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   Chapter 29 Wait For Him To Wake Up

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"It's not the first time that Jacob has been injured. He has always been in good health." Mark didn't answer, but said something else.

But in Wendy's heart, it seemed that Jacob was injured from time to time, so he went out with so many bodyguards.

"Then why did he get hurt?" Wendy insisted. She turned her head and begged Mark to tell her.

Mark couldn't resist her clear eyes. As a man, he was too embarrassed to bully a girl.

"Someone wants to kill Jacob."

Mark told a lie without even blinking his eyes. In fact, he was holding back his laughter, especially when he saw that Wendy really believed him.

He was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. The girl who would believe him was so simple!

After being shocked, Wendy was still a little sad. Who was going to kill Jacob? What did he do to offend others?

Mark didn't dare to tell Wendy. Many people outside wanted to see Jacob be beat down, but he was not a coward. If he was beaten down so easily, he would have already died.

Now their life was much more stable, but a few elders of the Situ Family insisted on asking Jacob to agree to a project, which allowed them to take bribes.

"What's your relationship with Jacob?" Mark said lightly.

Seeing that Mark seemed to be very concerned, Wendy told him how she knew Jacob. Of course, she didn't tell him anything that couldn't be said.

It was not until Mark heard it that he found that Jacob had really hidden a woman at home and the woman was under house arrest.

This was Jacob's fault. How could he do such a shameless thing? It seemed that the world was going to change.

"Then you can leave now. Jacob doesn't know anyway."

Mark thought of something and wanted to urge Wendy. She was such a lovely woman and he didn't want to see her unhappy. She was so boring here, and maybe she was not happy.

Wendy didn't expect that, but what Mark said made sense.

It seemed that she could really leave now without being discovered. Now everyone in the room was worried about Jacob, so they had no mood to care about her.

However, in her mind, many scenes of her being with Jacob flashed through her mind. Jacob treated her well in all ways.

Without any hesitation, Wendy decided to stay. At least she wouldn't leave until Jacob was really fine and almost woke up.

Wendy couldn't really ignore her own life just because of Jacob.

"Let me tell you, if you miss this opportunity, you won't be able to leave after Jacob wakes up." Mark reminded her again.

"I won't leave him at this time."

Wendy turned her head and looked at Jacob, who was lying on the bed. He was now innocent and not as cold as usual. At this moment, he was as quiet as a child sleeping soundly.

It was the first time that she had seen Jacob off all his defenses. Wendy hoped that he could recover as soon as possible.

Mark didn't say anything. He just couldn't understand why Wendy behaved like this. She should have wanted to leave, but now she insisted on staying.

Wendy just thought that if she couldn't leave, she wouldn't leave. At the worst, she would stay here for the rest of her life. She wouldn't leave Jacob alone at this time.

In the next few days, Mark still had a few more o

perations to deal with, and Wendy stayed with Jacob all the time.

Mike often opened the door at midnight and was about to let Wendy go to bed. Wendy was lying on the edge of the bed, holding Jacob's hand and falling asleep.

In the past, Mike thought Wendy was just a lady, but he didn't expect her to be so considerate.

It was almost dawn. Mike pushed the door open and came in, seeing that Wendy had woken up and she was still staring at Jacob in a daze.

He knew something about Wendy and Jacob, and he also knew that Jacob had been forcing Wendy to stay here.

The footsteps approached step by step. Wendy turned around and thought it was Mark, but she didn't expect it was Mike. She smiled slightly.

Sometimes she really doubted that Mike didn't need to sleep, because she couldn't figure out the time when Mike appeared.

"Are you here?" Wendy said in a low voice. She stretched herself painfully because she had been lying on the edge of the bed for a long time. Her waist and back were sore.

Then Mike handed a phone to Wendy. It was Wendy's phone and Jacob left it to Mike.

Wendy looked at Mike in confusion. She had always thought that the phone was kept by Jacob, but she didn't expect that it was kept by Mike.

"Now you have a chance to leave. You can go home." Mike said lightly.

Wendy looked at him in disbelief. She took the phone and tightened her grip on it. Did she regain her freedom?

"When master wakes up, you will have no chance to leave." Mike reminded her seriously.

In this case, Wendy finally understood what he and Mark meant. They all knew what kind of person Jacob was, so they did that.

"I will leave before he wakes up, but at least I will leave after he recovers." Wendy said frankly.

"Do you like him?" Mike asked again.

Wendy fell into silence. Her bright eyes gradually darkened. She couldn't tell whether she liked him or not for a moment. She wanted to say no, but she seemed to have another idea in her heart.

"Master is a dangerous person. If you like him and want to be with him, you have to be mentally prepared." Mike continued to say.

His eyes fell on Wendy, who was sitting on the carpet. After getting along with her these days, he still felt sorry for Wendy. It was not good to be under house arrest.

"Does he often get hurt?" Wendy changed the topic and asked Mike.

"The Situ Family is a big family. There are many open strife and secret struggles within it. In addition, there are many directors in the company who want to overthrow Jacob, so..."

"I see."

Before Mike could finish his words, Wendy had already understood. She felt sorry for Jacob from the bottom of her heart. He must be very tired since he had shouldered so many responsibilities alone!

"Mike, I know you're doing this for my own good, but I really can't leave now. You know I can't stay here all the time. I'll leave the day after tomorrow morning, okay?"

Wendy said to Mike seriously. Even if she left, she had to tell him. Because Mike could help her deal with the following things.

Mike nodded and said nothing. He turned around and walked slowly to the door. He opened the door, looked back at Wendy, and then closed the door and left.

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