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   Chapter 6 She Was Moved

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With his hands supporting the strength of his whole body, Ethan's body shook slightly, as if he would fall to the ground at any time. The people around him quietly sweated for him.

Ethan's eyes carried a hint of an obscure look, and then he fell straight to the ground with a thud, looking like he was sitting on his knees from the side.

The people around took a deep breath. Although Ethan didn't have a high position in the An family, he was still the nominal heir. They had to respect him more or less. How dare William...

With a trace of tears in his eyes, Ethan innocently raised his head and asked William, "are you satisfied with this?"

If William made any excuses at this point, it would be him being insensible.

With a light cough, William had no choice but to ask someone to untie Grace. Because of the pain on her shoulder, Grace staggered for a few steps before she steadied herself.

She felt a little uncomfortable and stared at Ethan with a complicated expression on her face. With a reproachful look on her face, Grace endured the pain in her shoulder and pulled Ethan up. Then she shouted, "get up!"

The others looked at each other in confusion. This man came to save her on purpose, but her attitude towards him was too cold, wasn't it?

A trace of surprise flashed through Ethan's eyes, and then he raised his innocent face to look at Eric again. With the help of Eric, Ethan sat back on the wheelchair.

Enduring the pain on her shoulder, Grace slowly walked up to William, without the slightest fear in her eyes. She grabbed the stick from his hand and pinched it hard. It was all because of her weakness that she needed someone else's help. She was not rich enough.

With a slight smile, Grace slowly turned around and took a look at Ethan. Then she turned around again and said in a loud voice, "William, from now on, I will break up with you. This family will never have anything to do with me again. And I will marry Ethan!"

Her words were like a time bomb exploding in everyone's heart. Was this woman crazy about money? She was willing to sacrifice her happiness for the rest of her life to be with this disabled man.

William laughed and agreed happily. He couldn't wait to get rid of her as soon as possible! Now, it was Grace's own suggestion. How could it be possible for him to refuse?

After throwing the stick on the ground, regardless of the ridicule of the crowd, Grace took the place of Eric and slowly pushed Ethan to the door. Then she turned around and left without hesitation.

The moment she saw him kneel down... She didn't know why, but her heart also ached. Maybe it was because the two of them had similar fates.

They were silent all the way, and Eric walked behind to explore the situation behind them. However, as if nothing had happened, Ethan excitedly stretched out his fingers to lead the way for Grace. After a short conversation, Ethan also understood why Grace was walking around the villa at that time.

It turned out that she didn't know the way!

Ethan smiled in a low voice. And Grace rolled her eyes at him.

With his white teeth exposed, Ethan said innocently, "my name is Ethan. What about you? What's your name?"

The corners of Grace's mouth twitched slightly. How stupid could this man be! Besides... How could

he ask her name? She was his wife now!

Turning her head away, Grace completely ignored Ethan as if he was a child. But she was moved a little. After that kind of thing happened, Ethan could still live such a happy life. Presumably, his family had helped him a lot.

But if she knew the situation of the An family, she might not think so

After passing through that complicated and winding road, Grace finally arrived at the villa's main entrance, sweating profusely. From the moment she came back home till now, she didn't know if it was her delusion that she always felt that something was wrong with Ethan.

Eric clenched his fists, but he didn't dare to make any reaction. He could only stand aside and watch quietly. After confirming that Grace really didn't hold any malice, he quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

Grace pushed the door open slowly and stared at the place not far away vigilantly. The depressing atmosphere almost made her out of breath. What happened?

A trace of shock flashed across Ethan's face, and then he obediently lowered his head, as if a child had made a mistake. He said, "father."

The man called father put the documents in his hands on the table for the time being. Then he slowly raised his head to take a look at Grace and said softly, "Ethan.".

There was no expression on his face, as if Ethan was not his son at all.

Before Grace could ask more, she heard the sound of hurried footsteps on the stairs. The sound of high heels against the ground was a bit harsh at this time.

A woman sneaked into Andrew's arms and said coquettishly, "Andrew, look at me. Do I look good in this dress?"

Under the surprised gaze of Grace, Andrew suddenly raised the corners of his mouth and held the woman in his arms with a doting look. Then he gently replied, "yes, you look good no matter what you wear."

It seemed that they were a couple. But why was there such a big difference in this man's attitude towards Ethan...

All of a sudden, she lowered her head. Ethan stretched out his hand and gently tugged at the corner of her clothes. Then he said timidly, "let's go back to our room, Grace."

It seemed that Ethan was afraid of something. Confused, she held Ethan's hand tightly and tried to stop him.

What was wrong with this family? The atmosphere was weird!


At this moment, Ethan's stomach suddenly grumbled, and the attentions of Andrew and the woman were attracted here.

After all, there was a strange woman appearing in the villa all of a sudden. Everyone would feel strange, wouldn't they?

There was no smile on Grace's face. She just looked up at the two people, and then said, "you haven't had breakfast, right?"

Regardless of the shock on Ethan's face, she pushed him directly to the table, and then slowly bent down to pick up him.

Her face darkened. Ethan was lighter than she thought. It was hard to believe that the man was so thin even though he lived in such a luxurious place.

The woman who had a sweet face, suddenly turned pale. She shivered for a long time before she reached out her hand and pointed directly at the tip of Grace's nose and scolded, "who are you? Do you know the rules in An family? Do you think you are qualified to sit at the table? "

Rules? In Grace's eyes, she was the rules!

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