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   Chapter 46 I Am The Heir

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Wendy returned home and was preparing for her internship, although her father asked her to play for two more months before preparing for her internship.

Before that, she wanted to read more information about the company and get familiar with its business.

Most importantly, she wanted to work early now, so she wouldn't have time to think about anything else.

At dinner time, Wendy thought everyone had social engagements, but she didn't expect that they would have dinner at home in unison. She had planned to eat something casually.

Now, Joe asked her to go downstairs for dinner, and she had no chance to refuse.

A table was prepared today. It was the favorite food of Wendy and Lola. Wendy couldn't figure out whose idea it was, but if it was Viola's, it would be another trap.

"Wendy, when do you plan to start working?" Joe asked casually.

Wendy smiled, "I want to do it as soon as possible."

She replied indifferently with her words. Viola and Lola looked at each other. Of course, they didn't want Wendy to enter the company so soon, especially the expression on Viola's face changed.

"What's wrong with you? She just graduated and is in her age to play. Why do you want her to have to shoulder such a heavy responsibility so soon?" Viola seemed to try to solve the problem for Wendy.

Wendy frowned and looked at Viola. She could feel that Viola didn't like her internship as soon as possible.

"You're right. I shouldn't have forced her."

Joe thought for a while and thought what Viola said was reasonable. But he hoped that Wendy could take action as soon as possible. He had always been thinking about letting Wendy work.

"Father, it's not easy for sister to finish her study. Let her have fun and then challenge her career." Lola also said.

Wendy had always been sensitive. If it was so obvious, but she didn't know that they did not want her to have an internship, then she might really be a fool.

"By the way, we will have dinner with the Li Family

ola went upstairs with Joe to have a rest.

Wendy went into the kitchen with her cup. She was about to pour a glass of water and go upstairs, but Lola followed her in.

"What's up?" Wendy's tone was cold. When she stood on the left, Lola deliberately blocked her way. "Of course I have something to do."

"No matter how hard you work, it's useless. After all, you are going to get married soon and can't get the shares of the company." Said Lola with a smile.

The hypocrisy in her smile made Wendy want to pour a glass of water, but she still smiled politely.

Wendy cursed in her heart. If she could, she really hoped that Lola could get married first.

"When did you worry about my shares?" Wendy raised her eyebrows.

Lola burst out laughing. "I am the inheritor."

"..." Wendy didn't want to argue with her, nor did she want to mention the law to her. In terms of law, she still had a chance to inherit it.

"Well, wish your dream come true tonight."

Wendy pushed Lola away. Lola didn't notice that Wendy used so much strength that she bumped into the fridge. Her arm immediately turned red.

She took a deep breath in pain and looked at Wendy who was gradually disappearing. Her hands were gradually clenched into fists. She would not let Wendy live well.

She would never let Wendy get what she wanted.

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