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   Chapter 21 Press Conference

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Plus this time, Melody really hit the headlines two times in a week. With a sigh in her heart, she went out with the clothes she had changed before being about to see the old man.

Ann said that Melody had to go to the company now, because she needed to explain it to the public.

The media's ability to catch the news sometimes made Melody shocked. She didn't know which part of the cortex they were using to come up with such a messy idea. They paid much more attention to other people's private life than to their own lives. They hid in any corner, ready to jump out at any time to catch the sensational news.

When Melody went downstairs, she was a little weak. But Ryan was still sitting in his original position and glanced at Melody intentionally or unintentionally. And then he followed her when she went out.

Melody had thought that Ryan would mock her again according to his character, but she didn't expect that Ryan just silently walked behind her without saying a word.

Just when Melody thought Ryan was in a good mood today and didn't mock him, he suddenly stretched out his hand and dragged her into the garage.

"What are you doing?" Melody was a little bit resistant to slap Ryan's hand, but there is no real effect.

It was not until Melody was thrown into the passenger seat that she felt that Ryan gave her a cold glance and then turned around to sit on the driver's seat.

At this time, Melody realized that Ryan was going to send her to the company. She was a little embarrassed and wanted to open her mouth to say something to ease the atmosphere, but when she saw the side face of Ryan, she stopped.

In the end, they decided to hold a press conference, not to make an apology, but to clarify the truth.

But Melody didn't want to drag Galen into the mire, so she shook her head and said, "I don't agree, do you have any other plans? ?"

Ann looked at Melody in confusion. She thought that Melody was always obedient to the company's arrangement, so Ann asked, "Is there anything wrong? At present, the best way is to reveal that man and turn everyone's attention to him. Tell everyone that it's just a gathering between friends."

Melody was not sure if Ann knew who the man was, so she could only say vaguely that she didn't want to get others involved.

Ann knew Melody's personality, but she also knew that this time it was not a small matter. Generally speaking, it was normal for a popular star to have an affair, but there had been too many things happening recently. At the beginning, Melody won the golden statue award in one go, then she was publicly confessed by Adrian, then the news of her marriage with Ryan, and she was also publicly questioned about her acting skills.

Although the matter about Melody's acting skills was suppressed by York, the remaining three things were not trivial. They had barely suppressed that three things, but now something happened to Melody again.

The best solution at present was to find that man and then hold a press conference to clarify it publicly. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

In the entertainment circle, it was easy to make a person famous, and it was easier for her to fall down from the high clouds.

Melody had lost a large number of fans before. Although this matter had increased her popularity to a certain extent, it was still a negative impact.

Melody thought in her

mind that she couldn't get Galen involved. But at the same time, she didn't want to ruin her years of hard work on a photo that couldn't be recognized.

At this time, Melody came out with a solution. Looking at the silent Ryan sitting aside, Melody turned to Ann and said, "Ann, can you see who the man in the photo is? ?"

Hearing this, Ann shook her head. The photo was from a good angle. It could be only saw the face of Melody, and the man just had a vague figure. So she couldn't tell who he was, but she could tell that he was tall and had slender limbs.

Hearing this, Melody smiled mysteriously at Ann and said, "In fact, you know this man."

"What? I know him?" Ann was obviously intrigued. She looked at Melody without blinking and asked, "Who is he? ?"

Melody raised her chin and pointed at Ryan in front of her, with a smile in her eyes.

Ann didn't know what was going on. She looked at Ryan and then looked at Melody. She was about to say if the man was Ryan, there wouldn't be any gossip. But before Ann could say it, she understood what Melody meant.

She knew that it couldn't be Ryan. If it was Ryan, this matter could not be regarded as a problem. The young couple went out for dinner and was photographed secretly, there was nothing to explain. And the person who took the photos of the rumor would be in trouble. The public opinion was a thing without a wind indicator. Those people could easily find out a whimsical idea and make people think randomly.

Ann had been in the entertainment circle for so many years, and was not interested in these messy relationships. As long as the matter was perfectly handled, everything would be fine. However, at this time, Ann's eyes gradually turned to Ryan who seemed to be absent-minded. She wondered if he would agree.

If this matter was solved in this way, there wouldn't be a lot of unnecessary questions. But Ryan didn't like lens, which was known all over the company. Even the camera of the monitor wasn't installed in the company except for the most important places. There were less cameras on the road that Ryan had to go through.

Although it didn't make sense as the CEO of an entertainment company, it was the truth.

As Ryan was immersed in his own thoughts, he felt the blazing eyes of the two people. He came to his senses and looked at Melody and Ann, not knowing what had happened.

Melody patted her forehead and thought, 'Rich people have many shortcomings. He is neat freaks, and even he doesn't like cameras!'

In the end, it was still Ann who spoke up, indicating that it was a proposal made by Melody before. She had thought that it would take some words to persuade Ryan, but unexpectedly, as soon as Ann just mentioned it, Ryan nodded and agreed without hesitation.

After a pause, Ann burst into laughter and said, "How can I forget that you are a couple now? How could Mr. Ryan ignore Melody because of a little maladjustment?"

Ryan didn't say anything. However, the smile in his eyes showed that he was quite satisfied with Ann's words. However, on the other hand, the look in Melody's eyes was a little evasive. She was wondering what kind of news would come out if they divorced in the future.

The time of the press conference was set at three o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Ann was responsible for contacting all the major media, and Ryan and Melody were responsible for preparation.

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