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   Chapter 4 The Pressing Situation

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With her eyes wide open, Grace looked at William in astonishment. Then she covered her painful left face with one hand and took a step back subconsciously.

Her eyes were filled with unprecedented anger. Father? This word sounded really harsh to her ears.

She couldn't afford to have such a father!

There was a hint of madness in her eyes. Then, Grace covered her face and approached William while speaking aggressively, "I'm not good enough to have a father like you. What do you think I am? A substitute? Or a sacrifice of your business? It should be Ella who married that disabled man, but now you took me to the An family by force. I don't have a father like you! "

Taken aback by the violent reaction of Grace, William didn't know what to say.

But how could he let Grace bully him?

William rolled up his sleeves and picked up the wooden stick at the corner of the wall. Then he sneered, "you have grown up, so you didn't listen to me, do you? It looks like your mother has been dead for too long and you don't even know how to restrain yourself. I will teach you a lesson on behalf of your shameless mother today! "

Grace was agitated. She suddenly became furious as she heard what William said. She pointed at the man and cursed, "shut up! You have no right to judge my mother. If it weren't for you, how could my mother end up like that! "

There seemed to be some resentment in her voice. However, what happened to her mother was yet another story.

With a sneer, William waved the wooden stick down and hit Grace.

Seeing that the stick hit her body, William said proudly, I'm not qualified? I'll show you what it means to be an elder today! It was a mistake to let you be born in the first place. It's all because of that wretched woman! You discredit our family. "

A gust of anger rose from the bottom of her heart. Gnashing her teeth, Grace rushed directly to William. Without saying anything, she took back the stick and beaten him fiercely.

"You... How dare you! You're so unfilial. How can you do such a rebellious thing? Ouch... My waist... You... Somebody get this crazy woman! "

William screamed as he dodged awkwardly. The miserable screams were particularly amusing in this villa though.

The loud noise in the room alerted other servants.

After a while, the room was full of servants. They looked at each other in dismay. This scene was so shocking!

William was not as dignified as before. He was like a beggar on the street, fell to the ground in a wretched state, begging for mercy.

Seeing that the servants were coming, William stepped back quickly and said angrily, "what are you looking at? Didn't you see that this woman was crazy? Hurry up and catch her! Beat her to death and let her know who is the boss in this villa! "

Didn't know who shout first, all the servants rushed forward immediately. Grace frowned and looked around carefully. There were quite a few people in this group who often bullied her. Now when she was down and out, these people were going to take advantage of her.

With a co

ld expression, she looked at these people.

Her voice echoed in the room for a long time Well, you asked for it. "

Then there was no pleasant sound. Only the broken bones, painful groans, and whines could be heard.

Grace was like a demon from hell. Wherever she went, she would bring unimaginable harm!

It was hard to imagine that this small body could burst out such a great power.

With a pale face, William ran to the door and said to the servant who was rushing up, "what are you waiting for? Come on! Use weapons! Weapons! You idiots! "

It was not until then that everyone suddenly realized what had happened. They picked up some rough objects like sticks and ran straight to Grace.

Grace knew that something was the situation was getting bad. Her body leaned back a little. If it went on like this, her physical strength would definitely be consumed. Such a situation was unfavorable to her.

She came back to the Yan family to get an explanation. It was definitely not worth losing her own life!

"Damn it!"

Now the road on both sides of the road was blocked. There were too many people with weapons in their hands. Even if she could have three heads and six arms, she couldn't escape unscathed.


Just as Grace was deep in thought, she suddenly felt a pain in her legs. Someone attacked her from behind!

Damn it...

Before Grace could make a sound, she was pressed to the ground in an instant. Then there were several people threw themselves on her body, and Grace's face twisted in an instant.

The weight of these people was simply not something that her weak body could bear!

At this moment, William's eyes were full of ferocity. With a ferocious smile on his face, he slowly approached Grace and said, "ha ha... Let me see how you can continue to be so arrogant. Tie her up! "

He leaned forward a little, but Grace spit out her towards him.

The smile on William's face froze before he could restrain it. He had been humiliated by Grace just now. Now in front of so many servants, how could he lose face again?

With a sinister smile, William slapped her in the face and shouted, "Damn it! You bitch! "

Grace tilted her head a little, but didn't mean to give in. But the more she behaved like this, the angrier William became.

William bent down slightly and grabbed her chin tightly. He raised his head frivolously and said with a playful look in his eyes, "beg me! You bitch! "

Although Grace didn't say anything, she was flustered. If it went on like this, she would never be able to walk out of the mansion alive.

'damn it! Is there really no other way? '

She clenched her fists slightly.

However, at this moment, a pleasant voice suddenly came from outside.

"It's so lively here... My dear wife, what are you doing? "

All of a sudden, everyone's eyes were drawn to the door.

The first thing they saw was the wheelchair...

Then, Grace raised her head slowly. Ethan saw the astonishment on her face.

'Dear wife?

Are you kidding me?' She didn't promise to be his wife.

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