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   Chapter 23 Thank You

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Melody looked at Ryan resentfully. Melody didn't like others to touch her personal belongings. Although she had married with Ryan, she had never broken into his private domain, but he had been involved in her life endlessly.

"How dare you touch my phone?" Melody was really angry. When she answered the phone before, she was hung up several times by Ryan without her permission. Now it was a direct invasion of her message. Although Melody always made concessions, there were some principles that couldn't be compromised.

With his eyes focused on the front, as if he didn't feel her anger, Ryan said indifferently, "It was just a message from the Mobile Corporation. Why can't I see it? ".

"Is this message the problem?" Melody said angrily.

Ryan looked at her in confusion. "If it's not about this message, why are you angry? I don't think it's a peep in privacy to see your phone charge."

"So you know the word 'privacy'." Melody said with a fake smile, pressing her temples that were throbbing.

"Why did that man look for you?" Ryan asked abruptly, skipping the topic.

"It turned out that you saw someone else. I thought you didn't see him." Melody was lost whether to cry or laugh. She thought he didn't see him when taking her away.

As for what Melody was talking about, Ryan just coldly turned his head.

In the past, Melody had seen all kinds of people in the shooting, and had also performed all kinds of personalities and lives. However, it was the first time that she had met such a narcissistic person like Ryan in reality who thought that the whole world should revolve around him.

"Whoosh -" Melody knew a lot of idioms, and the expression on her face became relaxed.

But after complaining in her heart, she had to answer his question. After all, he was the boss who paid her.

"Nothing. Just ask me about the gossip on micro-blog.".

"I didn't expect that you are still very familiar with him." Ryan continued to talk to Melody unhurriedly.

"Him?" Melody looked sideways slightly. It seemed that Ryan knew the young man, but... As a member of the entertainment circle, she didn't even know him. As the president of a busy entertainment company, how could he know him?

Unable to figure it out, Melody could only answer, "Do we look familiar? Do you know him? " .

As if Ryan had sensed the alienation between the young man and Melody in her tone, the expression on his face softened a little. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, but he didn't tell Melody that the man was now a hot super star, Dale.

However, the entertainment circle is not so big, and Melody still knew who that person was.

Looking at the enlarged face on the phone, which was so delicate that there was almost no pore on it, Melody couldn't help but exclaim, "Why is his skin so good? When I first met him, I didn't find that he was Dale. She had a sense of superiority and said that she could cooperate with me in the future." Thinking of the past, Melody wished she could find a hole to hide and calm down.

But in fact, it was normal that Melody didn't know him. Hitting the headlines was just a thing for a moment, but some people couldn't make it at the wrong time.

Because of a hot TV play of dubious inferences recently, the leading actor, Dale, became famous overnight with his handsome face and powerful acting

skills, and became the headline of the micro-blog hot search. However, within a few minutes after Dale became the headline, the news of the Melody's award of youngest movie star of the golden statue covered Dale's news completely.

In the end, as soon as he was going to the top news, his news was blocked by the news of Melody. In addition, they had never cooperated with each other before, so Melody had not had an impression of this person.

At this time, what Melody was looking at was Dale's main page of the micro-blog. His latest micro-blog message was his comments about her negative news, which read: a clean hand wants no washing.

There were only few words, but when Melody thought of the lovely Dale she had seen before, she felt warm in her heart and replied, "Thank you."

At present, the number of followers of Dale had reached about seven million and eight hundred thousand. After a while, the number had increased to seven million and nine hundred thousand. The speed was so fast like the spread of the virus. With a smile on her face, Melody thought, 'He is really a young man with promising future.'

When they arrived home, Melody always went straight into her room. When she walked to the stairway, she paused. Thinking of what she had said to Galen yesterday, she stopped and turned around to walk in front of Ryan.

It seemed that Ryan also felt a little strange about her behavior. He looked up at her slightly.

In the blink of an eye, Melody only felt that there was a gleam shining in his deep eyes. Embarrassed, she looked away and asked, "Where is the agreement?" .

It seemed that Ryan didn't understand what she was talking about. He looked at her face thoughtfully and asked slowly, "What agreement?"

Melody's eyes that were wandering on the sofa behind him met his eyes at the same time, but they moved away in an instant and said, "The marriage agreement I signed before."

Then Ryan looked at her face and asked, "What do you want that for?" There was a hint of unwillingness in his tone.

"Since it's an agreement, we each should keep one respectively." Wasn't it a matter of course?

After sitting on the sofa for a few more minutes, Ryan reluctantly stood up and went upstairs. Because the study was where Ryan usually worked, and Melody thought it was his private space, so she didn't follow up and sat on the sofa waiting for him to take it down.

About ten minutes later, he came downstairs. Melody almost thought that he must have fallen asleep upstairs.

After taking the document, Melody nodded at Ryan and went upstairs. Looking at the shining words on the document, she suddenly felt that all her recent fluctuations were caused by this agreement. But this agreement was signed at the beginning to protect her interests and the interests of the company, but now it made her face all kinds of disadvantageous scenes.

She didn't open it as soon as she took it. Because of the urgency of the time, she didn't read the content. She was confused and signed her name directly. But now she had time, so she was ready to go to the room and read the content again.

When Melody opened the door, Lily was inside. Lily raised her hand in midair, pretending to open the door. When she saw Melody, she smiled shyly and said, "Miss Melody, I'm here to clean your room. I hope you won't mind."

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