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   Chapter 12 Apply Again

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After two weeks of rest and recuperation in the villa, the swelling on Grace's face finally subsided. During the period, although Andrew had come to visit her, Grace had rejected with him the excuse of physical discomfort. Fortunately, Andrew didn't care about it, as if he was very generous.

Only he himself knew what kind of a person he was.

Grace had tried to investigate it secretly, but because of her insufficient power, she could only stifle this idea in the cradle.

Just as she was worrying, Ethan suddenly turned the button on the wheelchair excitedly and ran back to his room.

Raising the piece of paper in his hand complacently, Ethan said as if he was a child, who was asking for credit from an adult, "honey, look, this company seems to have recruited people, and your major is suitable to it."

A hint of joy flashed through her eyes. Grace reached out her hand and was about to grab the paper. However, Ethan smiled mysteriously and hid the paper behind him quickly. Then he stared at Grace and smiled.

Grace rolled her eyes impatiently and said coldly, "hand it over."

It seemed that the situation was a little different from what he had imagined. With a guilty look, Ethan pushed the button on the wheelchair, and then took a step back. He shook his head and said stubbornly, "I won't give it to you. Honey, didn't you say that power can't be compromised, so... Ouch... Honey, you are grabbing me. "

Before Ethan could finish his words, Grace stood up and raised her hand to pinch Ethan's ear, unwilling to let him go, as if she was grabbing a rabbit's ear.

Like a child who had made a mistake, Ethan sniffed and looked at Grace with an innocent face. Then he quickly begged for mercy, "honey, it hurts..."

He handed the paper over to Grace honestly. Sitting in the wheelchair innocently, Ethan carefully stared at her face, as if he was afraid that she would be unhappy again.

There was no expression on Grace's face. After two minutes of stalemate.


Grace lifted her hand and gave a heavy pat on Ethan's shoulder before she complimented with satisfaction, "Watson, good job!"

The disappointed look on Ethan's face instantly turned into a smile. This was the first time that Grace praised him!

Tears were welling up in his eyes. Ethan pouted and looked at Grace coquettishly, yet she suddenly turned around and put a pillow on his face, successfully preventing him from continuing to say something.

Stretching out his slender and white fingers, Ethan gently grabbed a corner of her clothes and said in a spoiled tone, "honey..."

Grace stretched out a hand as usual and pressed it directly on Ethan's face. A perfunctory smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. Then Grace patted him on the head and said, "good boy, I'll take you out to walk the dog tonight."

There was a moment of silence.

Seeing the petrified expression on Ethan's face, Grace burst into laughter.

Ethan turned his head away with grievance. His face was full of anger.

The laughter of Grace in the room became louder, causing some maids outside to look at them strangely.

It was a rude behavior to make such a sound in this villa. They really didn't know why the Yan family would send such a w

oman in. It was so shameless!

As time went by, Ethan came up with more ways to act like a spoiled child and play cute. But Grace was almost immune to his little tricks.

No matter what kind of request he made, no matter he was rolling around or grabbed her sleeve with tears in his eyes, every time he got the same answer. That was 'impossible'!

The same thing happened almost every day, but Ethan repeated it happily, because he knew very well that Grace was a woman with a soft heart. She never let him actually sleep on the floor.

Therefore, in the end, Ethan had won more times. Of course, he was beaten by Grace more and more frequently.

Gently flipping through the piece of paper in her hand, Grace was unwilling to let go of any loopholes. If that happened again, she couldn't stand it!

After repeatedly confirming that the recruitment information was genuine, Grace put away her mobile phone. She turned the wheelchair of Ethan around and said, "Watson, I'm going to apply for the job this afternoon. You stay at home, okay?"

Ethan's nerves tensed up in an instant, and then he stretched out his hand and grabbed Grace's hand tightly. He was still in a state of shock about what happened last time. If it happened a second time, what should he do?

Noticing what was on Ethan's mind, Grace felt warm in her heart. Although Ethan looked a little bit stupid and sissy, he was indeed the one who had cared about her most since she was born. That was enough.

She reached out her hand and gently stroked his head, as if comforting a child, "don't worry. I'll be fine. I'm experienced this time. Besides, this place is only about twenty minutes away from the villa. Don't worry!"

However, Ethan still didn't want to let go of her. He grabbed her sleeve tightly, as if he didn't want to let go of her.

Grace sighed helplessly and raised her hand slowly, pretending to slap him. On the other hand, Ethan was so scared that he closed his eyes, but he still held her hand tightly

With a headache, Grace took a step back and said, "how about this? You can ask your bodyguard to follow me, right?"

Hearing this, Ethan suddenly nodded in agreement. The only man he trusted around him was Eric. And he would be very relieved if he were to follow Grace!

At last, accompanied by Eric, Grace opened the door of the villa and went straight to her destination!

After confirming that the two of them had left, the smile on Ethan]'s face disappeared, and his face was filled with coldness.

It must be Gabrielle who did it. That woman was getting bolder and bolder. If he didn't punish her, she would definitely come to make trouble in the future.

With a regretful look, Ethan took out his phone slowly and called a stranger.

His tone and action were completely different from before!

His eyes turned cold and he quickly hung up the phone. Now there were many spies in the villa. He had endured it for so many years. He couldn't let anyone expose him now.

An evil smile played at the corners of his mouth. At this moment, there was no childishness in him. There was only that kind of dominance and a hint of chilling power of conquest!

Disabled? What a ridiculous word. He had nothing to do with that word!

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