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   Chapter 15 Ruthless Words

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The look of disdain was incisively and vividly shown on Grace's face. Looking at the face that was so close to her, she felt sick.

She raised her hand and slapped on Gabrielle's face. With a strong resentment on her face, Grace said, "I warn you, I won't let you off so easily for the things you designed to frame Ethan. If you still want to play any tricks, you'd better think about whether you can survive or not first!"

Stunned by her words, Gabrielle forgot the pain on her face. She didn't dare to react for a long time and could only let her tears flow on her face and endure it silently.

Did they really find out?

However, this didn't last long, because Andrew heavily slapped the table, then jumped up and directly pulled Gabrielle into his arms. He lovingly touched Gabrielle's face, and then scolded with fury, "you're so rude! Is this how the Yan family teaches you to respect your elders?"

His beard was sticking up in anger, and he had quite a tendency to blow his beard.

Without any intention of backing down, Grace bravely raised her head and looked into Andrew's angry eyes. Then she said coldly, "is this how you treat your children? Ethan didn't do anything. Why do you have to kill him? "

Kill him?

Andrew was slightly stunned, as if he didn't know what Grace meant.

With a hint of gloom on her face, Grace slowly walked forward. With every step she took, Andrew felt inexplicably nervous.

She slowly put her hand on Andrew's neck and said gloomily, "stop pretending. Don't tell me that you didn't know that Ethan was hit by a car and sent to the hospital? Let me tell you, as long as I'm still in the villa, you can do nothing to him! "

Andrew suddenly froze and couldn't move.

Just because of the threat of a young woman, he, he actually...

Seeing that he understood what she meant, she slowly took back her hand, and then rushed directly to Gabrielle, beating and kicking her in an instant.

However, Andrew just stood there in a daze, as if he had never heard Gabrielle ask for help.

It was not until Grace felt tired that she stopped punching and gasped awkwardly. Gabrielle, who had been whining all the time, suddenly stopped and fell into a coma.

She had been badly battered about the head and face. And she couldn't go out to see anyone in a short time.

Grace turned around and clapped her hands. She seemed to be satisfied with such a result.

After casting a cold glance at Andrew, Grace turned around and left proudly. As long as it was hers, no one else wanted to see it, let alone touch it.

What even Grace herself hadn't thought of was that, at some point, she actually considered Ethan to be her brother.

By the time she was done with that, it was a little darker. Grace raised her head and looked helplessly at the busy crowd. It turned out that she got lost again.

Annoyed, she reached out her hand and wiped the sweat off her forehead. Then she whispered to herself, "where the hell is this..."

However, at this moment, a harsh horn suddenly came from behind.

Without turning around, Grace just stood aside. But to her surprise, the horn sound seemed to be deliberately against her, and had no intention of stopping, but in

stead intensified.

Furious, she turned around, pointed at the driver and scolded, "what's wrong with you? I've made way for you. What's your name? Don't you see me?"

However, before she could finish her words, she stopped. That man... Wasn't he her first boyfriend, Willy? Why was he here?

The man in the car seemed to have found something. He pulled over the car quickly and ran to her. Then he held her hand tightly and didn't want to let go of her, which made Grace feel annoyed.

Regret was written all over Willy's face. Then he affectionately looked into her eyes and said, "I deliberately didn't go to see you these days, but I found that I still couldn't forget you. Didn't I tell you that man was good for nothing? Come back to me. I can't lose you! "

Grace just wanted to vomit. This man was so decisive when he said he wanted to break up with her. What was the matter with him going back on his word?

Grace pulled her hand back and pushed Willy away mercilessly.

A car slowly came behind Willy and stopped at a corner. The person on the car silently watching everything in front of him.

Her disgust was obvious. Ethan was just about to call out before he saw the man. Who was that man? Why was he with Grace?

A lot of doubts made him frown slightly. He looked at Eric, but Eric turned his head as if he didn't see him. Then he didn't say anything.

Sweat dripped from Willy's face, as if he was extremely nervous. He reached out his hand and pulled Grace into his arms. Then he said emotionally, "Grace, listen to me. I was just too angry that day. I didn't really want to break up with you. Trust me!"

Too angry?

Then Grace shook off his hand with a sneer. She had seen through this man for a long time. Now he came to her for money, didn't he?

Taking a step back slowly, Grace said coldly, "I tell you, Willy, I don't have money."

The man called Willy froze in an instant. Then he looked at her in disbelief and forced her, "It's impossible! You must be rich after you marry into the An family. How shameless you are! Do you want to kick me away as soon as you have money? I tell you, I won't let you go unless you give me five million dollars as the break-up fee! "

Five million? It was an exorbitant price! Although this little money was a small amount for both the Yan Family and the an family, it was sky high for her.

"It's none of your business..."

Willy stretched out his hand to violently shake Grace's body, while loudly interrupting her, then he spoke urgently. "I don't care. Grace, please help me. I know you're the best. Others don't know you, but I know you won't make me pay. You're always the kindest person in the world. Please help me, please?"

When Willy was about to kiss her, Grace pushed him away, stepped back and shouted, "Willy! Fuck your love! You don't love me at all. You love money! I have saw through you. I have given you all my money. I even ate instant noodles for a meal every day. But what about you? What did you give me? "

The failed love made Grace shiver with anger, and now that the old story was brought up again, she was even angrier. She had thought that this man would change, but now he was just getting worse!

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