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   Chapter 19 Miss. Melody

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It seemed that Galen also noticed that his expression made Melody a little uneasy. So he pursed his thin lips and tried to hide the sadness in his eyes. And, he changed to the usual frivolous mode. He put one hand on the steering wheel and took a delicately packaged iron box with the other hand from somewhere. And then he smiled at Melody and said, "Here, sister Melody."

Galen was three months younger than Melody, who was twenty-four years old. So Melody always stressed that she was three months older than Galen and forced Galen to call her sister. At first, Galen was not used to it, but gradually he got used to it.

Inexplicably, Melody took the box from Galen and opened it. She found that the iron box was full of colorful candies. When she grabbed one and ate it, her eyes lit up unconsciously.

Seeing the satisfaction on Melody's face, Galen couldn't help laughing and deliberately said in a strange voice, "Were you very ugly when you were a child? ?"

Hearing that, Melody was stunned. She immediately remembered that there was a rumor on the Internet about her plastic surgery. So she wanted to deny it subconsciously, "I didn't do it."

Hearing Melody's answer, Galen was also stunned, and then slowly laughed. He reached out his hand and patted the back of Melody's head. "What are you thinking about? I was thinking that you liked sugar so much. You must have grown insect teeth when you were a child, right?"

"Of course not! I have good teeth!" As saying that, Melody pretended to hit Galen. However, the corners of her mouth couldn't help raising when she saw the side face of Galen who was driving next to her.

Melody thought that it didn't matter what others thought of her. She only cared about the people she cared about.

When Melody came back home, it was completely dark. The light in the room lit up the whole night.

Ryan was sat on the sofa in the hall with a malicious look on his face. Melody, who had been playing and arguing with Galen all the way, was in a good mood. The corners of her mouth, which had been raised all the time, were pressed down the moment she saw Ryan.

She didn't want to take the initiative to contact Ryan so she walked around the sofa and planned to ignore him to go upstairs. But Ryan didn't intend to let her go.

"Stop!" said Ryan coldly. When Melody entered the room just now, Ryan saw the smile on Melody's face and her expression suddenly became stiff when she noticed him.

After a pause, Melody seemed to have made up her mind and continued walking as if she hadn't heard Ryan's words.

"I told you to stop!" The atmosphere around Ryan was even lower because of Melody's resistance. He lazily leaned against the sofa, but for no reason he looked noble.

So Melody withdrew her steps and reluctantly moved in the direction of Ryan. When Melody thought of what had happened this afternoon, she was still a little unhappy. So she glanced around but didn't look at Ryan.

Feeling the coldness in Ryan's eyes, Melody couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Ryan, what's up? If there is nothing else, I need to go back to my room."

When Melody spoke, she couldn't help but glance at the eyes of Ryan. Her heart ached and she looked away in panic.

"Where have you been to

day?" Ryan's voice was cold and commanding.

However, what Melody hated most was the arrogant look on Ryan's face. So her eyes turned cold, but there was a sweet smile on her face. With a false smile, she replied, "I'm sorry, Mr. Ryan, this is my personal affair. It seems that it's not suitable to share it with you."

The look in Ryan's eyes turned cold when he looked at Melody. In his mind, all were Mr. Ryan that Melody said. But he suddenly laughed in a low voice. Although he was a little shorter than Melody on the sofa, he still looked superior to others.

With his sharp eyes staring at Melody, Ryan slowly lifted the corners of his mouth and said with a smile, "Miss. Melody, have you forgotten that you signed an agreement twenty-six days ago? ?"

'He mentioned the agreement again!' The fake smile on Melody's face froze. She gritted her teeth and said, "The bar."

"With whom?" But it seemed that Ryan didn't feel the ferocity in Melody's eyes and continued to ask as usual.

"Friend," replied Melody resentfully, as if she was going to pounce on Ryan and take two bites.

Somehow, it seemed that Ryan had lost the fun of asking Melody. He didn't even bother to take a look at her. He turned around and went upstairs.

After gesticulating behind Ryan with hatred and roaring in her heart for a while, Melody calmed down. Then she threw away the handbag in her hand and collapsed on the sofa.

But before Melody sat down on the sofa, she suddenly sprang up from it. Because she looked at the servant, who was standing in front of her. She asked embarrassedly, "What's up? ?"

The servant couldn't help but cover her mouth and smile. Finally, she asked, "Miss. Melody, what would you like to eat tonight? Mr. Ryan has already had dinner."

"I've had dinner outside today. You can go on with your own business," Melody said with a smile.

Hearing this, the servant nodded, but she covered her mouth with her hands the moment she turned around. Her shoulders shook up and down, as if trying to hold back her laughter.

Feeling embarrassed, Melody slumped into the sofa.

She didn't know how long the servant had been watching her from behind. In the servant's eyes, what she did just now was a complete ruin to her image. Although she didn't have a great image in the servant's eyes before, at least she had a little good image.

Thinking of the servant's shaking shoulders before she left, Melody felt even more dejected. 'Alas, my image!' Melody thought.

With her eyes closed, Melody rested on the sofa for a while. Suddenly, it occurred to her that... the servant seemed to call her "Miss. Melody".

Knowing that it was absolutely impossible without the permission of Ryan, Melody took a deep breath, looked at the direction leading to Ryan's bedroom, and then looked at the place where the servant had just disappeared. She shook her head subconsciously and said, "How could it be possible? I must have misheard."

'If Ryan agreed, why did he say no this afternoon? Even if he wanted to reconcile and accept this behavior, what I saw before when I came back was only a malicious face, as if someone owed him tens of millions.'

Thinking of the impossible reason, Melody shook her head and went upstairs.

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