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   Chapter 5 Making Difficulties

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To everyone's surprise, Ethan was pushed in slowly.

Grace's body stiffened in an instant. Wasn't this man in that big villa? Why did he suddenly appear here?

Ignoring the surprised look on Grace's face, Ethan moved directly to her vicinity with the help of that male maid. At this time, William's face softened a little.

Raising his eyebrows slightly, William stood still and looked at Ethan provocatively. "What can I do for you, Mr. Ethan?"

Although he was respectful, there was no respect in his words and behaviors.

However, Ethan didn't care about it at all. Instead, he looked at William with an innocent look and said, "I'm here for my own wife. But you... By the way, what did my wife do? "

Grace rolled her eyes. This man was definitely a total freak! He was a man, but he could be so... So... Sissy.

The tension that had been building was suddenly reversed, and it was more like the crowd was watching a good show. The innocent look on Ethan's face seemed like he was being bullied caused some of the women around him to overflow with sympathy. If it weren't for the pressure from William, they would have rushed up and held Ethan in their arms to comfort him.

William nodded with an understanding expression on his face. With a smile, he slowly lifted the stick in his hand to his shoulder and joked, "your wife? Can you... Ahem, no, I didn't mean that. Mr. Ethan, I'm just teaching my daughter. If I didn't teach her well and send her to your family, she wouldn't know the rules and I'm afraid that she would lose the face of our family! "

"Ha ha..."

The crowd burst into laughter. Everyone knew that Ethan was a famous disabled man in A City. His family might be rich, but there was nothing they could do to help when it came to situations like this.

For the heir of a rich family, this was a pathetic thing!

Originally, he should enjoy the admiration of thousands of people and be pursued by all women. Yet he became the object of ridicule in an instant. At that time, Ethan was only five years old...

It had been 21 years since he had such a fate.

All of a sudden, Ethan fell into silence... A hint of sadness and helplessness flashed through his eyes. He looked at Grace.

Grace's heart skipped a beat.. 'It should be a big blow to him. Damn it! How could these people make fun of him with such a thing?'

Grace clenched her fists in anger, and gritted her teeth, completely forgetting that she had made fun of him with this matter before

"Enough! You... "


Before Grace could finish her words, she groaned in pain.

The stick, which should have been carried on the shoulder of William, fell on her shoulder all of a sudden. The muffled groan was like a magic spell, lingering in the hearts of others.

How heartless this man was! How could he be so cruel to his daughter? Even if she made a big mistake, he should know how to take pity on her, right?

With her eyes wide open, Ethan looked at Grace in disbelief. That must have been a heavy blow... But why... She just didn't want to beg for mercy. What was she insisting on?

With a hint of sadness on her face, Ethan timidly looked at William and said, "please stop... She is a girl. She can't stand it. "

However, his plea seemed to be deliberately ignored. In

stead of stopping, William repeated the previous move and heavily hit on the right shoulder of Grace.

A small scream came out of Grace's mouth.

Her lower lip had been bitten out of blood, but she still did not ask for mercy.

With red eyes, Ethan tried to walk forward weakly, but his legs could only be placed vertically on the wheelchair.

With a sobbing tone, Ethan raised his hands in the air and tried to grasp something. Then he said weakly, "please, stop!"

He had thought that such words would still be ignored, but unexpectedly, William suddenly showed a cunning smile. He slowly turned his head and said, "do you want to save her? How about this, Mr. Ethan? I'll do you a favor and let her go as long as you kneel down and beg me. What do you think? Anyway, I have almost finished my training. If it doesn't work, I have to teach her in the future. Do you think so? "

Kneel down and beg for mercy? Who would be willing to do such a humiliation! Besides, it was the first time he had seen this woman...

Seeing the hesitation on Ethan's face, William raised his head and burst into laughter. No matter what choice Ethan made, he had enough reasons to make Grace beg for mercy!

Based on her characters and this man's incompetence, even if she went to the An family, she would definitely have no way to live. And if he didn't kneel down, then William would have enough reasons to torture Grace to death!

A sinister smile appeared on William's face. Then he gave a mocking look at Grace and said, "look, loser is loser!"

With a complicated look in her eyes, Grace looked at Ethan. In fact, there was no need for him to step into the muddy water. She was too naive to think that this man was his savior for a moment. In this world where the weak were the prey of the strong, one really had to rely on oneself

Looking up at him with a little grievance, Ethan said with a pleading look, "wait a minute... If I really kneel down to beg you, will you really let go of my wife? "

His words made William speechless. No one had expected that this cruel man would really take his joke seriously. But since he had said it, there was no possibility of backing out, not to mention that there were so many people around them!

With an unnatural expression on his face, William stammered, "yes... Right! But forget it. In my opinion, you can't even get off the ground, can you? "

Like a bullied child, Ethan helplessly turned to the male maid behind him and begged, "take me down."

The maid looked at William with a livid face, and then turned his head to stare at Ethan. 'Was he really going to kneel down? Such a man didn't deserve him to kneel!'

In fact, Ethan could have taken her away by force. It was a piece of cake for him to take her away.

His eyes were slightly red, and then he reached out his hand and gently pulled the servant's sleeve, begging, "Eric, hold me!"

"Actually, we can..."

The man called Eric didn't have the chance to finish his words, because Ethan's tears were about to fall.

He sighed helplessly and bent down slightly. Then he easily picked up Ethan and gently put him on the ground. Then he stood aside vigilantly.

If there was any change around Ethan, he could also make the most correct reaction at the first time.

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