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   Chapter 4 A Forced Kiss

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Today was the opening day of the new play. On that day, Melody got up early and arrived at the film set under the escort of the driver. At dawn, with the script in her hand, Melody took off the mask and walked into the make-up room. A man was sitting on a chair with his back to Melody and reciting the lines attentively. Hearing the sound behind him, he slowly turned around.

He was in his early twenty, and his skin was as fair as a woman's. With a small nose and thin lips, and long eyelashes and smart eyes, he looked like a doll dressed like a man. "Hi, Melody." He stood up in a hurry, as if he was so nervous that the script fell to the ground.

Melody picked up the script and handed it to him, "Dale, where is the make-up artist? Why are you alone?"

Yes, this man who looked pure and clean was Dale, the famous male star in the film and television circle. Just because of his flawless face, he had earned one million fans for him in less than a month of his debut.

"Well... The make-up artist encountered an emergency and said she would arrive later. Maybe it's because of the traffic."

Melody turned around and threw the facial mask paper into the trash can. She didn't say anything more. Instead, she quietly opened her backpack, took out the script, and walked to the dresser to read it.

However, Dale didn't have the mood to continue reciting the lines, because in his heart, Melody was like a goddess. As long as he saw her, he would be excited. Although he knew that nothing would happen between them, he was still willing to silently like her and protect her. Therefore, the news of Melody's marriage was a big blow to Dale. He cleared his throat and asked, "Melody, why... Why haven't I heard that you are dating with Mr. Ryan before?"

Melody's thoughts were disturbed. She smiled awkwardly and replied, "You know that many things in our industry can't be made public, right?"

"Yes, yes." Dale scratched his head and said, "Melody, then... Why did you suddenly marry Mr. Ryan? After all, I think you are still very young..." Realizing that he had asked something he shouldn't have asked, Dale quickly took back what he was going to say.

'Why did I marry Ryan so suddenly? The answer to this question is only one word: helplessness.' Should I tell him that I was forced to marry because of a contract? Maybe he won't believe it, ' thought Melody.

So she only replied, "Fate is a wonderful thing. I've never thought that I would get married so early. I guess I'm the first one to get married in our college classmates." After saying that, she naturally changed the topic. "Maybe one day you meet a girl you like, you will also suddenly expose the news of marriage like me."

"I'm still young." Although Dale joked, he was very disappointed. When he heard that his goddess had married, the feeling of being hollowed out made his heart ache.

At this time, other actors and dressers came in. With huge work boxes in their hands, the dressers helped Melody and Dale with makeup. The first scene was an encounter on the street. As the ex-boyfriend of Melody, the hero No. two, Dale, accidentally bumped into her and carried her to the hospital.

All departments were ready. In the video, Melody, with documents in her hands, was anxiously shuttling through the crowd actors. She was wearing a pair of black framed glasses and five centimeter high heels. At this time, dressed in a suit, Dale walked over from the opposite side of the zebra crossing while answering the phone. As it was written in the script, he accidentally knocked down Melody and the documents were scattered on the ground.

"Dale! Pay attention to your actions and expressions! You should knock down her by accident!" The director raised the speaker and waved his hand. "Start again! Start again!"

After returning to his original position, Dale shook his head violently. He knew that his state was not good enough, and he also knew the reason why he was not in a good state was that his goddess in his heart had become the other man's wife. On the other side of the road, Melody made a gesture to cheer Dale up. Then, Dale took a deep breath and temporarily put those troubles aside.

All day long, Dale forced himself to get involved in the play, but he still made a lot of mistakes. Fortunately, he managed to complete all of his plays today. In a twinkling of an

eye, it was already evening. He could go back to have a rest, but thinking that Melody was still working hard on the night scene, he decided to wait for her in the dressing room.

At the same time, Ryan, who had been busy all day, walked out of the company's gate, drove on the high-speed road to the filming group where Melody was. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Ryan specially changed a set of casual clothes and wore a peaked cap, but he was still handsome in this way.

Entering the film set, Ryan kept a low profile and didn't attract anyone's attention. Following the crowd, he saw that at this time, with bandage on her arm, Melody was limping out of the company's gate. Looking at her messy appearance, Ryan felt that she was both cute and funny. A smile slowly appeared on his icy face.

The director raised the speaker, "Two people stand over there!"

In a hurry, Ryan turned around and lowered his head, afraid that Melody would notice him. It turned out that Ryan specially came to the set just to give a surprise to Melody and also to pick her up home.

Several actors were present, and the background was immediately plump. The director nodded with satisfaction, "The last time! Three, two, one..."

Under the street lamp, with a serious expression on her face, Melody walked down the stairs with difficulty. Her limping look was pitiful...

Seeing that the crew was about to finish, Ryan went to the dressing room and hid in a corner near it. Ten minutes later, the familiar footsteps approached. Through the gap, Ryan saw that Melody was looking at her watch and approaching the dressing room.

"Good acting skill." When Ryan poked his head out, Melody was startled.

Patting her chest, Melody walked quickly to the side of Ryan and said in a low voice, "Hey! Why are you here?"

"I'm here to pick you up." Ryan took it for granted.

"I can stay in a hotel," said Melody, bypassing Ryan. It seemed that she was still angry.

Ryan said with a cold smile, "You are my wife. I'm worried about you living alone in the hotel." After saying that, he followed Melody into the dressing room and closed the door tightly.

At this time, Dale was sitting in a corner. Seeing that Melody had come back, he immediately wanted to stand up, but when he saw Ryan behind her, Dale held his breath and chose to sit down.

Without saying a word, Melody wanted to go to her dressing table to remove her makeup. When Ryan saw Melody's beautiful face in the mirror like fairy, he suddenly thought of her lips that day. On impulse, Ryan held Melody into his arms...

"Hey! Let go of me!" Melody beat Ryan's shoulder.

"Shh!" Ryan raised his eyebrows and gave a playful smile, indicating that Melody was asking for death by making a loud noise in the dressing room.

Melody tried to get rid of Ryan's arms, but in a flash, he held her tightly and pressed her cherry lips with his warm lips...

The overbearing kiss made Melody feel suffocated. She could feel that the reckless tongue of Ryan was about to pry open her teeth. She didn't enjoy it at all. Her fists hit his back, but her resistance made Ryan more audacious.

At this time, besides Melody, there was also a person who was at a loss. Dale covered his mouth and opened his eyes wide to look at the scene in front of him. He couldn't imagine that he would see it with his own eyes one day... He wanted to escape, but there was no way back. He wanted to pretend that he couldn't see, but he couldn't convince himself. He lowered his head and wanted to turn around and lie prone on the table, pretending to be asleep. Unexpectedly, his elbow just touched the disposable water cup on the table. With a sound of "snap", the water cup fell and the warm water spread all over the ground.

Hearing this, Ryan stopped and turned around to look in the direction where the voice came from. Then, Melody took the opportunity to escape from Ryan's arms and saw that in a corner, Dale was standing there awkwardly, at a loss.

"Why... Why... Why didn't you go back?" In a hurry, Melody tugged at the messy clothes to break the terrible peace between the three people.

"I... I just came back to get something..." Dale picked up the script and said, "I'm going back now." After saying that, Dale stood up in a hurry and walked out of the dressing room, returning the room to Ryan and Melody.

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