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   Chapter 3 After Living Together

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There were only two people on the huge table, Ryan and Melody. Looking at the full table of Korean dishes, and then at the rows of respectful servants standing behind Ryan, Melody didn't dare to move the tableware on the table. It seemed that Ryan had realized the nervousness of Melody. Without looking back, he waved his hand and said, "You can all go downstairs."

"Yes! Mr. Ryan!" The servants bowed neatly and walked out of the dining room in order.

Melody took a deep breath and flicked off the cold sweat on her forehead with her fingertips. Although she was a popular actress, she was not used to being watched by so many eyes during dinner, as if she was under surveillance.

Buzz... Buzz...

The sound of the vibration of the mobile phone attracted the attention of Melody and Ryan at the same time. The caller ID was Dale Dao. He was a good-looking, popular star who had just made his debut. Melody had cooperated with him several times, and now Dale was the hero two in the new play. But Melody and Dale had never contacted each other in private except at work.

"Is it about work?" While murmuring, Melody picked up the phone and pressed the answer key. Then she heard a magnetic voice, "Hi, Melody, did I disturb you?"

Although they couldn't see each other, Melody shook her head and said, "No. what's the matter?"

"Here is the thing..." Speaking of this, Dale was a little hesitant. "Melody, I want to ask you... Are you really married?"

Hearing this, Melody was shocked and didn't know how to explain it. When she was about to perfunctorily, she saw that Ryan sitting opposite to her pushed away the chair and strode over. He said coldly, "Honey, the dishes are cold." After saying that, Ryan grabbed Melody's phone and hung up.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing?" Melody robbed the cell phone, and found that it was in the state of shutting down. Then she frowned and looked at Ryan, "Don't I have the right to answer the phone?"

"It doesn't matter if you don't answer this kind of boring phone call. Don't answer it except for your agent." After saying that, Ryan sat back and continued to taste his big meal.

'That's too much!' Melody thought. And then she stood up, went to Ryan and grabbed his tableware. "I'm a human, not a puppet. Even if I sign the contract with you, I still want to be free!"

"You have to listen to me this year." Ryan wiped his hands and took a sip of water.

"Why should I listen to you?" Staring into his eyes, Melody said, "Ryan, make it clear. I didn't sell all my things to you. We're just a fake couple for a year. That's all!"

"A fake couple?" These three words made the corners of Ryan's mouth show an evil smile. "Are you sure we are just a fake couple?"

"More than I'm sure you're the devil!" Melody said angrily.

Perhaps the word "devil" irritated Ryan. He slowly stood up and cornered Melody. He slightly bent down and kept his deep eyes parallel to the eyes of Melody. His sexy thin lips opened and closed. "You say I'm a devil, then I'll do something that the devil should do..."

Trapped in the corner, Melody began to be at a loss. She shouted "Let go of me! Help!"

"Don't underestimate the sound insulation here. No matter how hard you shout, no one will come in to save you." As Ryan spoke, he raised one hand to touch Melody's fair face. Regardless of her struggle, his lips touched hers

In the monitor, Ryan peremptorily pressed Melody against the corner and greedily sucked her lips, as if tasting a delicious food.

As Melody was struggling painfully, she took a look at the time and bit Ryan's lower lip hard. While he was hesitating, she suddenly pushed him away and squeezed a word between her teeth, "Beast!" Then she turned around and tried to run away.

However, Ryan grabbed her wrist and accidentally touched the scab on the wound, which made her tremble. Then he asked, "Where are you going?"

"It's none of your business!" Melody wanted to break free, but she was too weak.

"You can't leave here without my order." There was a hint of coldness in Ryan's tone. Then he add

ed, "I advise you to give up resistance and be a qualified wife."

"I'm not your wife!" Gritting her teeth, Melody denied.

Ryan sneered, "Don't deceive yourself. I think everyone knows that you are my wife except you." Then he loosened his grip.

Tears welled up in Melody's eyes and she couldn't argue. She ran back to her room.

The next day, according to the plan, Ryan and Melody attended the press conference together. The venue was arranged in the meeting room on the first floor of the company. The scene was extremely spectacular. Some reporters who couldn't squeeze into the meeting room blocked the entrance of the company, hoping to directly interview the late comer, Ryan and Melody.

At nine o'clock, Ryan's car stopped at the entrance of the company's back door. Wearing black high-heeled shoes, Melody got out of the car with a dark face. Ryan said, "You are an actress. You know what you should do."

Hearing this, Melody raised her eyes, took a deep breath and followed the tall figure of Ryan into the meeting room.

Countless microphones and flashlights seemed to be more grand than any interview. Seeing the two protagonists coming as promised, the reporters began to ask questions one after another.

"Miss. Melody, is it Mr. Ryan whom you said to be in love with?"

"Yes," said Melody with a smile.

"Mr. Ryan, there is a media saying that you are a shotgun marriage. Is that true?"

"If there is good news, I will announce it to the public as soon as possible and let my wife rest at home to nourish the fetus." As soon as Ryan finished speaking, he held Melody's hand intimately, causing the flashlight to flicker again.

"Miss. Melody, when did you know each other?"

Melody tried to break away from Ryan's hand, but she was held by Ryan, "We... We met three years ago."

What Melody said was true. Three years ago, Melody was found to be an actress by the casting director and signed up with an entertainment company. That day in the hall of the company, Melody saw the handsome Ryan for the first time. Just like now, he was still serious, like an iceberg to win the hearts of girls. However, what Melody didn't know was that her glance melted the heart of Ryan...

In the past three years, Ryan had been silently paying attention to every move of Melody, blocking all the factors that were disadvantageous to her, protecting her and supporting her for a better development. He had been restless in sleep and food for her, and had been wild with joy for her. However, all that had happened was his surging heart and had never been shown on his face, so except for himself, no one knew about it.

"Mr. Ryan, what do you think of the rumor about Miss. Melody and Adrian?"

A female reporter's question interrupted Ryan's thoughts. His expression didn't change as he said, "My wife is very excellent, and there are naturally countless pursuers. Mr. Adrian is just one of them."

Another reporter asked, "Will it pose a threat to your marriage?"

Shrugging, Ryan replied, "Of course not."

"Mr. Ryan, when did you have a crush on Miss. Melody and how did you propose to her?" After one of the reporters asked this question, the rest of the reporters all quieted down and waited for Ryan's answer.

"This is a small secret between us," said Ryan politely. He then asked, "Right, honey?"

Melody nodded with an embarrassed smile.

At the same time, Adrian, who was alone in the office, hesitated. His bangs were combed up high, and there was a trace of anger on his delicate face. He just wanted to deal with some matters in the company, but he didn't expect that he would be surrounded by the reporters.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

There was a knock on the door. A male reporter said, "Mr. Adrian, we only ask you one question, hoping to get your answer. Miss. Melody is married. Will you continue to pursue her?"

Adrian suddenly opened the door and stared at the only reporter with a microphone in his hand. "No comment."

"Mr. Adrian! Mr. Adrian!"

Under the reporter's questioning, Adrian strode away without looking back.

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