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   Chapter 11 Escape By Death

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Grace stared at the men in front of her with headache, and a sense of powerlessness suddenly appeared.

If this place was large enough, she would have more chances of winning. But this was a dead end, and the chances of her successfully escaping were greatly reduced.

Gritting her teeth, Grace decided to have a try.

The leading man took the initiative to stand out, and then looked at Grace sincerely. "We don't mean to make things difficult for you. It's just that someone wants to see you. Please come with us."

They didn't want to make things difficult for her? If it was just that someone want to meet her, he could make an appointment with her. Why did he have to make such a move? How could this man say such a far-fetched reason?

Leaning back slightly, Grace kept a vigilant eye on the few people in front of her, and if the situation didn't look right, she would have to make the first decision before she could break through!

Not knowing who started the movement, Grace bent down within the first few moments, while running towards a less crowded area to try and find a breakthrough.

However, she felt as if she had hit a wall and staggered backward. If she hadn't leaned against the wall, she would have fallen to the ground.

She raised her head in surprise and looked into a pair of deep eyes. After a short pause, she forgot her current situation.

When she came to her senses, she felt a pain in her shoulders. She was tied.

Clenching her lower lip, Grace struggled desperately, trying to escape the annoying rope. Then she said, "Damn it! I was careless..."

No one was willing to pay more attention to her. The man turned around and whispered something before he turned around and left.

After the man left, the rest of the people began to rub their hands and clench their fists. With an evil smile, they slowly approached Grace and said, "hey, hey... You are lucky to meet us. "

His eyes were full of lust, which made Grace feel sick. Such a man could never think of serious things!

But now she could do nothing. Beads of sweat began to form on her forehead.

Beads of sweat kept rolling down along her delicate face. From a certain point of view, it was extremely tempting.

Another man suddenly stretched out his hand to stop him. Then he stared at Grace and said, "no. Our task is just to get rid of this woman. Don't make things worse!"

Although the man had complaints, he still flinched back.

Grace's eyes widened in an instant. The ferocious expressions on their faces were like curses deeply engraved in her heart.

Grace's consciousness began to blur. A few sticks slowly fell down and all hit on her body.

Like a kite with a broken string, she lost all her strength to struggle. Without even a chance to ask for help, she fell to the ground.

A trace of blood slowly flowed out from her forehead, forming a coquettish flower on the ground. It looked so dazzling and enchanting.

It was like a dream. No matter how much Grace expected it, she didn't expect it to happen at this time. Normally, she didn't have a grudge against others, b

ut when she just arrived at the An family...

She must find out the truth.

She clenched her fists and lost her consciousness completely.

The pungent disinfectant spread over the tip of her nose. Grace frowned and blinked her eyes before slowly opening them.

What she saw was a large white ceiling. The heavy smell of disinfectant made her frown.

When she was about to sit up and have a good look at the surrounding, she suddenly took a deep breath and lay back on the bed again.

She felt sore all over her body, as if she had been run over by a car. As long as she made a slight movement, her whole body was as painful as being whipped.

Her mind was in a mess. Grace closed her eyes and fell into deep thought. Then she opened her thin lips and murmured to herself, "what the hell is going on?"

Just as she was in a daze, a familiar voice came from outside.

With the help of Eric, Ethan slowly sat up from another bed. Then he looked at Grace with concern and asked, "honey, are you awake? What do you feel? I'm so worried about you. "

Frowning, Grace sighed and asked in confusion, "Watson? Why are you here? What's going on? "

The Ethan told her the ins and outs of the matter, but Grace kept silent.

Seeing her serious expression, Ethan seemed to be a little aggrieved. Then he explained in a hurry, "honey, I don't mean to monitor you. I'm just worried about you. You went out for the whole morning, but you haven't come back yet, so I called Eric out to look for you. I didn't expect to see you being surrounded in the corner on the way..."

If Ethan didn't tell her, Grace wouldn't have exposed it. But now that he had brought it up, there was no need for her to hide it.

Grace raised her head slightly, and there was an unpredictable coldness in her eyes. Then she said expressionlessly, "I suspect that your father did it. If not, it is my father."

What was his purpose? How could he hit a woman so hard? Even if he had some deep hatred, he wouldn't want to put her to death!

With red eyes, Ethan slowly reached out his hand to hold Grace's and said, "I'm really worried about you. If anything happens to you, what should I do..."

Grace's face stiffened slightly while she pulled her own hand out hard, which caused her to scream oddly herself.

When she calmed down, she finally had time to carefully examine the wounds on her body. Almost none of her skin was smooth, it was all swollen or bruised.

Damn it! Those men really hit her hard. If there was a chance, she would have to show them with her own hands how to spell the word regret!

A week later, under the strong protest of Grace, Ethan finally agreed to her request of leaving the hospital. In the past few days, Ethan had been guarding the bedside of Grace for almost every moment. If there was anything else, he would play cute, sweet and tell a boring cold joke.

Every time, Grace would roll her eyes at him and then ignore him.

Although she said Ethan was noisy, the smile on her face couldn't be erased. For a moment, Grace even felt that Ethan was not as useless as she thought.

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