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   Chapter 8 She Agreed

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After returning to his room, Grace directly lay down on the big bed of Ethan, rolling back and forth.

Thinking back, it was strange how she and Ethan got to know each other. They had only known each other for less than a morning, but she inexplicably felt sorry for him. And she couldn't explain why.

Eric was called by Ethan to guard the door, and then he stayed alone with Grace in this room.

After a while, Grace suddenly turned her head to look at Ethan and asked, "Watson, why your family is so strange? Aren't they your parents? But why are they so harsh to you? "

Ethan was shocked by the sudden voice of Grace. Then he looked at her innocently. His name was Ethan, not Watson.

He slowly reached out his hand and made a gesture of hugging to her. Then he said, "my name is Ethan. That man is my father, but that woman is my stepmother. She is not my biological mother. "

Directly ignoring the action and what he had said before, Grace started thinking about his last sentence. The woman who made things difficult for him just now was his stepmother? It was much easier to understand. But since that man was his father, why did he still...

Pretending to be innocent, Ethan blinked and said, "honey, carry me upstairs."

He completely avoided the question just now. Normally, no one could refuse Ethan. However, to his surprise, Grace stood up and pinched Ethan's face before continuing to ask, "if you keep dodging the question, I'll beat you until your father can't recognize you."

All of a sudden, the look on Ethan's face changed. But that look didn't last long before it disappeared.

His eyes darkened. Ethan forced a smile and said in a low voice, "because I'm a loser..."

Her pupils contracted violently. In astonishment, Grace looked up at his lonely eyes.

By the way, how could she forget it? He was a man who couldn't carry on his family name, which was absolutely a shame for the An family. No wonder Gabrielle said he was not qualified just now. Was that the reason?


Ethan covered his head and looked at Grace innocently. Why did this woman suddenly hit him?

With a smile on her lips, Grace raised her hand again and ruthlessly rubbed Ethan's face before she teased, "don't pretend to be innocent. Who says you are a loser? Can't you go to my previous home to save me?"

He wasn't a loser...

His Adam's apple bobbed slightly. It was the first time in the past 21 years that he had heard someone say that he was not a loser.

There was a hint of joy in his eyes, but it seemed that Ethan still couldn't believe what she had heard. He reached out his hand and gently stroked his aching head. Then he tentatively looked at Grace and continued, "but I... I can't do anything. Even if I have to act, I have to rely on others. I'm not... "


Of course, Grace's hand fell ruthlessly on Ethan's head again. She rolled her eyes at him and turned her head away.

Was this man living like this all these years.

She felt sorry for him.

Seeing that Grace ignored him, Ethan reached out and grabbed the sheet. Then he tried to move forward bit by b

it and said, "are you really going to marry me? I can't give you anything... "

But such a simple movement made him sweat profusely, and he spoke with a little gasp.

Raising her eyebrows, Grace looked back at Ethan in confusion and said, "marry you? Why don't I marry you? I don't want to go back to that house anymore. I just want to live. "

Marry him?

Ethan who had been working tirelessly was instantly dumbfounded. He had only asked tentatively, but he did not expect that this woman... She actually agreed!

Eventually it seemed as if Grace wasn't used to the fact that Ethan was in such a mess, she got a conscience and dragged him down to the bed.

Then, she made room for Ethan, then she turned over and continued, "hey, Watson. Tell me something about the An family. I don't think it's that simple. "

Something about the An family?

Confused, Ethan turned to look at Grace. However, Grace raised her hand and hit the back of his head, which made him scream and shrink to the foot of the bed.

This woman was really violent.

Then Grace turned her feet away, yawned lazily and said, "if you keep joking, I'll throw you down."

His face flushed slightly and his Adam's apple rolled unconsciously. Didn't she know how tempting and charming this move was to a man?

He forced his eyes away. He didn't want to be beaten again.

Scratching his head, Ethan told her everything he knew honestly. Of course, he deliberately ignored some parts. Fortunately, Grace didn't care much about it.

Grace stretched out her left hand and touched her ear as she spoke carelessly, "so... Your mother is dead, and the woman your father loves now is called Gabrielle, and she has a son with Andrew, right? "

Ethan nodded quickly. This time, he didn't hide anything. He already knew what the consequences of hiding her would be, and he'd tried several times.

Grace nodded slowly and then put on a serious expression. Then a gloomy expression suddenly appeared on her face, which really frightened Ethan.

She kept glancing at Ethan from top to bottom, from right to top, as if she wanted to poke a hole in his body.

Subconsciously, Ethan swallowed and put his hand on his chest to protect himself, like a frightened rabbit.

Then, Grace burst into laughter and gave a light kick at the back of Ethan and said, "all right. I see. From now on, I'll live here You sleep on the floor. If you dare to mess around, I will definitely teach you a lesson, but... You probably won't be able to mess it up. Ha ha. "

Sleep on the floor?

Ethan was stunned for a moment. He looked at Grace in disbelief. Did he hear it wrong? How could this woman ask him to sleep on the floor?

He had thought that she was here to protect him, but it turned out that he had to sleep on the floor on the first day. How could this be?

Seeing the pitiful look on Ethan's face, Grace raised her head and slowly approached him. She asked coldly, "what's wrong? Do you have a problem with it?"

Ethan shook his head like a rattle drum and denied repeatedly. Even if he had a problem, he couldn't have dared to say so.

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