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   Chapter 17 A Talk Under The Moon

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After returning to the villa from the street, Grace kept frowning as if she was thinking about something. On the other hand, it was rare for Ethan to sit quietly and look at Grace in a daze.

He stretched out his hand slowly, but it stopped in midair again.

With a hint of confusion in his eyes, he said tentatively, "Honey..."

Grace suddenly came back to her senses, then she somewhat awkwardly turned her head to look at Ethan and responded. Somehow, her heart ached when she saw his careful and timid look.

She had been so humble to live under others' roof before.

With his mouth twitched, Ethan reached out his hand and gently stroked Grace's cheek. There was a faint fragrance on his delicate and smooth hand, as soft as a baby's. It seemed as if she could turn it to pieces at any moment with the slightest grip.

Slowly retracting his hand, Ethan turned his head and asked, "are you okay? You look unhappy. "

Grace pinched the flesh on her left leg and forced a smile. Then she turned her head away and said casually, "nothing. Maybe I'm a little tired. Ha ha. "

Seeing that Grace didn't want to talk to him, Ethan could only say "Oh" innocently and then turned around to play by himself.

However, Grace's eyes were fixed on Eric who was on the driver's seat. What was this man up to?

Since he wanted her to die, why did he come down to save her? Wasn't it unnecessary?

Unable to get any answer, Grace could only roll down the window irritably, allowing the cold wind to penetrate her body.


At this moment, Eric suddenly rolled up the window. Before Grace could question him, he said calmly, "Ethan will catch a cold."

His words successfully suppressed the anger in Grace's heart. Grace took a deep breath and clenched her fists.

After arriving at the villa, without paying any attention to anyone, Grace pushed the door open and walked into the villa without even looking back at Ethan.

However, the lazy look on Ethan's face suddenly turned cold and he looked at Eric on the driver's seat.

There was no innocence on his face, but a sense of solemnity. He cast a cold glance at him and said, "I've told you that I'll do it myself, and you don't need to interfere too much. Today's thing is a warning. You should know what to do tonight. I don't need the loser who disobeys me to stay by my side."

Eric was still expressionless, but there were thin beads of sweat on his forehead. He hurriedly answered, "yes."

Then, the sweet smile appeared on Ethan's face again. He made a hug gesture to Eric and said in a soft voice, "carry me down."

His attitude changed so fast that it was really amazing, but Eric stopped the car as usual and then skillfully carried Ethan out of the car. It seemed that nothing had happened just now.

The atmosphere in the hall was a little awkward. After returning, Grace just ignored Gabrielle who was watching TV in the hall. Then she shook her head and walked into her and Ethan's bridal chamber.

She kicked off her sneakers and pulled up the quilt to cover her head without changing her clothes.

A moment later, the door was opened by Eric, and then Ethan was put on the big bed.

A corner of the bed sank slightly, and Grace pretended nothing had happened.

Eric stared at Grace for a long time before he covered the door again and walked out slowly.

Was it really goo

d to keep that woman by his side?

In fact, if Ethan was not here just now, even if that man didn't kill Grace, he would still add fuel to the fire.

But at the moment he was about to make a move, the endless anger from Ethan made him stop.

In his subconscious mind, there would be no one other than that man who possessed such a lofty spirit to look down upon the world.

Eric frowned and thought about something while walking down the stairs.

With a slight sigh, he pursed his lips and muttered to himself, "Ethan... Do you know that if you go on like this, she will become the biggest obstacle on your way to success? "

It was late at night. After bring the food to the room, Eric walked to the courtyard.

The night wind of this season had already brought a bit of piercing coldness, but now he was naked, standing at the center of the swimming pool for a long time, motionless.

If it weren't for his bright eyes staring ahead, people who didn't know would misunderstand that the man was dead.

Who could keep this posture at night without trembling?

Suddenly, there was a faint sound behind the tree. Although it was a small voice, it was all heard by Eric.

He glanced at her from the corner of his eye and then turned his head away with a sneer.

This woman didn't sleep at midnight. What did she want to say to him? Did she want to blame him what happened in the afternoon?

But strangely enough, Grace had been staying under the tree without doing anything else.

Finally, the eagle couldn't stand such gaze at first, and then said impatiently, "come out as soon as you come."


The branch was broken with a light sound. Then, Grace walked briskly to the guardrail of the swimming pool. Her neck had been wrapped with a thin gauze to cover the wound.

There was no expression on Grace's face. She slowly lowered her head and looked at Eric in the center of the swimming pool. She whispered, "you're smart."

After getting the praise from Grace, Eric didn't show any expression. It seemed that it was none of his business, which made Grace a little angry.

Without hesitation, Grace went mad.

She clenched the guardrail beside the swimming pool and then stretched out her head to roar at the back of Eric. "You wanted me to die in the afternoon, didn't you?"

Eric was stunned for a while. Apparently, he didn't expect that the reason why Grace came here was for this matter.

With a mocking smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "yes. I want you to die. "

He admitted it so decisively that she was a little stunned and didn't know how to respond.

Knowing that she was so excited, Grace put her finger into her palm and gritted her teeth, "why? I suddenly regretted at the last moment. "

How could he risk a person's life? If Willy did something crazy to her at that time, how could she stand here alive and confronting with him now?

Eric's body was a little stiff and his face was a little pale. It was obvious that he had been attacked by a lot of cold wind. But he still maintained his original posture and said, "because there are still many ways to make you die. I don't know what your purpose is, but you can only be a stumbling block to Ethan. If you want to live a happy life in the future, I advise you to stay away from this kind of place, or you don't even know how you will die one day. "

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