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   Chapter 30 She Left

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On the day Wendy left, Mike sent her to her friend's home in person. Wendy didn't want to say much, but only left a goodbye to him.

Then she entered the hall of the residential building. The only thing on Mike's mind was how to explain to Jacob and then he started the car to go back to Jacob's house.

Wendy walked to the door of Grace Huang's house and rang the doorbell. Then there was a unlocking sound!

Grace Huang was shocked to see the person standing outside. The next second, she opened the door excitedly and hugged Wendy. The neighbors who went out opposite her thought something had happened when they saw Grace Huang so excited.

"Wendy, you're finally back!" Grace Huang held Wendy's arm and felt relieved to see that she was fine.

Grace Huang hadn't found Wendy before. She thought that Wendy was angry and thought Grace Huang had abandoned her. She called the Xiao Family and they said that Xiao Family had gone out for fun.

Grace Huang was about to give up contact with Wendy. She really felt that she might have done something wrong that made Wendy very sad, so Wendy ignored her.

"Let's go inside." Wendy looked a little tired.

In the past few days, Wendy hadn't had a good rest by Jacob's side, but she didn't know what else she could do to help Jacob except staying by his side.

She couldn't deal with either Jacob's work or his wound.

The two of them had always been good friends. Grace Huang poured a glass of water for Wendy. Wendy blew a breath to warm water and drank some to moisten her throat.

Grace Huang was not used to seeing such a quiet Wendy. She always felt that Wendy was strange and couldn't tell.

"Wendy, I thought you wouldn't want to see me for the rest of your life. I was wondering if I made you angry." Grace Huang explained anxiously.

Wendy smiled at her, "How could I not want to see you all my life? We are best friends. "

"Great!" Grace Huang hugged Wendy. She had worried that she would lose her good friend.

Looking at the excited look on Grace Huang's face, Wendy only thought of Jacob. She didn't know if he had woken up or not.

Noticing that she was absent-minded, she patted her head to stop herself from thinking further. She was really crazy. Shouldn't she be happy to leave Jacob's family?

"Where have you been these days?" Grace Huang asked curiously. She seldom saw Wendy disappear without a word.

"Oh, I just met a friend. We went on a trip. The signal there is bad." Wendy found an excuse randomly.

Fortunately, Grace Huang always believed what Wendy said, so she didn't feel anything wrong.

"Oh, I'm so scared, Wendy. Don't disappear in the future, okay?" Grace Huang patted her chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Okay, I'll tell you wherever I go."

Wendy nodded and chatted with Grace Huang for the whole afternoon. Grace Huang specially made dinner for her.

Wendy sat alone on the sofa in the living room, lost in thought. She couldn't help but think of Jacob.

She hated Jacob to put her under house arrest. Now she was free, but she was not as happy as she thought. What happened to her?

Forget it. She couldn't think about Jacob anymore. Wendy comforted herself that she should live a new life in the future.

Maybe she would never meet Jacob again.

Jacob woke up in the afternoon after W

endy left. When he woke up, he looked at the quiet space and guessed what had happened.

He thought he would see the person he was thinking about and found that there was no breath of Wendy in the whole room. He probably guessed that Wendy had escaped.

This little heartless woman.

When Mike pushed the door open and approached, he saw the person lying on the bed sit up straight. He was naturally very happy. Since Jacob was fine, he and the servants could rest assured.

He asked the servant to prepare some light food so that Jacob could solve hunger.

Then he brought a glass of water to Jacob. When Jacob woke up, he was unusually quiet, which made Mike a little difficult to understand what he thought.

"Where is she?" Jacob asked what happened to Wendy immediately.

"Master, I think Miss. Wendy should be free now."

"..." A hint of cruelty appeared in Jacob's calm eyes. He looked at Mike unhappily and said, "Why do you make the decision on your own?"

Mike had been mentally prepared. He knew that it was difficult to deal with Jacob, so he was also ready to be punished.

"Miss. Wendy has been taking care of you before you wake up. I said she could leave, but she didn't leave until this morning." Mike replied honestly.

Did she took care of him? When Jacob thought of this, his anger faded a little. She was not heartless.

Then Mike continued, "In the past week, Miss. Wendy has been with you all the time."

"Do you think she will come back?" Jacob looked out of the window indifferently.

There was a bird on the railing of the balcony, and it flew away in a few seconds. Jacob couldn't help but think of Wendy, who just slipped away from him like this.

Before he could let go of her, Wendy left without even a chance to say goodbye to him.

"If it is destined to stay with each other, it can't be separated."

After Mike said that, Jacob didn't say anything. He just missed Wendy very much.

He also knew that there was nothing wrong with Mike. Wendy was free, but he didn't care about her wishes and confined her to his side.

The annoyance on Jacob's chest gradually dissipated. He was afraid that he couldn't help but take Wendy back one day.

But Jacob was afraid that Wendy didn't like him, so he rubbed his temples. This kind of question was really annoying.

Mark whistled as he entered the room. When he knew that Jacob had woken up, he rushed over. He thought Jacob was very happy to see him, but he didn't expect that Jacob looked like he had broken up with his lover.

"Ouch, shouldn't you be happy to save your life?" Mark smiled brightly.

Jacob glared at him and said, "The wounds are not fatal. Obviously, they are just warning me."

"Then what's wrong with your sad face?"

Mark asked him. In the past, when Jacob was injured, he had been revived quickly. He would quickly kill the person who hurt him, the person's life would be destroyed at the order of Jacob.

Jacob didn't say anything. Mark found that something was wrong today because Wendy wasn't there.

Mark immediately understood what was going on.

"Is Wendy not here?" Mark deliberately spoke of this, as if to see Jacob angry.

Hearing the words "Wendy", Jacob thought. 'Are these two people so familiar?' Ignoring Mark, he picked up the document and began to check it.

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