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   Chapter 20 The Imperial Harem Of The Movie Queen

Taste The Flavor Of Love: You Bring Out The Best In Me By Zhi Yao Characters: 7030

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Perhaps it was because Melody was too preoccupied that she had a dream. She couldn't remember how long she hadn't had a dream, but this dream was particularly real.

In this dream, there were many people who she didn't know or knew, but all Melody could remember were Ryan and herself.

She vaguely came back the day when she was invited to a big meal by Ryan. Then, Ryan got off the car alone and said something to the usher who was standing at the door of the restaurant. Then she stumbled on the road to save the old man.

The situation was exactly the same as the reality. The scene, the character, and even the unique sound of the ambulance all happened.

But... The difference was that she didn't get in the ambulance. She didn't know why she didn't get in the ambulance. The dream was so hasty that it didn't even give her an explanation.

Then she saw a nearly crazy Ryan. His eyes were red, and he hurriedly pushed away the passers-by who were standing aside and watching.

Looking at the pool of blood on the ground, Ryan almost lost control. He stretched out his hand to grab something, but in the end, he touched the void air. He looked as if he had lost his most important treasure.

Melody walked up and patted Ryan on the shoulder, but he didn't respond at all. He was like a body that had lost his soul.

Frightened by Ryan, Melody trembled all over and suddenly woke up from her dream.

Perhaps it was because her dream was too real that Melody was stunned for a long time and did not know whether she was in a dream or in reality.

The expression of Ryan was still dangling in front of Melody. Suddenly, an idea came to her mind, 'The front part of the dream is that I have really experienced, so the latter part... the latter part is real too?'

Melody didn't know why she had such an idea, but she quickly cut it off after this idea came out. She thought that she just had a dream, how could it be connected to the reality? At that time, she got on the ambulance, so she didn't know the reaction of Ryan. It was just her imagination. Thinking of this, Melody smiled with self-mockery.

She couldn't help but recall that when Ryan caught up with her in the hospital, he saw her. Although he was a little out of control, it was not as intuitive as she had dreamed.

Besides, Melody thought that she was the most popular artist in Ryan's company, so he should be nervous like that. After taking a deep breath to calm herself down, Melody stopped thinking nonsense. Thinking of that she hadn't been to the hospital since she came back from the hospital three days ago, Melody couldn't help but want to see that old man.

Looking at the time, it was already half past seven in the morning. After stretching herself, Melody packed up and went out.

The time of the breakfast at home changed as the time of Ryan. Melody didn't plan to have breakfast at home, but as soon as she went downstairs, she saw the motionless Ryan sitting on the sofa. Although his expression was not as malicious as last night, it made people feel chilly.

With her mouth twitched, Melody was about to go out.

However, before she could step out, Ryan turned his head slightly and looked at her with a faint smile.

Although Melody was a little scared by Ryan's gaze, she pretended as if nothing had happened and was about to leave.

"Have you read today's headline news?" Ryan said to Melody calmly.

In a daze, Melody shook her head. And then she took out her phone from her handbag a

nd found that it was turned off. She pressed the power on button for a while, but it didn't work. She thought it might be power off.

Melody couldn't turn on her phone, so she could only look at Ryan in confusion, wondering what he was talking about.

Suddenly, there was a crisp sound on the tea table, and the mobile phone was thrown lightly on the tea table by Ryan. Then he gave a hint to Melody with his eyes that she could come over and have a look.

The doubts in Melody's heart became more and more serious. However, when her hand touched the phone, she suddenly heard Ryan's voice, "You really live up to the two words 'movie queen '. You have hit the headlines two times in a week in a row. You even don't need the company to help you hype up the gossip to improve your public image."

Melody didn't know what on earth Ryan was talking about, but she had a vague premonition. However, when she saw the five words "the imperial harem of the movie queen", she seemed to have been stabbed in the pain.

Below the news was a photo took secretly in the parking lot. When Melody was about to enter the car, a man put one hand on the top of the door to prevent her from bumping into it, and held her body with the other hand. It looked very intimate between them.

In the photo, only Melody's face was fully displayed and she looked very happy, while Galen was only photographed a tall and slender figure.

The following comments were full of curses, and they were harsh to hear. Some said that Melody was not a good woman, and some said that she pretended to be pure and innocent, but in fact she had already slept her way to the top. There were all kinds of new ways to curse, and Melody even didn't understand some obscure but bad words.

There were also many people who were curious about the man on the photo. Some said that the man's back looked like Ryan, but some firmly said that it was the back of Adrian, as if they could really recognize a person with just one back.

Seeing this, Melody was in no mood to argue with Ryan. When she was about to call Galen, she remembered that the phone in her hand was from Ryan. So she put the phone aside and hurried upstairs. And then she found the charger and quickly connected it to the power.

At the moment when Melody's phone was turned on, the prompt tone kept ringing. Looking at her phone, which was about to explode, she sighed and unlocked the screen.

There were nearly one hundred missed calls and a dozen messages in total. More than 30 of the calls were from Ann, and four or five of them were from Galen. The rest of the numbers were a little messy, and even there was no note. One of them made 20 calls.

Melody thought that those calls were probably from the stars who had cooperated with her. In fact, they were calling to see her down and out in the name of caring about her.

And those messages were mainly about caring about her. Melody never liked to see these hypocritical care, so she directly deleted all the messages.

Melody had two cellphones in total. One was the working number, and the other was the private number. And the one in her hand was the private number.

In fact, Melody was a little surprised, because when she exchanged contact information with those people, she usually gave them her working number, so she didn't expect that so many people knew her private number.

After thinking for a while, Melody called Ann and Galen to explain the current situation and the following thoughts.

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