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   Chapter 10 No, I'm Afraid

Magical Romance: My Heart Beats To Love Rhythms By Qin Wei Characters: 5447

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"Wendy, if I tell you that I love you, will you believe me?" Jacob's sweet words echoed in Wendy's mouth. He still put his hands on Wendy's body and was gradually moving.

Love her? This was the best joke she had ever heard. But how could a madman be true?

If possible, Wendy really wanted to punch him with her elbow, but she had something on him.

Wendy just whispered slightly as a response. Jacob felt that he was like a white shirt that was filled with wind, and gradually became a bird, and his whole body was expanding.

His big hand covered Wendy's towering soft part, but his wrist was suddenly held by Wendy.

"No, I'm afraid." It seemed that she was telling the truth or she was telling a lie. Even she herself couldn't tell whether she was telling the truth or not.

Jacob was shocked. "What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that I will eat you? "

His magnetic voice sprayed on Wendy's ears.

"No, I just felt it all of a sudden. I don't want to be here to do it with you. " Wendy's voice was trembling.

They had gradually arrived at the depths of the sea with the cruise. The sea was vast on all sides. Except for a few white birds occasionally flying in the sky, there was nothing on the sea surface except their cruise.

If Jacob really ate her here, no one would notice it.

Wendy almost begged and stopped Jacob's hands from climbing her body.

But a man's desire had been aroused. It was not easy for him to stop.

Jacob simply picked up Wendy by her waist and held her in his arms. He looked at Wendy affectionately and walked into the cabin step by step.

Wendy just let Jacob hold her. She knew clearly what was waiting for her later. Wendy's deep eyes were so clear that Jacob could clearly see himself reflected in the watery eye. He suddenly felt that his heart was swelled up.

He lowered his head and bit Wendy's red lips. Wendy's full and juicy red lips were a huge temptation, luring Jacob's nerves and every cell of him.

He lowered his head, kissed Wendy and carried her to the wide and luxurious bed in the cabin.

With a light toss, Wendy was put on the soft bed sheet like a butterfly, and then gently bounced up.

Jacob pressed on her.

Wendy was so soft and tender that Jacob wanted to have sex with her at once.

Just like peeling a litchi, Jacob took off Wendy's clothes bit by bit, revealing her glittering and smooth skin.

Her smooth and tender skin, like a fire, ignited the flames in Jacob's eyes. A blazing nameless fire spread from the depths of his eyes to his chest, burning fiercely.

"Wendy, you are the real beauty. You are so beautiful. " Jacob said intoxicating honeyed words and came up to wrap Wendy's soft body.

Wendy c

almly avoided Jacob's kiss.

Jacob kissed her neck, collarbone and snowy papilla. The more focused he was, the calmer Wendy was.

She could feel the man's enthusiasm for her. She clearly felt that the man was becoming more and more focused on her, and more and more affectionate.

Wendy sneered complacently.

She suddenly felt that she was like a female spy in the ancient times, dedicated herself for a certain purpose.

This was probably the fourth time she had sex with Jacob. In fact, Wendy was actually counting in her heart! She was not a casual woman, but now she was so casual and did not like person.

The pleasant scent of the man on his body came. Jacob kissed her affectionately and made some hickey on her body.

Wendy had a good impression of Jacob several times before, and she thought he was good at having sex with woman and was handsome.

"Ha ha, just take it as finding a free pimp. Where can I find such a handsome pimp? " A bitter smile appeared on the corner of Wendy's mouth. The trace of smile was quickly smoothed by Jacob's kiss.

He murmured and kissed her.

Wendy pretended to murmur at first. Then she felt that her sweat gradually melted with the sweat of Jacob.

The two of them hugged each other tightly. With the efforts of Jacob, every cell in Wendy's body gradually opened and began to breathe.

Wendy felt that she was as weak as a pile of mud, so soft that even when the hard thing stabbed in her body, Wendy was no longer as painful as before. Instead, waves of electric current surged through her body, like the waves she saw on the deck this morning, which was rolling, floating, bubbling.

The man on her body was moving with the pleasant smell of the elk. Wendy felt like she was stepping on the clouds.

With Jacob's hard work, in a daze, a vast sea appeared in front of Wendy.

She saw a light ship floating on the vast sea, floating with waves.

Her mind was blank at the moment. She felt that she was the boat floating on the sea.

Like a wave, the sound of forgetting emotions gradually came out of Wendy's throat. Even Wendy didn't notice that.

Jacob heard the beautiful murmur, just like the most beautiful and touching fairy music in the world. He didn't care how sweaty he was and how sticky his body was, but he held Wendy tightly.

Every collision seemed to go straight to Wendy's soul from her body.

The energy from Jacob went from Wendy's body to her soul. Wendy also felt lost in the air.

She couldn't help but hold Jacob tightly and put her hands on his broad back.

Of course, Jacob knew the subtle change of Wendy, and an evil smile appeared on his face.

Then his body was more closely connected with Wendy's.

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