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   Chapter 16 Have A Ulterior Motives

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The sincere look on Willy's face froze for a moment. Then he put on a sarcastic smile and said, "Grace, you think too highly of yourself, don't you? It was you who wanted to give me money and buy me things. I didn't ask you to give me anything! As for you, you can only buy me roadside shoes every time. I feel ashamed to wear them! "


Speechless, Grace didn't know how to retort.

She suddenly felt both lucky and sad.

Fortunately, she had seen clearly what kind of person this man was now. Fortunately, she didn't love him too much. Otherwise, she would be the one who would regret!

Seeing that Grace couldn't answer, Willy smiled mischievously. Then he slowly drew closer to her and threatened, "cut the crap. Give me five million, or I'll make a fuss in your family. Isn't your family afraid of losing face the most? If you don't want to live a good life, just have a try!"

He had thought that Grace would make a concession as before, but he didn't expect that she would refuse decisively.

Her face didn't change at all. Grace glanced at the hypocritical man in front of her indifferently, and then turned around and said without hesitation, "if you want to make trouble, just do it. The Yan family has nothing to do with me anymore."

The atmosphere became tense in an instant. There was a hint of coldness in Willy's eyes. Then he reached out his left hand and slowly stroked into his pocket. After hesitating for a while, he drew back and hugged Grace from behind.

Grace could be called surprised and ashamed, Willy's actions today were just too unexpected.

But when she was about to wave her fist, Willy suddenly took out a small knife from his pocket quickly. Although it was small, it seemed to be exceptionally sharp.

All of a sudden, Grace straightened up. Something was wrong.

His Adam's apple bobbed slightly, and the knife in his hand began to tremble.

He was afraid He was a little scared of this kind of thing.

Cold sweat broke out on Willy's forehead. After a while, he said in a trembling voice, "don't force me, Grace. You don't want me to be chased, do you? I promise this is the last time. Even if we can't get back together, we are still friends, aren't we? How can you bear to let me be chased after? "

The expression on Grace's face was a little stiff. Now the distance between the two was too close, and it was not easy for her to break free. On the other hand, Willy's hand had been trembling, so the sharp side of the dagger slicing through Grace's neck.

Sitting in the car, Ethan became anxious in an instant. Then he stretched out his hand and pushed Eric beside him. If it went on like this, his wife would die...

But Eric bit his lower lip tightly and turned his head away, as if he didn't notice anything.

There was a trace of firmness on Ethan's face. Then he reached out his hand to hold the door tightly and said decisively, "Eric! I don't want anything bad to happen to her! "

Eric's face changed a little and said, "I see." then he got out of the car quickly and slammed the door heavily.

She was just a domineering and arrogant woman. What was it about her that attracted Ethan? This woman would definitely hinder Ethan's steps! There were still a lot of things that Ethan had to do. He couldn't be dragge

d back by this woman.

With a hint of coldness in his eyes, Eric quickened his pace and made a detour to the front of the two.

Willy looked at the man warily, fearing that he would do something to ruin his plan.

He swallowed subconsciously. The pressure from this man was almost suffocating him.

After taking a deep breath, Willy managed to keep calm and said, "you... Who are you? You'd better not come over. Or I'll stab you! "

Without any emotion, Eric slowly walked forward, and then looked into the timid eyes of Willy. When they looked at each other for the first time, Willy had lost completely.

He kept retreating, trying to keep a distance from Eric, but Eric was a few steps faster than him. Seeing that he was about to come up, Willy didn't know where he got the courage. He shouted, "if you come again, I will kill this woman. I will really do it! I'll really do! "

The veins on Willy's forehead bulged slightly, as if he would be enraged at any moment.

Just like his name, Eric fixed his sharp eyes on Willy, and then as if he hadn't heard anything, he stretched out his hand and directly waved at Willy. A hand blade fell on Willy's neck. Eric said coldly, "leave her alone. And you get out."

The knife fell to the ground in an instant. For a moment, Willy felt that he would die at any time...

This man was so horrible!

Willy's face was distorted with anger. After running far away, he shouted, "wait and see, Grace. Don't forget that you are my woman!"

Then he took a timid look at Eric. Seeing that he had no intention of catching up, he slowly breathed a sigh of relief, and then quickly disappeared in the corner.

Although things had passed for the time being, the words "don't forget you are my woman" made Ethan fall into deep thought.

As his thoughts drifted away, he forgot that when he woke up that day, it seemed that Grace had a quarrel with the person on the phone. Judging from the tone, it should be her boyfriend. Was it the man just now?

His eyes were filled with coldness. How could a coward man touch his woman?

His big hand with distinct joints slowly shrank, and then came a crisp sound.

Eric just lowered his head and glanced at Grace. Then he turned around and sat back on the driver's seat, seeming not to care about her condition at all.

It was hard to imagine that such a cold man would be so patient to take care of a man who looked like a child.

When she turned her head, the cold smile on Ethan's handsome face changed into a silly one in an instant. Then he waved his hands desperately at Grace. Then he said in a soft voice, "honey, come on up."

With a long face, Grace took a meaningful look at Eric and slowly got up from the ground. She coughed violently and wiped the blood on her neck before slowly walking over.

The hostility of Eric to her was too obvious! If he really wanted to save her just now, he wouldn't have deliberately chosen to irritate Willy. After all, as long as he cut his knife a little deeper, Grace would die at any time!

She suddenly clenched her fists. What was that man thinking?

She turned her head to look at Ethan, who was rummaging through the tissue in his pocket. For the first time, Grace felt that she couldn't figure out the thoughts of these two people.

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