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The woman was slightly stunned by the faint smile on Grace's face. 'How could she be so confident? Did she know where she was?'

Obviously, Ethan was also frightened by this situation. Then he reached out his hand and gently pulled Grace's arm. He said with fear, "Grace..."

Perplexed, Grace turned her head to look at Ethan, who was sitting on the seat. The look on Grace's face made Ethan stunned.

'This woman was really bold!'


A member of the Yan family.'

With a hint of gloom on his face, Andrew slowly pushed the woman away before looking coldly at Grace and said, "If I'm not wrong, you should be the daughter that William said he was going to marry over, didn't your father tell you about the rules of the An family?"

Father? She didn't have that kind of father.

Although Grace knew Andrew was trying to say that she was uneducated, but how could she let him have his way?

As if she saw through everything, Grace patted her head and said indifferently, "well... I just broke it off with him. I hope you can give me more advice in the future. Can we have dinner now? "

Silence reigned.

No one dared to speak first at this time, fearing to break the atmosphere.

Suddenly, Andrew burst into laughter. Then he turned to the maid behind him and said, "interesting. It's funny. Serve the dishes with two bowls and chopsticks!"

"Yes, Mr. Andrew."

The woman widened her eyes and looked at Andrew in disbelief. Did she hear it right? He actually agreed to let Ethan have breakfast with him. Everyone in the villa knew how much he hated Ethan!


Seeing that Gabrielle wanted to act coquettishly, Andrew waved his hand and said as if he was watching a good show, "it doesn't matter. I'd like to see what kind of person this woman is. You can teach her the rules in the future, but don't do anything to ruin the reputation of our family. "

The woman called Gabrielle had to accept it and curled her lips. Then she glared at Ethan and Grace.

Running into something so unlucky this early in the morning had ruined her good mood!

Gabrielle snorted and turned her head away. Then she wiped her hands gently with the things prepared by the maid.

However, to Grace's disappointment, the maids didn't prepare their bowls and chopsticks at all! That was to say, he didn't invite them to dinner sincerely. Did he mean to ask them to wash their hands by themselves?

With a slight frown, Grace stood up directly, and then turned her head in confusion. "Why is this maid so unruly? We've been waiting for so long. Could it be that you haven't taught her properly? She doesn't even know how to respect her master. What's the use of keeping someone like her?"


The maid holding the towel turned pale in an instant, and the thing in her hand fell directly to the ground. She looked at Gabrielle at a loss, and then her eyes turned red.

All this was completely different from what Gabrielle had told her... This woman's eyes just now were really... It was horrible!

A hint of danger flashed through Andrew's eyes, yet he quickly covered it up. He changed his clothes and said with a smile, "it's my fault. I'm really sorry. Hurry up and bring up the bowls and chopsticks, don't slow down!"

'Grace was really not a simple woman. Did she just mean that he was uneducated? He even couldn't teach the maid well. William, how dare you? How could you send such a tough woman into our An family?' It was totally different from the woman he described at the beginning!

After what had happened just now, the atmosphere became awkward. And Eric was like a piece of wood, standing d

ully behind Grace and Ethan without doing anything.

However, Ethan was like being put on an invisible shackle, the innocent look on his face before was also gone. He lowered his head and picked the nearest dish. Then he slowly put it into his bowl, as if he had been bullied.

Gabrielle took out a piece of tissue gracefully, wiped her mouth and said, "someone can't even take care of his own life, but he still lives in the world shamelessly. I really don't know what else he can do except for wasting food."

The soup that Ethan had just scooped out fell down instantly, and the hot liquid spread over his thighs. But he didn't seem to feel any pain. He just froze.

With a trace of anger in her heart, Grace stood up at once, spun left and right, and then reached out to pull a towel back to Ethan. Then she looked coldly at Gabrielle and replied, "better than some people who can never hide the fact that her breath stinks even though they wipe her mouth clean."

It was obvious Grace was referring to Gabrielle. Gabrielle had never been offended like this. She was furious for a moment, but she couldn't find any reason to fight back.

On the other hand, instead of paying attention to her, Grace quickly rubbed the towel she just pulled over on Ethan's thigh and wiped the hot soup from his trousers.

She was gentle, without a hint of perfidy.

Tears welled up in Ethan's eyes. It had been a long time since anyone treated him so gently without any purpose.

Seeing Gabrielle being humiliated, Andrew couldn't sit still anymore. He was just giving her a good face, and she was getting more and more insolent. If this went on, the An family would lose face!

After pulling Gabrielle behind him, Andrew asked with an iron face, "Grace, watch your mouth. This woman is your mother-in-law. Is this your attitude towards her?"


After a short pause, Grace looked up at Andrew with a smile.

With a hint of mockery on her face, Grace said, "is this your attitude towards your new daughter-in-law? Even a meal is so difficult. I don't see the good reputation of the An family, but I see your meanness... Besides, I seem to understand something. "

Understand something?

The two of them were confused by Grace's words.

But she didn't go on as if she wanted to keep him in suspense. She slowly stood up and valiantly took Ethan back to the wheels from the chair. Then she slowly pushed him back to the room and said, "Ethan, I seem to understand why you are so reluctant to eat with them. How many people will have the mood to eat in such a dirty air? "

After leaving this sentence, Grace laughed in a low voice, which made the two people behind her look even worse.

However, Ethan was deeply touched. This woman was helping him, helping him vent his anger.

Looking at the expression on Grace's face, Ethan was moved. This woman, who had just met him once, was not afraid of power! She stepped forward just to seek justice for him.

However, the corners of Ethan's mouth twitched all of a sudden. Then he reached out and gently pulled the sleeve of Grace. "Grace, my room is on the left."

The originally sentimental scene was destroyed in an instant

Blue veins stood out on the forehead of Grace in an instant. Then she raised her hand and gave a punch to Ethan, shouting, "Ethan, you're such a jerk. Why don't you tell me earlier! I have walked so long! "

Lowering his head innocently, Ethan muttered in a low voice, "you didn't ask me..."


Grace was angry, and then she simply ignored Ethan. But the relationship between the two seemed to be closer because of this matter.

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