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   Chapter 28 When Did I Lie To You

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Leon was not in a good mood. Agitation rose in his heart.

After Wendy left, Axton smiled and said, "Mr. Leon, although what you said is true, there is no need to say that harsh words to a girl like this."

Seeing that Wendy had no reaction to his words just now, Leon felt uncomfortable no matter how he thought. Ignoring Axton, he turned around and left.

Seeing the receding figure of Leon, Axton also felt a little worried. If Leon also liked Wendy, then...

He couldn't imagine what this man would do.

But he didn't think that assumption was true. After all, he was the famous Mr. Leon of the S City, and Wendy was just a health counselor.

The difference in identity and values couldn't make the two of them be together.

When he returned to his office, Leon couldn't calm himself down. Finally, he called Wendy in at noon.

"Boss, what can I do for you?" Wendy asked in a formulaic tone. She would deal with anything related to work.

At the thought of what he said, he even felt that was inappropriate. As a proud man, he plucked up the courage to apologize to Wendy,

"I didn't mean to say that. Please don't take it to heart. I..."

Wendy didn't want to listen to his explanation. "Mr. Leon, what you said is the truth. There is nothing you need to explain."

Her words made him speechless.

"I really didn't mean to say that..." He had never been so humble to others, but this woman didn't appreciate it at all.

Wendy interrupted him, "If there is nothing important, I will go out first."

Wendy turned around and was about to leave, but Leon stood up nervously and stopped her.


Leon stepped forward, stood behind Wendy, and whispered in her ear, "Stay for a meal with me. Take that as my apology for you."

"No, I can't afford your food," Wendy said honestly.

"Are you mad at me?"

Wendy said, "You are so self-righteous. Why should I be angry with you?"

Wendy walked forward stubbornly. L

Besides, when did I lie to you?"

Wendy stared at him seriously. "Then tell me, what did you hear about my brother?"

"Five years ago, he appeared in an orphanage. Later, he was moved to a hospital because of illness, and then there was no trace of him."

"Is he sick? No trace anymore?" Wendy panicked, tears streaming down her face. "Did he pass away by accident?" She couldn't help but think of this.

Looking at the delicate Wendy at the moment, Leon did not show any mockery, but more love and sympathy.

He patted her on the shoulder. "It won't be like this. It's just that we don't find any more new information for now. That doesn't mean that he is no longer in the world."

He had never comforted anyone, but now he could say something to comfort her.

"Are you sure?" Wendy's heart was shocked. With a firm look at her, Leon said, "Yeah, I'm sure. Your brother is still so young. He must still be alive!"

Her heart trembled in the air. Subconsciously, she put her arms around his neck and sobbed, "As long as he is alive... As long as he is alive..."

She leaned on his shoulder and cried for a long time, but Leon didn't feel disgusted at all. Usually, he couldn't bear to see a woman crying. But now, his subconsciousness told him that he wanted to protect her well.

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