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   Chapter 1 Framed

My Sassy Wife: Drown In Wave Of Obsession By Gui Chen Characters: 7009

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It was very early in the morning, and the sun had just risen. Its sunlight blotted the ground lazily. The surroundings were still so quiet, as many people had not gotten up from bed yet. But inside the Yan family villa, there seemed to have a war.

"Dad, are you crazy? Why do you want me to marry that disabled man? No way! That's impossible!"

The woman's voice that used to be lovely now angrily reverberated inside the room.

Grace Yan opened the door and slowly walked in.

It was very rare for the Yan family to fight like this.

Her lips curved into a derisive smile as she lowered her head.

No one had even noticed that she was already there.

It seemed that the fight would not stop as the man shouted, "What are you talking about? Don't you know that if you get his property, you can get anything you want for the rest of your life?"

The beautiful woman got more furious. Her fair face was already red with anger, which made her look more attractive.

"Dad, you know that Ethan An is a disabled man, and he has to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. He can't give me the life I want. Besides, I heard that his face is permanently disfigured. How can I spend my life with such a man?"

'Ethan An?' Grace Yan was about to turn around and go back to her room, but she suddenly stopped when she heard the name. She had heard of this man before. She didn't expect that William Yan would sacrifice his favorite daughter for his own interest.

At this moment, he was really enraged. He stretched out his hand, pressed Ella Yan's shoulder tightly, and said earnestly, "I'm doing this for your own good. After marrying him, your future will be secured. If he dies, you will inherit his fortune."

But Ella Yan remained unconvinced. She said, "Dad, why don't you marry him yourself? Why me? I don't want to risk my happiness for his money. Oh, by the way, why don't you just let Grace marry him? We all hate her, don't we?"

Ella Yan pointed at Grace Yan, who was standing at the side and smiled. Her eyes shone with malice. She was happy that she could finally get out of this mess.

Upon hearing what Ella Yan said, William Yan turned around and looked at Grace Yan up and down. Ella Yan was right. He had always regarded Grace Yan as a burden of the Yan family. Now might be a good opportunity to get rid of her. If Ella Yan didn't tell him, he wouldn't have thought of this idea.

In the end, William Yan made up his mind. With a stern look on his face, he said to Ella Yan, "I know what to do. Go back to your room. Aren't you going to a nail salon this afternoon for a manicure?"

Understanding the situation, Ella Yan jumped up, kissed William Yan on the cheek, and left. But before she could finally disappear from the door, she turned to Grace Yan and smiled triumphantly.

This time, only William Yan and Grace Yan were left in the room.

William Yan waved at Grace Yan and motioned for her to come closer. Left with no choice, Grace Yan unwillingly walked towards him with hesitant steps. She didn't know what was on his mind, but she knew that it wasn't good at all.

Although his face looked cunning, William Yan pretended to be a kind father and said, "Grace, I have been supporting you for so long since you were a kid. But now that you've grown up and our family is in trouble, perhaps it's time that you help us."

Grace Yan could already guess what William Yan wanted to say. Looking livid, she said, "No. I won't marry that disabled ma

n either."

William Yan flared up when Grace Yan refused decisively. For the past twenty-three years, Grace Yan had lived in the Yan family villa. All the money that she spent was from the Yan family. And without him, she wouldn't be born into this world.

He stepped back and nodded derisively. "Very well. Now that you have grown up, you are bold enough to go against me. But have you forgotten that over the past twenty-three years, the money that you squandered is mine?"

Grace Yan gritted her teeth and clenched her fists upon hearing his words. It was true that he supported her in the past. But whatever he had spent on her, she had already paid him over. Everything she wore and used right now was all earned by her. She owed him nothing now.

William Yan was stunned. He didn't expect that Grace Yan would be so tough. For a moment, he didn't know what to do. Eventually, he just snorted, turned around, and left.

But would this matter end up so easily?

In the evening, Grace heard some knocks on her door. Confused, she stood up and opened it. But before she could even see who was outside, darkness overwhelmed her as she passed out.

Tonight, the stars were sparse, so the sky was dark. An ordinary car slowly pulled over in front of a luxurious villa. It was surrounded by tall fences. Presumably, this large area of land belonged to only one person.

The driver got out of the car, walked to the trunk, and took out something there. It seemed that it was something heavy because he had some difficulties carrying it to the gate. The driver then talked to the maid who had been waiting outside. The maid lifted the black cloth with hesitation.

A surprised expression flashed across her face when she saw the beautiful woman under the black cloth. But after a moment, she nodded and let the driver in.

Grace Yan felt that her body was so heavy, and she was sleepy. She felt like she was somewhere else. When she was about to get up, she was so weak that she shrank back to the bed. Her eyelids were too heavy. Despite her unwillingness, her eyes shut, and she fell into slumber again.

Grace Yan woke up when she felt like someone was pressing on her. A feeling of suffocation spread throughout her limbs.

Subconsciously, she punched whatever that heavy object on top of her body. After hearing a muffled snort, she felt that the weight was removed.

Ethan An rubbed his aching chest with one hand in astonishment. He then stared at the woman beside him in a daze.

It was already nine o'clock in the morning. Did she intend to stay in bed for the whole day? His new maid probably didn't know that she had to start taking care of him before nine o'clock.

As doubt rose up in his heart, Ethan An stretched out his hand and pinched the woman's cheek again. And he was surprised that her skin felt so soft.

He was obsessed with this kind of softness, so he touched her face once again. But this time, he let out a harrowing howl.

"What the hell did you just do?" Ethan An asked innocently and withdrew his hand quickly.

Grace Yan was enraged for being awoken so early in the morning. She wanted to punch the man in front of her again, but she found out that weakness permeated her whole body, and she felt powerless.

What happened last night slowly flashed back in her memory. She could only shake her head.

It must be William Yan. She didn't expect that a father like him existed in this world. How could he use his own daughter as a pawn?

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