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   Chapter 14 His Kiss

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Finally, under the pressure of Grace, the doctor had no choice but to tell the truth. As she guessed, it was indeed Gabrielle who ordered them to hit Ethan.

Ethan was already helpless. She never thought she would be so cruel as to still want to put him to death! She couldn't let it go.

Gritting her teeth, Grace dragged the doctor to a corner and forced him not to leave.

The door was slammed shut. The doctor shrank in the corner like a rose that would wither at any time, not daring to move.

Eric's face had been gloomy since this matter was confirmed, and the hatred in his eyes could not be dispersed for a long time.

It was not until afternoon that Ethan slowly woke up. He didn't look any better than Grace at that time. He looked a little absent-minded.

"Honey... Hiss... It hurts. "

Before Ethan could put on his trademark cute smile, he took a deep breath because of the wound on his face.

He tried to laugh, but it was uglier than crying.

She raised her hand high, and the move that she wanted to hit the back of his head was forcefully strangled in the air by herself.

There was a trace of anger in her eyes. Then, Grace slowly put down her hand, sat on the chair in front of the bed and said seriously, "don't worry. If anyone dares to bully you, I will definitely let her suffer!"

A trace of doubt slowly appeared on Ethan's face. Apparently, he didn't understand what Grace was talking about.

As for this matter, Grace didn't intend to explain. Since Ethan didn't know about it, she could just let himself think that it was just an accident. As for those difficult things, let her deal with them.

Ethan cared for her and sent Eric to protect her, while he himself was left alone, and that group of people used it to hurt him. How could one forgive such a shameful act!

Looking at the angry look on her face, Ethan thought that he had done something wrong. Then with a depressed face, he slowly reached out his hand and said, "honey, I was too careless. I didn't pay attention to the road when I went out, but as long as you are fine..."

The words of concern from Ethan made Grace's heart ache. Was this man really a fool or a fake fool? How could he still worry about others till now?

Unwilling to be seen by others, Grace shook off Ethan's hand, turned around quickly and said loudly, "Ethan. You are such a fool! "

Ethan took a deep breath, while the expression on his face was instantly distorted. The way he frowned in pain was also heartbreaking.

This man would probably be better off if he survived in a normal family, wouldn't he? She really didn't know how he got through such a family of intrigues.

Did he live every day of his life being counted?

She turned around slowly and her eyes fell on Eric. This man should have some unknown past with Ethan, and the fact that a man as 'innocent' as Ethan had survived to this day, he should have a lot to his credit.

Pouting, Ethan reached out his hand again and gently tugged at the sleeve of Grace, while speaking as if he was abandoned, "honey, don't be angry... I will be obedient. "

Finally, she couldn't bear it any more. Grace sighed slightly and pushed Ethan back to the bed. Then she said, "I'm not angry with you. Let me handle it, okay?"

Although Ethan didn't know what Grace was talking about, he nodded slowly when he heard that she was not angry. Somehow, he had the courage to jump up all of a sudd

en. Then he kissed her on the face quickly and fell back to the bed heavily.


The sound of pain immediately came out of his mouth, and his eyes were hanging on his eyelashes, trembling slightly, as if they would fall at any time. It seemed that the action just now did not make him suffer much.

At first, Grace was going to teach Ethan a lesson. But when she saw his pitiful look, her heart softened for no reason. Then she withdrew her hand.

Then she turned around unnaturally and shouted, "Eric, take care of him. I'll go home first."

After that, Grace didn't wait for them to go home anymore. In a hurry, she pushed the door open and disappeared from the sight of the two.

Her heart was beating fast without rhythm. It was not until she walked a long distance that she slowly stopped.

She slowly touched her left face with her left hand, which seemed to still have the smell of Ethan.

This was her first time... To be kissed by a man.

But when she thought that Ethan was an incompetent man, she shook her head in a hurry and temporarily averted her chaotic thoughts.

"Grace, it's impossible for you to be with him. You just felt sympathy for him. Now you have something more important to do..."

After she exerted herself, Grace turned around and was about to leave. But when she was about to leave, she found that she was lost in the street again...

It had been an hour after she got back to the villa.

Staring at the villa in front of her, the corners of Grace's mouth twitched slightly. If she had stopped a taxi and asked where was the An family's villa directly, she wouldn't have run so awkwardly.

When she just stepped into the gate, she found that there were many small plates erected around her. The handwriting on them was a little delicate, as if she had seen them somewhere.

Slowly approaching, Grace rolled up her dress, squatted down and looked at the plates carefully.

The words above were simple and had an arrow symbol.

She raised her eyebrows slightly. Was this the handwriting of Ethan?

A warm current coursed through her heart. Following the mark marked on the small plate, she arrived at the main door of the villa successfully.

She slowly pushed the door open, and her eyes were covered with unprecedented coldness.

The culprit didn't seem to know that the matter had been revealed. Instead, she sat leisurely at the table, talking and laughing with Andrew.

Seeing that Grace walked over angrily, her heart missed a beat, but she tried her best to maintain the smile on her face, pretending to be calm.

Gabrielle elegantly picked up a special napkin from the table, and carefully wiped the corners of her mouth, as if she was afraid to wipe off her makeup. Then she said casually, "why do you come back so early today... Oh, that useless man. Oh, no, I mean, where is Ethan? Isn't he with you? "

Without answering, Grace quickened her pace and strode forward. She stretched out her hand and grabbed Gabrielle's neck, with a ferocious look on her face.

What was hidden behind this woman's enchanting face? Now that Ethan could do nothing, did this woman still want to kill him?

A trace of panic flashed across Gabrielle's face, and then an ominous premonition crossed her mind. Was it possible that that matter had been discovered by Grace?

She looked at Andrew for help and said in a trembling voice, "you... What do you want to do? "

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