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   Chapter 4 There Is No Such Good Thing If You Miss This

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"Hey, where are you now? I will come to find you."

The phone was quickly connected. Wendy was so angry that she gritted her teeth. Regardless of the identity of Leon, she just wanted to catch this ungrateful man and beat him up! She used to say that he was the most ungrateful men, now it seemed that he was much more despicable than she thought!

"Building 03, district A. Come." It was still the deep and charming voice on the other end of the phone. Lying on the bed, Leon seemed to have expected it, and the smile on his lips was still on. Beside him, Juan looked very curious, as if he had discovered a strange continent.

"What happened?" Juan leaned closer to him, trying to get some gossip out of Leon's mouth. However, Leon's face darkened all of a sudden, only responded to his curiosity with "Get out!"

In less than twenty minutes, Wendy took a taxi to the address given by Leon. In the rich gathering area of the S City, rows of European style single villas, Wendy suddenly felt a little scared.

"What are you scared of? It's not you who's in the wrong! "

Wendy hated her cowardice. She pinched her tired calf to cheer herself up. It was easy to find the villa of Leon. After a turn, his house appeared in front of her.

"Ding Dong." Wendy rang the doorbell. It was not until quite a while later that someone opened the door. She thought it would be someone like the housekeeper, but it turned out to be a young handsome man.

"Come in, please. Leon have been waiting for you for a long time."

Before Wendy could react, she was dragged into the room by the gossipy man in front of her.

"Hey, hey, let go of me first. I can walk myself." Wendy was so anxious that she didn't know where the man was going to pull her. She patted the man, but he still didn't let go of her.

Finally, the man stopped in front of a room, smiling brightly.

"He is waiting for you."

Wendy was confused, but when she thought of her purpose of coming here, her face suddenly darkened. She gritted her teeth, opened the door in front of her and entered.

"Here you are." Leon's cold voice sounded slowly, he looked lazy lying on the soft and dedicate bed.

Seeing him like this, Wendy was furious. She picked up a pillow on the sofa and threw it at him!

"How ungrateful you are! You son of a bitch! Leon. Is your gift to make me lose my job? "

Leon didn't expect that Wendy would be so excited. He quickly moved aside to hide, but the bed was not big, soon he had no way back.

"Lose your job?" It seemed that Leon had caught the key point of Wendy's words, which made him a little confused.

Seeing that Leon still wanted to deny, Wendy sneered, "Dare you do it, not dare to admit? The so-called Mr. Leon in the S City is just a coward!"

"Make it clear."

Wendy's sarcasm made Leon feel uncomfortable. He stretched out his hand to hold her tightly, even used his legs! That was how he stopped Wendy from going crazy.

"Didn't you say something to our dean, so I was fired this afternoon?"

How could this man still be so energetic after he was injured? She couldn't get rid of him! Wendy struggled with all her strength, completely ignoring their... Posture.

"Fire you? Didn't he say anything else to you? "

"Don't pretend to be innocent, okay? I finally found out, you ungrateful man! You give me back my job! "

Hearing this, Wendy became anxious again. Seeing that Leon still didn't l

et go of her, she opened her mouth wide and bit Leon's arm mercilessly.

"Ouch..." 'Is she a dog?' Leon frowned. But he didn't let Wendy go. Instead, he patiently explained.

"What I told your dean is, it's a pity for such a capable woman like you to work there. Who knows he misunderstood me? Who is to blame? "

"So I should thank you for your appreciation?" Wendy opened her mouth and took another bite. She didn't believe a single word of Leon's explanation!

"You got your doctor's degree in MIT, are you really willing to stay in a shabby hospital on the outskirts of the city? Wasn't it a pity?" Leon chuckled, a hint of light flashed in his deep eyes.

"You investigated me?" Wendy didn't know what to say. She didn't expect that Leon could investigate her background so clearly in just half a day.

Even the dean doesn't know who she was.

"Don't be nervous. I didn't mean anything else. Just for the physical and mental health of our employees, I decide to hire you as our exclusive health counselor. " Seeing that Wendy had calmed down a lot, Leon loosened his grip and threw the pillow in her hand aside.

"A health counselor?" Wendy was a little confused. She had heard legal counselor, but she had never heard a health counselor. How could this man be so stupid?

"You know how rare it is to get a capable man now. As a wise boss, I have to put myself in the shoes of my subordinates. Health is the foundation to success, isn't it?"

Leon continued to persuade her.

"I refuse."

There was no such thing as a free lunch. Wendy knew this point, she refused immediately.

"Your annual salary is three hundred thousand."


"Five hundred thousand."

"No, I refuse. Do I looked like a person who will bows for money?"

"One million. There is no such good thing if you miss it." Leon was not annoyed at all. He supported his head with one hand, as if he was determined to get it.


"Well, deal then." Wendy coughed and blushed. After all, no one would be so stupid as to be against money these days.

"Juan!" looking at her embarrassed face, Leon was in a good mood. A successful smile quietly appeared on his face.

"Wow, wow, wow. Holding a beauty in your arms, isn't it appropriate not to enjoy such a good time and beauty but calling me?" Hearing the sound, Juan pushed the door in, the two people's ambiguous posture came into view. The end of his words was raised slightly, as if he was watching a good show.


It was not until then that Wendy came to her senses. She wondered why she was under Leon? When she looked up and met with the eyes of Leon, she only felt hot on her cheeks!

With a red face, she walked out of Leon's arms, no more angry.

"Here, this is the contract. Sign it if you're ok with it." Leon stood up and handed the contract from Juan to her.

Glancing at the contract, Wendy tightened her grip on the contract, gnashed her teeth and squeezed out of her mouth slowly,

"Leon, you set me up?"

Now that things had come to this, if Wendy still couldn't find out what had happened, then she was really stupid!

It turned out that from the moment she lost her job and the bargaining just now, it was all set up by this man. Otherwise, how could he draw up the contract so soon!

But at the same time, Wendy also felt a lingering fear. This man was too powerful to see through people's hearts. The thought made her tremble!

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