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   Chapter 5 Without A Sense Of Taste

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On the way home, Melody pursed her lips and looked out of the window. What had just happened made her hard to digest. Ryan unexpectedly kissed her in the dressing room, and this scene was clearly seen by Dale. The two of them had reached an agreement to get married. She did not understand why Ryan always did something out of line to irritate her.

"Ryan! Why did you do that?" Melody asked coldly.

"What do you mean?" Ryan took a sharp turn and overtook a car.

"Don't pretend that you don't understand. Just now in the dressing room and at the table, why did you do such an excessive thing?"

"Are you asking me why I kissed you?" Ryan took a look at the rearview mirror.

"You know what I am asking!" Then Melody turned around, bit her lower lip and pretended not to talk to him.

"Because you are my wife and we are a couple." The simple explanation sounded reasonable.

"Let's make it clear. We have reached an agreement to get married, but that doesn't mean we are a real couple. We are just a couple in the eyes of outsiders, a fake couple!" Melody was indignant.


"So, you can't kiss me for no reason, and you can't make the decision by yourself. You have to discuss everything with me, at least let me know." Seeing that there was no response from Ryan, Melody poked his shoulder with his fingernails and said, "Did you hear that?"

"Honey, I heard it."

Perhaps it was because of the overbearing posture of Melody, which made Ryan "admire". In the following few days, the two of them got along well with each other. Every day, under the driver's escort, Melody would arrive at the film set, and in the evening, she would be picked up by Ryan himself.

That night, Melody and Ryan went back home in advance. At this time, the maid was cooking dinner. When there was nothing else to do, Melody came up with a bad idea to "deal with" Ryan, and it was also a good chance to vent her anger for herself.

When Ryan was working in the study, Melody tiptoed to the kitchen and said to the maid who was washing vegetables, "I'll cook dinner today. You can do something else."

"Mrs. Melody, this is my job. How can I let you do it?" The servant was flattered and turned off the tap in a hurry.

"Because today is my anniversary with Ryan. I want to give him a surprise. I'm going to act a part of cooking in a few days, and it's also a practice." After saying that, Melody put on the apron without authorization. "Remember not to let him know, or there will be no surprise."

The servant looked embarrassed. "Mrs. Melody, at least let me do something. If Mr. Ryan knows..."

"Help me clean up the carpet at the door of my room. I spilled juice accidentally just now. And the sunflowers I planted in the yard. They don't seem to be in good spirits."

"Okay, I see." The servant left the kitchen respectfully and gave the kitchen to Melody.

A snicker appeared on Melody's gentle face just now. She didn't have the heart to cook dinner for Ryan. She just wanted to challenge his taste and let him know that she was not that easy to bully!

She pushed the vegetables aside, skillfully made six eggs into the bowl, heated the pot and poured the oil, and sprinkled the egg liquid with green onion into the pot. A strong fragrance came to her nose

Soon, two bowls of fried rice with eggs were placed on the table. After being stunned for three minutes, Ryan wanted to call the servant, but was stopped by Melody, "It's me who made fried rice with eggs. I always eat those big dishes and want to change my taste. Don't you mind?"

Looking at the delicious food, Ryan frowned and asked, "Did you cook it?"

Melody nodded and said eagerly, "Have a taste."

Without any hesitation, Ryan picked up the chopsticks, put a piece of fried rice with eggs into his mouth, chewed it slowly, and did not say a word for a long time.

Melody snickered in her heart and secretly rejoiced that her little trick had succeeded. It turned out that she had deliberately made two different fried rice with eggs. The one in her hand was the "normal version", and the one in Ryan's hand was the "exaggerated version". In order to punish the self-made character of Ryan, Melody had also made a lot of salt and vinegar in Ryan's fried rice with eggs, which was guaranteed that the taste was "wonderful"!

"Is... Is it delicious?" Melody raised her eyebrows and held back her laughter.

Ryan nodded and took another big bite, saying vaguely, "Not


'Not bad?' Hearing this, Melody was in a panic... She tasted her fried rice with eggs in a hurry. It was good. With doubts, she put another spoon of fried rice with eggs of Ryan into her mouth. Suddenly, a salty and spicy taste grew in her mouth. She frowned and drank half a glass of water.

"Are you okay?" Seeing the sudden action of Melody, Ryan put down his chopsticks.

"No... Nothing..." Melody pretended to smile and thought that it seemed that Ryan was not to be underestimated. He might have already seen through her trick and was about to secretly fight with her!

'No way!' Melody swore in her heart that she would never be defeated by any evil force! She couldn't give in!

After dinner, Melody locked herself in her room and took out a piece of paper to write three big pages of the living agreement, which contained a total of 63 items. After checking it out, she held it tightly in her hand and knocked on Ryan's door.

As soon as Ryan entered the room, he took a shower. At this time, he had just walked out of the bathroom. When he opened the door, what Melody saw was a man who was only wrapped in a bath towel to cover the lower half of his body. Ryan shook the drops of water from his hair and looked at the paper in Melody's hand. "What did you write again?"

"I... I..." In a hurry, Melody moved her eyes from Ryan's six pack abs to the carpet. But she felt that she was too obscene, so she bravely raised her head and looked into his eyes. "Living agreement, please sign it!"

'Living agreement?' The corners of Ryan's mouth curled into a smile, and a trace of evil spirit appeared in his eyes, waiting for the next sentence from Melody.

Then, Melody pretended to be calm, picked up the draft and read it, "First, when we live together, you are not allowed to call me honey, darling, baby and other disgusting names (the servants in the family are not outsiders). Second, don't touch me physically in addition to work (you only can hold hands and clasp my shoulders and back). Emphasized: it's forbidden to kiss me at anytime and anywhere. This is very important!" Speaking of this, Melody raised her head and looked at a contemptuous expression of Ryan, "Hello! Are you listening?"

However, there was no response. Ryan just took the paper, turned to the next page and read it casually, "The thirty-fifth point: you can't water the cactus without permission..." He looked at Melody and asked, "What kind of weird rule is this?"

"I often put the cacti in the yard. If you splash too much water, they will die," explained Melody.

"The forty-fifth rule is that you are not allowed to touch the clothes of the woman in the washing room, especially underwear... Do you think I'm a freak? Why did I peep at your underwear?" Ryan questioned again.

"Be prepared! If you have no objection, please sign on the right bottom." Melody handed a pen to Ryan and said.

"Do you really think I'll sign on these boring rules?" After finishing these words, Ryan tore the paper in half in front of Melody.

"Hey! Are you crazy?" Melody took back half of the paper, but Ryan threw the other half into the trash can in his room. "It took me an hour to write this!" Melody was dissatisfied with Ryan's attitude of disobedience.

"Your handwriting is good and your imagination is rich." Ryan lowered his head and the tip of his pen almost touched Melody's forehead. "If you don't have anything else to say, I have to go to work." Then, Ryan turned around coldly and slammed the door.

"What the hell!" With a sudden stamp of her foot, Melody went back to the bedroom in a huff.

At this time, a smile appeared on the face of Ryan who was leaning against the door when he heard the heavy slam of the door. He thought, 'After knowing her for so many years, she is still as interesting as a little girl.' He still remembered that the first time he got close to her was because of a plate of food. He didn't remember the taste of the food. He only remembered that at that time, Melody was like an innocent child, and under her angelic appearance, the innocent heart made him moved...

Thinking of this, Ryan licked the corners of his mouth, as if he had never remembered the taste of fried rice with eggs, but in his heart, it was the most delicious food he had ever eaten. Because there were some things that Melody didn't know, such as... Ryan was born without a sense of taste, and he could only felt the food by his heart.

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