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   Chapter 28 He Got Hurt

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After taking a shower, Wendy fell asleep early. In addition, she had trained for a day, so she couldn't resist the fatigue.

She had a good sleep and even had a dream of going back to Tahiti for vacation.

Until midnight, there was a burst of noise outside in the dark night, which awakened Wendy.

Wendy looked around uneasily. Everything was still familiar to her. There was the bedroom accompanied by the smell of Jacob.

Everything was fine, but the noise outside the door attracted her attention. This was the first time it had such a disturbance in Jacob's house.

She put on her slippers and walked out slowly. As soon as the door was opened, she saw a lot of people coming in and out.

"What happened?" Wendy grabbed Mike and asked him anxiously.

A pang of uneasiness rose in her heart. She subconsciously thought of Jacob and wondered if something had happened to him. Otherwise, they wouldn't have become so nervous.

After a moment's hesitation, Mike decided to tell her, "Mr. Jacob is injured."

The words stunned Wendy for a second. Her blood froze all over her body. She watched the man in white robe enter the opposite guest room, and the bodyguards came and went.

She followed them in, but was stopped by Mike.

"Let's bandage Mr. Jacob simply now. Can you come in later?" Mike said anxiously, most fast than usual.

Before Wendy could say anything, the bodyguard beside them interrupted the conversation between the two, "Doctor has arrived."

"Ask him to come up quickly."

Wendy stood still and watched the people around her getting busy. She didn't even know how badly Jacob was injured.

She was pushed away by a man. Before she could see clearly what the man looked like, the door was closed.

She was blocked outside. Outside the door, there were a group of servants and bodyguards who were equally worried. Even Lili came up with them.

Wendy turned around and looked at Lili in confusion, but Lili gently put her arm around Wendy's shoulder.

"I heard that master was seriously injured this time." Lili said slowly.

Wendy's heart skipped a beat. "What's wrong with him?"

"I don't know. It seems that there is a gunshot wound."

"..." 'Is it so serious?'

Looking at the closed door, Wendy didn't know what to say. She was also confused. She thought that Jacob just went out for business.

As usual, he went out early and came back late. She didn't expect that he would come back with wound.

She could only stand there and pray to the God that Jacob was fine. Even if it was a gunshot wound, it would be the best if it was a very small wound.

She leaned against the wall and waited patiently for the opposite door to open again. Her heart beat uneasily and she was anxious to see what was going on.

What if something happened to Jacob? It was the first time that she had a heart attack.

"The doctor, Mark, is here. I believe master will recover soon." Looking at Wendy's pale face, Lili didn't want to frighten her anymore.

Wendy raised her head and looked into Lili's comforting eyes. "Mark?"

"Yes, the doctor is called Mark Murong. He is master's good friend and also his private doctor."

Wendy had heard that there was a very powerful doctor in Murong Family, but she didn't expect that it was Mark Murong, the man who rushed over in casual clothes just now.

It w

as not until dawn that the door was opened. This time, Mike and Mark Murong came out.

Mark Murong frowned at the sight of the woman in pajamas. She looked pitiful, as if she had been abandoned at the door.

He couldn't help but wonder who this woman was. Was there another woman in Jacob's house? This was really the first time he had seen each other.

He saw her blinking her beautiful eyes, looking a little listless, and her hair was casually scattered together.

However, such a pitiful look slammed into Mark Murong's chest, making him want to hug her and comfort her.

"Who is she?" Mark Murong asked Mike confusedly.

When Mike were about to let Wendy in, he didn't expect that Mark Murong spoke first.

"This is Miss. Wendy, and she is master's..." Before Mike was finished, Wendy took a step forward and said, "Friend."

"Oh, his friend."

Looking at her anxious answer, Mark Murong couldn't help laughing. It must be someone that Jacob liked. So was there any secret between her and him?

For example, they were couple. Or she was his mistress? It didn't look like that, either. Mark Murong thought carefully.

Wendy felt uneasy under the gaze of Mark Murong. His eyes were so intense that it was obvious that he wanted to see through her.

"May I come in?" Ignoring Mark Murong, Wendy asked. And Mike nodded and said, "Okay."

Then he moved aside and Wendy ran into the room. Because there were two people standing at the door, Wendy accidentally bumped into Mark Murong and Mike when she rushed in.

Mark Murong's eyes followed Wendy's figure. He saw Wendy kneeling on the edge of the bed and staring at Jacob anxiously.

"Was she the woman who Jacob hid at home?" Mark Murong asked curiously.

"Yes." Mike nodded.

At first, Mark Murong thought it was Annie, but he didn't expect it was Wendy, the one he had never seen. He was not familiar with the Xiao Family.

Mike had something else to deal with, so he left first.

Mark Murong, who came from home in the middle of the night, was suddenly woken up, not to mention that the condition of Jacob was a little unstable, so he naturally wouldn't leave Jacob's home.

In the rest of the time, Mark Murong found a sofa and sat down in Jacob's ward. On the opposite side was Wendy, who was lying on the edge of the bed.

When Wendy came in, the first thing came to her mind was that she would be really sad if something serious happened to him.

Now seeing that Jacob was lying quietly on the bed and didn't quarrel with her, she was not in a good mood at all. She was really a little irritable.

What kind of danger did Jacob encounter that caused his wounds?

"Don't worry. He will wake up soon." Mark Murong couldn't bear to see her crying.

When Wendy heard the noise, she found that there were other people in the room. She looked back at Mark Murong, who was sitting on the sofa, and his eyes were not as sharp as before.

The dim light in the room shone on Mark Murong, making him look softer.

This was a temporary ward, but Wendy saw that there was something that a normal ward should have.

"Why did he get hurt?" Wendy asked in a low voice, not noticing that her voice was hoarse.

She was so worried, and she still worried from the bottom of her heart, as if she would also have a hard time if there was something wrong with Jacob.

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