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   Chapter 47 I Like It First

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The next morning.

As soon as Wendy woke up, she received a call from Grace. To be exact, she was awakened by Grace's call.

Grace asked her out for lunch and said that she was a little unhappy today, so she wanted to have a good meal.

When Wendy rushed to the shopping mall, Grace was already sitting there drinking coffee. She also took a few photos and uploaded them to her WeChat moments.

"Wendy!" Grace saw Wendy pulling the back of the chair next door out, and then Wendy sat down. "I haven't seen you for only a few days, but it seems that I haven't seen you for months."

"You might miss me too much."

Wendy said with a smile. Previously, the two of them had lived together for a few days. It was normal for Grace to have such an idea now.

"Do you know that Mark has a crush on someone?"

Grace whispered in Wendy's ear as if she had heard some gossip.

Wendy shook her head. She really didn't know the news, and Mark didn't show that he liked someone else.

"Didn't you see his recent moments? I feel like he has someone who he likes in his heart. He always share some love songs at midnight." Grace just made her own deduction.

Wendy chuckled, "It's a waste of you not to be a paparazzo."

If everyone liked to gossip about other people's private life like Grace, the entertainment circle would be in turmoil every day.

Grace looked at Wendy with a smile. She rested her chin on one hand and looked Wendy up and down carefully. This was her good friend. After graduation, Wendy became more and more beautiful.

"Didn't you say you were going shopping? Come on!" Wendy stood up.

She pulled Grace up and started shopping on a new day. Wendy was not as keen on shopping as Grace.

Grace was a shopping maniac.

When she was with Grace, she seemed to go shopping with Grace. Grace was not rational in shopping.

The two entered a luxury brand store. Grace was very familiar with the employees here. After all, it was a big deal to buy once a month. The sales clerk had a good relationship with Grace.

As soon as they came in, a sh

off her hand unexpectedly.

"I'm going to buy this bag. You can choose another one." Grace's tone was neither cold nor warm, but one could tell how dissatisfied she was from her face.

"You haven't paid the bill yet. I'll pay the bill now." Lucy was about to take her bag to the checkout counter.

The shopping guides and the manager were a little embarrassed. They didn't know what to do when they saw the three women. Maybe they were unfamiliar with Wendy, but they were familiar with Grace and Lucy.

An acquaintance should not be offended. This was not only about their own performance, but also the assessment of a regular price shop.

"I've told you that I took a fancy to this bag first." Grace hurriedly ran over and grabbed the new bag in Lucy's hand.

Noticing that there was something wrong, Wendy quickly walked to Grace and wanted to tell her to let it go. But she didn't expect that Grace waved her hand and pretended not to tell her.

"It's the one who pays the bill first can have this bag." Lucy proudly took out her black card.

"Shame on you, Lucy!"

Grace was so excited that she wanted to grab her bag and scolded Lucy. If it weren't for her dignity, she would have had a fight with Lucy.

Seeing this scene, Wendy felt a little headache.

"So lively!" A man's voice interrupted the situation. All the people in the shop looked at the door.

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