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   Chapter 12 I Will Lose Control

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"Is it delicious?" Jacob couldn't help but ask. He couldn't wait for Wendy to take the initiative.

Looking at his nervous expression, Wendy wanted to tease him. It was so good to see his anxious expression.

He always bullied her, so she wanted to let him feel this torment.

"Hmm..." She prolonged her voice on purpose. Jacob frowned and stared at Wendy more and more.

Wendy smiled immediately and said, "It's delicious. It's even better than the Michelin chef outside."

She praised him undisguisedly and looked at the man opposite her relaxed a lot.

It was just a small farce for more than an hour. She suddenly felt a little boring. This man had no requirements for her except that he would worry about her running away.

Wendy couldn't help worrying that she could be locked up here for the rest of her life!

They were together every day, and he would be happy to be intimate with her every night. But she feared that she would be pregnant.

"Are you in a good mood today?" Jacob took a sip of ice water and asked curiously.

He received a phone call from Mike and he told him that Wendy was in a bad mood. He really thought something had happened and stop quarrelling with her.

But he didn't expect that she had been in a good mood since he had been back for almost an hour.

And today she was so obedient that he couldn't believe that she was herself.

"Oh, no! My period is coming!" Wendy indeed had her period.

She wasn't in the mood to argue with Jacob today, so she just wanted to throw a tantrum. She didn't expect that he didn't say anything unpleasant.

Looking at her little mouth, Jacob reached out his hand to pinch her chin and kissed her.

"What are you doing? I'm eating!" Wendy said crossly. This man really liked to take advantage of her.

Standing two meters away, Mike looked at the two people who had have fun together just now. But now it seemed that their happy never be existed. He shook his head helplessly.

"Remember to wash the dishes after dinner." Jacob said indifferently.

Wendy rolled her eyes, pretending that she couldn't hear. She didn't care about it at all.

After all, she was a woman who seldom did housework and was coaxed at home.

"I'm going out to buy some sanitary napkins." Wendy said directly.

She knew that it was impossible for her to go out, and Jacob would not give her the chance. The number of his bodyguards had doubled after the first day here.

It was almost impossible for her to escape under such rigorous security measures, and she would not expect anyone to save her.

Most importantly, Jacob had something to threaten her.

The more Wendy thought about it, the more irritable she became. She had no appetite at all, and she didn't want to eat even if she was half full. Her fork slipped and dropped on the plate, making a loud sound.

She was sure that she didn't do it on purpose.

The sound of the fork colliding with each other in the plate attracted everyone's attention in the room, and even Jacob's face darkened.

"You don't need to go out. You just need to wait in the bedroom." Jacob's voice became colder.

Wendy knew from this sentence that his bottom line was that she couldn't bring up any idea of leaving the villa, or hi

s face would be as dark as ink.

She didn't expect that she had accidentally dropped the fork just now. This time, Jacob must think that she was losing her temper again.

She wiped her mouth and took a sip of orange juice. When she was about to go upstairs, Jacob grabbed her hand across the dining table and she turned around.

Jacob said unhappily, "Woman, you'd better stop talking about leaving here, or I will lose control."

He was still in a state of love, and he didn't know what he would do when she left.

Because Wendy had broken his rules. Especially tonight, he realized that he had been led by her on some things.

Wendy didn't expect that he would say it so seriously. His cold tone made her shiver and she was a little scared.

"I don't mean to run away. Can't I go to buy something that women need? I'm not going to buy it. You go and buy it for me! "

Wendy said angrily as she shook off Jacob's hand.

She was afraid that she couldn't hold on any longer, and it was terrible that Jacob was angry. Although he hadn't done anything to her before when he was angry, she was inexplicably afraid.

The longer she stayed in Jacob's house, the more confused she became. Didn't Jacob have a friend? There had never been a guest at home.

She was the only guest. The servants all walked around her, and she didn't like to stay in the living room.

Wendy quickened her pace and went back to the bedroom. She leaned against the door and gasped for air. It was the first time that Jacob had put on such an expression.

She really had an unspeakable fear. Jacob used to threaten her with a smile before.

Lying on the bed, she stared blankly at the ceiling, and she felt a little uncomfortable under her body, and then she thought about Jacob, a neat freak.

It happened that the bed sheet was changed into white today, and Wendy wanted to make it dirty.

It would be better if Jacob felt sick and sent her to another room. It was the first time that Wendy felt happy to have her period.

However, this happy thought only lasted for fifteen minutes. Instead of knocking at the door, the people outside directly opened the door and came in.

Jacob threw a big bag to Wendy's feet and looked down at the unhappy Wendy.

"Here is what you want. You can use it." Jacob said in a softer tone.

Wendy immediately sat up straight and went into the bathroom with the large bag of things without looking at Jacob again.

When the bathroom door was closed, she bent down to check the bag. There were all kinds of brands and the quantity was double.

She was speechless. It was enough for her to use them for a year.

Did Jacob think that she would lose a year's blood at a time? Sitting on the toilet, Wendy thought of the expression on Jacob's face just now. She rolled her eyes and almost had cramps.

Standing outside the door, Jacob listened carefully to what was happening inside and rubbed his temples.

He was still stuck in the words that Wendy said. He almost lost control again and wanted to take more severe security measures to Wendy.

But after thinking for a while, he felt relieved that she was just saying it.

He was not afraid of anything. What he feared most was that Wendy suddenly left him.

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