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   Chapter 10 Block Her

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Grace turned her head with a faint smile, and the casual look on her face made Gabrielle very angry.

"You, you, you..."

Gabrielle's face turned red with anger. Yet she couldn't say anything to fight back.

Grace looked down at the screen of her phone and yawned lazily. Then she turned around and left without looking back. It was a luxury to waste her energy on such a woman in the early morning!

Watching her leave, Gabrielle stamped her feet, and then turned back to the table unwillingly. Her lips with lipstick pouted slightly, as if she had been wronged, which made people feel sorry for her at a glance.

Andrew gently wrapped his arms around Gabrielle's waist and comforted her patiently, "well, don't worry. Although this woman is a little different from ordinary women, she won't be able to do anything big. According to her character, she won't stay in this villa for long. She is reckless and can only ruin things! "

Unexpectedly, Gabrielle snorted and turned her head away. Then she grumbled, "no! She bullied me like this just now, but you didn't help me... "

With a doting smile on his face, Andrew comforted, "Okay, okay, it's all my fault. It's all my fault. Here you are. You can buy what you want with this card. "

A sly smile flashed across Gabrielle's eyes, and she took the card with a smile.

Staring at the back of Grace, Andrew's eyes were filled with coldness.

If he let the woman go, she would definitely cause him problems.

After comforting Gabrielle, Andrew rushed out of the door and headed for the company.

Wandering on the street aimlessly, Grace slowly looked at the recruitment at the entrance of some companies.

She majored in accounting, so she didn't want to work in ordinary companies. But if the company was too famous, they might not employ her.

For a moment, Grace felt a little annoyed.

When she caught a glimpse of the job posting around the corner, she quickened her pace subconsciously and pushed the person in front of her away.

She successfully squeezed to the front, and the words "Recruitment of the An Group" suddenly appeared in front of her. With joy in her eyes, Grace stood on tiptoe and directly tore the recruitment paper off the wall.

Under the curse of the crowd, Grace fled the scene quickly. She held the paper in her arms like a treasure. She couldn't help chuckling to herself. They were recruiting people for the Financial Department, and her major was accountant. This part-time job was specially designed for her.

According to the instructions of the recruitment, Grace soon found the company. When she walked in front of the company, she froze.

If it could be considered as a company... It could almost be compared with a multinational enterprise! She looked up and found that the room on the top floor was almost invisible. How tall was this company!

The glass was even spotless, and everything looked noble. And all of this made Grace even more sure that her decision was right.

If she could work here, she would definitely earn a lot!

Clenching the paper tightly, she slowly walked in with a hint of apprehension. But when she just arrived at the door, she was stopped ruthlessly by the security guards.

Taking a glance at Grace, the security guard waved his hand and said impatiently, "you can't come here. Leave here quickly."

Confused, Grace looked down at the paper. 'That's right. The address on the paper is very accurate. This is the company that's hiring, isn't it?'

She waved the paper in front of the security guard and continued, "look, I'm here for an interview."

However, the security guard didn't look at the paper carefully, but pushed her away directly.

Before Grace could react, she fell to the ground in an instant. The security guards were so rude.

What Grace didn't see was that in one of the offices, Andrew was smiling in a meaningful way.

Indeed, according to Grace's previous school performance, if she was willing

to work hard, her future would definitely be bright, but it was not that easy to enter An Group.

If she was not the daughter-in-law of the An family, then everything would be easy.

Andrew chuckled and turned his head away. Then he sat back at the table, picked up the phone and dialed the number of several people. His call was simple, but the content was the same.

If a woman named Grace applied for a job, no one was allowed to accept her. Otherwise, she would be the enemy of the An Group.

It was because of Andrew's interference that Grace had run more than half of the large companies in A City with sweat dripping down her face. All she got was the company was full and no longer recruited people.

If only one or two companies said so, it might be a coincidence and could be understood. But everyone's answers were the same. Obviously, there was something wrong!

With a livid face, Grace turned around and looked behind her. Was it her illusion? Why did she always feel that someone was following her?

Keeping this doubt in her mind for the time being, she clenched a few recruitment papers and threw them into the trash can.

This feeling of being at the mercy of others was really annoying!

She paused slightly, as if she was lost in thought.

The men behind her subconsciously shrank their bodies into the corner to avoid the sight of Grace.

But when they reached out their heads to check the movements of Grace, they suddenly found that there was no such a person on the street.

One of the men pulled a long face and said to the men behind him anxiously, "Damn it! We were tricked by that woman. Hurry up! I don't think she can run far! "

Everyone responded and chased after Grace from different directions. He didn't believe that so many people couldn't find a weak woman!

In fact, Grace didn't run far. She bent down and looked at these men, as if she was choosing.

As the saying goes, the most dangerous place is the safest place. Grace glanced at the people who were scattered. Her heart sank.

Things were not as simple as she thought. But who on earth had targeted her? Was it Ella and her mother, or the woman in the morning?

There was a hint of coldness in her eyes. It seemed that her life would be more lively in the future.

But when she was sure that she was safe, she couldn't find the way home.

She scratched the back of her head anxiously. It would be more dangerous for her to stay outside. The most important thing was that she didn't even know what these men's purpose was!

When she was about to ask the passers-by, she suddenly heard a man shouting behind her, "come here, I saw her! Hurry up! "

With a straight face, Grace rushed towards the crowd regardless of the direction. Although she didn't know what their purpose was, it was better not to fall into their hands!


"Hurry up!"

The voices behind Grace began to rise, and the speed at which they gathered was beyond the imagination of her.

Then, she used her flexible body to travel through all the alleys. With so many people here, she could freely travel through the crowd to avoid those fatal injuries.

However, such a situation did not last long. It was obvious that these men had received special training. After running such a big circle, they did not blush and did not pant, while Grace had already begun to pant.

She raised her hand and wiped the sweat off her forehead gently. Then she said in a low voice, "Damn it. If they keep chasing me like this..."

Just as Grace was gasping for breath, several people behind her rushed up unconsciously and then surrounded her, leaving no chance for her to escape.

Grace looked around warily and bit her lower lip tightly. There was a trace of panic on her face. She didn't know when she had rushed into the dead end. If she wanted to leave, she had to break through directly.

With a headache, Grace covered her head with her hand and said to herself, "Oh, no!"

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