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   Chapter 26 Why Can't You Love Me

Devil CEO: Giving My Whole Heart To You By Qiang Weiwei Characters: 6514

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Kate couldn't hold back her tears anymore.

"Why? Why can't you love me?" Kate felt a sharp pain in her heart and kept staring at Leon.

Leon was quite calm and patiently explained to Kate,

"Kate, we grew up together. It's just the relationship between brother and sister, not that kind of childhood sweetheart. You misunderstood!"

Kate didn't believe it. "But everyone knows what happened between us. And you never denied it before you met Wendy."

"Is it because of her? You like her, so you don't want me anymore..." Thinking of Wendy, Kate felt more and more reasonable when she thought of all these.

Kate's eyes were filled with madness and persistence. "You chose to tell me these harsh words because of her."

"It has nothing to do with her. I just want you to understand that we are not right for each other as lovers."

"Not right for each other? Ha, ha..." Kate smiled sarcastically. "That's not the reason. You just met someone you like more..."

Hearing Kate mention Wendy, the corners of Leon's eyes narrowed slightly. He kept thinking about the scene that he kissed her that day, which disturbed his mind for a moment.

He was facing Kate now, but Wendy's lips kept flashing in his eyes.

The perfect lip shape and fresh taste made him unable to stop thinking about her.

Seeing that Leon didn't refute, Kate was more sure that her idea was true.

"Oh, it's true. You really like Wendy." Kate felt a sharp pain in her heart. Now a knife was inserted into her heart, constantly cutting her fragile heart.

Juan had been observing them all the time, and even he found that Leon really had a different feeling for Wendy.

Kate couldn't face the two men now, so she rushed out of the bar without hesitation.

Seeing Kate running away quickly, Juan was worried. "I'm going to find her. I don't want anything to happen to her!"

He picked up Kate's handbag left here and chased after her.

"Kate, wait for m

uan's heart was full of ups and downs. If Leon liked her, he would definitely help them. However, it was only Kate's own wishful thinking, which made him very worried.

"Kate, you are too stubborn. Why do you waste your good youth on someone who doesn't love you?" He didn't want to talk about the relationship matter with Kate, but he was afraid that she would be hurt.

But Kate had her own thoughts and persistence. "Although he can't love me now, I love him. That matters! As long as I love him, I can insist!"

Juan saw clearly about this. "This is not love, you see. You are just stubborn!"

Kate frowned. "No, it's not like that. It's true that I love him. This idea has been in my mind for many years, and there is no doubt about it."

"Can you stop being so stubborn? It's time to wake up from your childhood dream." Juan was a little angry that he couldn't control himself.

Kate insisted, "Don't say that anymore. Don't try to persuade me. And don't ask me to give up the idea of loving him. It's impossible."

"Okay, it's up to you, but I hope you can stay true to the original self all the time."

Juan was afraid that Kate would hurt Wendy when she was pushed too far, so he didn't want her to do anything harmful. That would not only hurt others, but also her herself.

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