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   Chapter 9 Would You Like A Drink

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Jacob walked over with two glasses of wine in his hands. From afar, he saw Wendy standing at the end of the cruise, barefoot on the deck. She was extremely sexy.

He took a sip of wine and came to Wendy. "Would you like a drink?"

Jacob looked at her. His eyes were as sharp as eagle's.

A gust of sea breeze blew Wendy's long hair.

Wendy's clear eyes were exposed. She had a tall nose, delicate and small lips like a garnet. With such a face and fair skin, she looked like an angel coming out of a painting.

Jacob looked at Wendy in a daze. "Yes!" Wendy said happily.

When she gently licked the edge of the glass with her neat lips, the tempting smell made Jacob wish he could be the red wine in Wendy's glass and be drunk up by her.

The two stood side by side at the end of the cruise, looking at the blue sea.

The sea was very vast. As the ship went farther and farther, they got deeper and deeper into the sea.

The farther the shore was, the farther away from the noisy crowd. They were getting farther and farther away from the troubles of the world. Wendy looked at the blue sea quietly and praised sincerely. "It's so beautiful, so beautiful."

Wendy's soft body was right next to Jacob. The unique fragrance of her body lingered in his nose. Jacob really wanted to hold this beauty in his arms.

The scenery was really beautiful. The boundless sea was as blue as sapphire. It was like a huge blue wave, dazzling people.

The sea breeze blew gently, lifting Wendy's hair, bringing a cool sea breeze fragrance. Wendy raised her head, closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"What a fresh sea breeze!" She murmured to herself.

Suddenly, Jacob's voice rang in her ears. "Look, Wendy, look!"

As Jacob's voice rang out, Wendy suddenly opened her eyes and saw Jacob pointing at the bottom of the ship with his slender fingers. "Look, there's a dolphin there."

"Dolphin?" Wendy had never thought that she would see a dolphin here.

Several white and fat dolphin were around Jacob's cruise. Sometimes they sank, and sometimes they were shallow. They seemed to be leisurely and lively, not afraid of people at all.

"It's so cute. It's really a dolphin! Many dolphin. " Wendy couldn't help but get excited. The lovely dolphin was so chubby.

It was the first time that she had seen a dolphin so close to her since she was a child. She remembered that the only time she had seen a dolphin in person was when she was seven years old, and her family took her to Ocean Park.

The little dolphin was swimming on the blue sea leisurely and like a beautiful mermaid.

They made the atmosphere be more lovely.

The silver dolphin suddenly jumped up and spun to the front of the cruise, almost jumping onto the deck.

As if knowing that Wendy and Jacob were watching them, they actually began to perform. They spun in the air and splashed countless water flowers.

"Ah!" Wendy said coquettishly, and the water splashed on her face b

ecause of the naughty dolphin. She wiped the sea flowers on her face shyly, but her face was still full of joy.

The naughty behavior of them didn't frighten or annoy Wendy, but made her feel more excited. So she temporarily forgot her task and the purpose of coming here.

Wendy was so excited that she just watched the performance of the dolphin and did not know someone was watching her. In this way, Jacob quietly admired Wendy. The sea breeze blew Wendy's long hair all over the sky.

Jacob looked at this lovely girl, the young and beautiful girl, who from time to time covered her long hair flying all over the sky with her hands and from time to time cried out and was very happy because of the dolphin's performance.

Jacob just looked at Wendy in this way. He saw that Wendy's small face was flushed with excitement. The girl smiled happily, and there were two dimples on her face.

Her big watery eyes were shining, and she was immersed in joy.

Wendy was stunned by the scenery, and so was Jacob. He stared at Wendy's face.

He couldn't help but gently hold Wendy her waist behind her.

Wendy, who was excited, was suddenly stunned. Before she could say the word "look! There's another dolphin over there", she was held back by Jacob.

Her slender waist could not be twisted, and the heat on him slowly came through her thin white slip dress.

Wendy's face flushed for no reason when she saw the intimate and ambiguous posture.

Wendy wanted to break away from Jacob, but she didn't expect him to whisper in her ear, "Wendy, you are more beautiful. Do you know you are beautiful?"

Such warm words suddenly rang in Wendy's ears, with a trace of warm breath gushing out, and directly sprayed on Wendy's long neck.

Wendy only felt herself trembling, and this familiar feeling made her feel very uncomfortable. The scene of that night quickly appeared in her heart.

That night, Jacob also held her in his arms, and his burning breath sprayed behind her ears.

Not allowing her to refuse, Jacob's kiss with the fragrance of mint came up.

In fact, Wendy really wanted to refuse, but she had no choice. At that time, her legs seemed to have been smashed into pieces, and she seemed to lose control of her body and was powerless.

Just like now, as if it was a prelude, Wendy really wanted to struggle out of this broad embrace.

But she couldn't. If she pushed him away now, he would definitely be suspicious.

'I want him to feel that I have feelings for him. I want him to relax his vigilance against me.' Wendy thought to herself.

Therefore, she gave up resistance. Jacob put his rough hands on Wendy's lower abdomen and waist, and then slowly climbed up like exploring.

Wendy only felt a shudder. It was horrible to step by step.

She wondered in her heart. 'What kind of devil is Jacob? Why do I feel that I'm not like me as long as I meet him and touch his body? Even I myself feel strange about my body reaction.'

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