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   Chapter 27 The Stubborn Man

Devil CEO: Giving My Whole Heart To You By Qiang Weiwei Characters: 7063

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Facing Kate's stubbornness and insistence, Juan felt uneasy in his heart.

After the bandage, he left her without any hope after he said to her,

"I hope you can consider your feelings for him. Don't waste your own precious time."

No matter how disappointed and sad he was, Juan still had her in his heart.

His love for her was like her obsession for Leon, which was engraved into his bones and could never be changed.

After he left, Kate racked her brains again to take a step closer to Leon.

In the middle of the night, the lights of thousands of families fell into darkness.

A tall and strong figure stood in front of a French window. From afar, there was the color of a city that intertwined with each other reflecting in the figure's eyes. The night scenery was breathtaking!

With a goblet in his hand, Leon leaned against the wall leisurely and looked at the distance. But in his mind, there was only one person's shadow and smell, and he missed her so much.

He even went crazy.

He was addicted to the thought of her!

Axton had met Wendy twice, and the former had both good impression of her. But the only thing he was worried about was that the attitude of Leon towards Wendy was unpredictable.

So he had to send someone to investigate it in private.

The result showed that the Leon and Wendy had nothing else to do with each other except that she was just the health counselor of Leon.

Since Wendy was single, his desire to pursue her became stronger and stronger. If he could get in touch with her through business, it would be a good idea.

With this idea, he held a meeting of the Gu Group and wanted to be a partner of the Shen Group. This was not only good for the company's long-term development, but also better for him to get in touch with Wendy.

Because the Shen Group wanted to attract investment, Axton recently came to see Leon more and more frequently, which made the latter worried.

It was normal for people to come here to talk business, but it was abnormal for this man to come here so frequently!

"Jason, have you noticed that Axton has come h

her face to Leon.

This made Leon feel very unhappy, and naturally did not give Axton a good face.

"Mr. Axton, I hope you'd better not disturb her during working hours. Otherwise, she can't finish her work. I have to deal with this according to the rules!" He just didn't want Axton to disturb Wendy. He wished that she could only face him every day.

Axton smiled and joked, "Why do I feel someone is jealous?"

"Since you feel it, why don't you leave now and stay far away from her?" With his legs crossed, Leon asked casually.

Axton didn't take his words seriously. "Do you really have a crush on her, Mr. Leon?" He tried to figure out what was going on between Leon and Wendy step by step.

Feeling relaxed, Leon put down his legs and said, "I didn't say that," he said in a disdainful tone, She's just a health counselor. How can I have a crush on her?"

Wendy forgot something when she left just now, so when she just came back, she heard what Leon said.

She only felt a sense of humiliation and irony, but it was nothing more harsh said out by the famous Mr. Leon of the S City.

She lowered her head and took the health investigation form on the table. With a smile on her face, she said, "Take your time. Ignore me. I'm just back to take something."

Seeing that Wendy came back, Leon's face turned black all of a sudden, while Axton looked at him as if he was watching a joke.

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