, the doctor nodded and ordered a few words before turning around and walking downstairs.

But at this time, the plot had just begun!

After a while, Eric pushed the door open and came in to help Ethan wash his face and brush his teeth. Then he asked the maid outside to take care of Grace. The two of them went downstairs and were about to have breakfast.

Gabrielle and Andrew were still sitting at the table.

There was still a timid look on Ethan's face. When Eric took him to the chair, Gabrielle slapped her chopsticks directly on the table. The disgust on her face was obvious.

She raised her eyebrows frivolously and then looked at Ethan with a trace of disdain. She said aggressively, "who allows you to sit here? Don't take it for granted just because I've treated you well a few times. "

The chopsticks he had just clenched trembled in his hand and almost fell on the table.

Subconsciously, Ethan turned his head to look at the empty seat beside him. If it was before, Grace would have slammed the table and confronted Gabrielle.

Eric didn't say a word. He just stood quietly aside, but inadvertently saw some scars on Gabrielle's body.

Most of them were fingernails. It seemed that she had fought with a woman. As for the one who was able to provoke Gabrielle, Eric couldn't think of anyone else except for Grace.

"Mom... Sorry, I... I just... "

Gabrielle rolled her eyes at Ethan impatiently and said, "just what? Go back to your original seat. This seat is taken by your brother. Do you have the qualifications to be the heir? What? "

Tears of grievance we

re rolling in his eyes. So what if he was his brother? Wasn't he supposed to be in this seat in the first place? It was only the accident that happened, which led to the upsetting setbacks of the rest of his life.

Gabrielle threw the spoon out and sprayed the hot soup on Ethan's face.

But she just glanced at it, as if she didn't care about it at all, as if Ethan should have been punished like this.

Lowering his head, Ethan's body trembled as if he was frightened.

Gabrielle had made it so clear, but Ethan still had no intention of moving. Finally, Gabrielle couldn't hold back the resentment in her heart. Then she stood up and pointed the spear at Eric, shouting, "what are you waiting for? It's all your fault. You're unlucky. You didn't serve the right person. Take him away! You're just a piece of trash who needs other's help to complete even a meal or a walk. What a waste! You are nothing!"


This word was like a sharp blade, piercing through Ethan's heart.

Eric frowned and walked forward slowly.

When he was about to pick up Ethan, there was a sudden commotion on the two floor.

After a while, the maid's low voice came from upstairs.

"Oh, no, Miss Grace vomited..."

"Oh no! She fell down."

"Does she have a stomachache?"

The second floor fell into a temporary chaos.

The expression on Ethan's face changed instantly, and then he regained his weak look.

Slowly, he reached out his hand and held Eric tightly. Then he looked at Eric with his red and swollen eyes and begged, "Eric, I'm so worried about my wife. Carry me up quickly."

Without answering, Eric directly proved his determination with his action.

He didn't even use a wheelchair to hold him up and carried him to the two floors.

After expelling all the maids who were in the way, the two of them saw the situation in the room.

The air was filled with a strong smell of medicine, followed by a sound of vomiting.

What the hell was going on? Did she just catch a cold?

But he had only gone downstairs for a while, and there was no reason for such a situation to happen.

The look on Ethan's face was a little unnatural, and then his eyes subconsciously moved to the clean medicine bowl that was taken by Grace.

From the morning till now, Grace had only drunk the medicine in the bowl. If there was really something wrong, it should have something to do with the medicine...

Regardless of that, Eric placed Ethan on the bed and leaned down again to help Grace sit right back up.

She seemed to have no strength at all. She staggered and leaned all her strength on the body of Eric.

Eric's expression was a little unnatural. It was the first time that he had seen Grace of being so weak.

Was it caused by what happened in the swimming pool last night?

Eric's fingers tightened a little. He felt a little sorry for the haggard look of Grace.

This feeling was too far away for him. This strange feeling caught Eric off guard.

He managed to hold Grace to the foot of the bed, but Grace tried her best to choke her throat and retched violently, as if something was stuck in her throat and she couldn't breathe.

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