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   Chapter 18 I Want You To Die

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Ignoring the threat in Eric's words, Grace stared at his back in silence. This man was definitely not as simple as he looked.

Why did she always feel that there was an indescribable strange feeling between him and Ethan? But there was no way to trace it back.

Seeing that there was no sound behind him, Eric frowned slightly and said first, "don't you want to know what I think? I want you to die. "

There was a hint of temptation in his words, but Grace still kept silent.

Closer, closer... The mystery was finally about to be solved.

Eric's heart suddenly panicked. Did this woman know something? Otherwise, according to her previous personality, she should have rushed up angrily and asked him to give her an explanation.

The quieter it was behind him, the more flustered Eric became.

Finally, he failed to suppress the panic in his heart. He turned around quickly to look for the figure behind him. But to his astonishment, there was no one behind him, as if nothing had happened just now


All of a sudden, someone fell into the water behind him. A smile slowly appeared on the corner of his mouth, and then Grace slowly swam towards Eric.

Suddenly, her smooth body twisted in the water like a loach. Because of the dark night, Eric could only feel the traces of water being lifted on the surface, but he could not see the specific figure.

Eric raised his eyebrows slightly, and then lowered his head to look around vigilantly. He couldn't figure out what this woman wanted to do now. The quieter she was, the more flustered he was.

But after waiting for a long time, there was still no response. Eric could only stiff its body and then shouted into the water, "what the hell do you want to do?"

There was no response, let alone the figure of Grace.

His nerves had been on edge. Five minutes, ten minutes... Half an hour, one hour...

The wind was whistling louder and louder, and the expression on Eric's face was getting worse. If Grace was still alive, it was impossible for her to hold her breath under water for so long. Although his vision was a little blurry, as long as she looked up and breathed, Eric could confirm that he would capture her at any time.


The atmosphere froze.

Just as Eric breathed a sigh of relief, a spray of water suddenly jumped up behind him, and then his back was inexplicably supported by a hard thing.

Grace's face had already been wet by the water. When she jumped up, the water slowly fell down along her graceful figure.

What she held in her hand was a dry branch. Although it looked a little weak, it was indeed hard.

Before Eric could speak out his doubts, Grace suddenly laughed and said, "if the branch in my hand is a knife or a spear, do you still have the ability to continue fighting with me at this time?"

Her words made Eric's body tighten again. It was not only because of the cold night, but also because of the way Grace behaved.

This woman had been soaked in water for more than an hour just to tell him this truth?

Eric turned around and pushed away the branch in her hand. There was an incomprehensible gloom in his eyes, which was something that Grace had never seen before.

His eyes fl

ickered slightly, and then he slowly walked into the distance. When he was about to ashore, he stopped and said with a slight smile, "you know nothing. This villa is not suitable for you."

Eric's words sounded a little confused, but when Grace wanted to ask more details, she found that Eric was long gone from the vicinity.

The wind blew gently and made Grace shiver unconsciously.

Grace shivered and sank into the water again. Then she gently moved the water around with her soft limbs. Her closed eyes trembled slightly, and then she quickly swam to the side of the swimming pool.

She jumped up lightly. But the next second, she sneezed heavily.

Grace threw the branch in her hand aside, stamped her feet to warm herself, and then muttered to herself, "Oh, no, if it goes on like this, I'll suffer. '.

She didn't even have time to wipe her body before she ran back to the room of Ethan.

It was quiet in the room. Ethan was still sleeping soundly, as if none of Grace's movements had disturbed him at all.

She didn't know when he had fallen asleep.

The corners of her mouth were slightly pursed, and her movements gradually slowed down unconsciously, as if she was afraid of disturbing his beautiful dream.

Grace stretched out her hand and gently pulled the wet clothes. The pajamas that were about to collapse fell to the ground in an instant. When they touched the floor, they made a slight sound.

Subconsciously, she turned her head to look at the person behind her. When she found that he was still asleep, she tiptoed into the bathroom, like a thief.

However, what Grace didn't know was that the moment she locked the bathroom door from inside, Ethan, who should have been sleeping, suddenly breathed more heavily and his face became more and more red.

Did that woman really take him for impotence? Or was she just used to it? She took off her pajamas in front of him. A large part of her body was seen by him, and the heat in his heart could not be dispersed for a long time!

If Grace had been more careful at that time, the secret of Ethan would have been exposed.

In the past, Ethan could be self-control. But when he met Grace, many things seemed to be different from what he had expected.

The sound slowly came from the bathroom, making Ethan unable to calm down and think at all.

If he hadn't reacted quickly, he would have been caught by Grace on the spot!

Ethan was a little nervous, and his mind slowly drifted to the scene under the swimming pool just now. He stood a little far away, so he couldn't hear the conversation between the two. But he hadn't seen the panic on Eric's face for a long time.

What on earth had they talked about?

In that hour, he also didn't see where Grace was hiding. It seemed that she just jumped out of nowhere in an instant.

He smiled. He was more and more interested in this woman.

The swelling pain under his body made him unable to think more. He snorted and tried to distract his attention, but the sound of water in the bathroom seemed to be deliberately against him. The sound did not decrease, yet it was still increasing.

The night had just officially come, and it was destined to be long and difficult.

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