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   Chapter 3 Is This How You Repay Me

Devil CEO: Giving My Whole Heart To You By Qiang Weiwei Characters: 6908

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Seeing this, Wendy could feel her veins throb as they poked out of her forehead.

'Calm down, calm down. As a doctor, I must help other people no matter how much of jerk they could be, ' she told herself inwardly. Saving a life was definitely more meaningful than hurting one.

Just as she gradually calmed herself, Leon said, "Hey, can you at least hurry up?"

Digging her nails into her palms, she stomped over to the man, wanting nothing more than to punch in his face. However, upon glancing at his arrogant face, she decided to force a smile as she grabbed a few equipment from the tray.

He paused as he saw her approaching him with a cruel smile on her face. "Wait, why are you looking at me like that? Oww!"

"What are you screaming for? You still have the energy scream, which means you are not seriously injured."

Her smile widened as she pressed against his wounds heavily. When he finally lost the arrogant glean in his eyes, she finally went to a stop. Without another word, she withdrew her hands and continued to clean the wounds. During this time, she tossed him a drenched towel to clean up his face.

"Thank you for tonight," he said slowly.

However, it didn't look like she bought it. "Turn around."

Staring at the horrible wounds on his back, her grip softened. It was obvious that those who had chased him around had plans of murdering him. He was lucky to have lived after this. Although the stabbing wounds weren't deep, the main artery had been grazed—that was why it kept bleeding. With no medical attention, he could've easily bled out.

After two hours of busy work, Wendy finally bandaged up all the wounds on his body. When she looked up, it was already dawn. She clasped her hands together.

"You're lucky you're still alive. Your arm will be fine as long as you remember to change your gauze every three days. You could also visit a small clinic to help address the wounds. As long as your arm doesn't get affected, you'll be fine. Look, I've already done my best to treat you. If you want to borrow money from me, I'm sorry I don't have any," Wendy said.

'A small clinic? Borrow money from her? Does this woman think I'm that desperate?'

Leon stood up at her words. Staring at her back as she was cleaning her utensils, he flashed a wicked grin.

"Lend me your phone."


An alarm rang in her mind as she froze. At the sight of her sudden vigilance, he couldn't help but bark out a laugh. He pointed at himself. "Do I look like a bad guy to you?"

"No." She shook her head, holding her phone to her chest. "But you don't have to look like one to be a bad guy!"

"Look, I have to contact my people, and I can't find my phone. You want me to disappear as soon as possible, right? Then you better hand your phone to me." Seeing her hesitance, he had no other choice but to explain his predicament.

Wendy stared at him for a long time. After a while, she sighed and handed him her phone. 'It's not like he could run away with my phone, ' she told herself.

However, she definitely wasn't ready to be greeted like the way she was half an hour later. In fact, she was so surprised that she could bet that her jaw had dropped to the floor at the sight. There was a long line of luxury cars neatly arranged in front of the old suburban hospital. The first one was a Lincoln, while the other cars behind it were all Rolls-Royce. A group of suited men quickly got out of the car

s and barged into the hospital.

"What do you want?" she demanded. She stared at the rows of men arranged in front of her. Her arms trembled as she stood in front of the room.

Were they the ones trying to find the man? She had to stop them. If he was caught, then she would've been an accomplice, right? They would be both dead. However, just as her thoughts had gone to disarray, the leader of the group stepped forward. "Thank you!" he said as his voice echoed through the empty corridor.

"Thank you for healing our boss." 'What the hell is going on?' Her eyebrows furrowed as she gazed at every single one of them. Before she could speak, a voice stopped them.

"Well, don't frighten her. Let's go."

Even after a short amount of rest, Leon was still incredibly weak. As his hands gripped the corners of his bed, he struggled to stand up. Seeing their boss in such a state, the group of men ran up to help him.

They carried him towards the long line of vehicles and she followed them. Even after seeing all of this with her own eyes, she still couldn't believe that the desperate man she had helped was actually far richer than she could ever imagine.

"Ahem." He cleared his throat, dragging her attention back to him.

"You'll receive my thank-you gift this afternoon. If you have any problem with it, then you can easily call this number."

The man in front of her handed her a business card, and she accepted it. On the card was the man's name—Leon Shen, the CEO of Style International.

It was the first time in her life that she had actually judged a person wrong. Holding the card close to her chest, she walked back into the office.

The man she had just saved was one of the most famous man in S City—the third son of Shen family's head. She shook her head mockingly as she pushed the card back into her pocket. It was already nine in the morning. A new day had just begun.

Wendy had simply brushed off the gift that Leon had mentioned until her director had called her to his office right in the afternoon. Her eyes brightened as she walked into the office. 'Is he really going to pay me back?' she thought happily.

However, all the happy thoughts had been washed away upon hearing his next words.

"As you know, our hospital had been suffering from a shortage in funds for the past couple of months. It's been a very difficult period, so our leaders have decided on reducing the number of staff."

'He must be kidding, huh?' Just last month, the government had reimbursed this hospital with medical equipment that cost them several million dollars. And the month before last, a new developer had come with an offer to buy the land behind the hospital to build a nursing home. There was no way in hell they were short of money.

"Am I going to be fired, Director?" Although her face was as calm as water, there was a certain coldness to her voice.

"Look, you're a smart girl and an equally brilliant doctor, but that's what the higher-ups have told me. If you really don't accept this, then you should think about who you have offended." The director sighed, pinching his nose in despair. He had always liked the girl, but a rich man was definitely the last person he wanted to offend.

"I see." She pursed her lips.

'Leon, is this how you pay me back?'

Flushing dark red, she stomped out of the office and pulled out his business card. She didn't bother to think as she dialed his number.

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