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   Chapter 8 Take You To The Sea

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In the spacious dining room, delicate silvery tableware was placed on the table, which was well prepared. The sweet smell of bread made Wendy's throat roll.

Last night, she had been tortured by Jacob for a whole night. This morning, after a simple washing, she was ordered by Jacob to work for the whole morning. She was tired and hungry.

"Have a seat." Jacob sat at the table like a king and said to Wendy calmly.

As soon as Wendy sat down, a servant poured the white milk into the cup in front of Wendy, and then brought the fried steak, delicious bread, fried eggs and sausages to her.

A table full of food was placed in front of her. The colour and tempting aroma of the food made Wendy feel more hungry. Regardless of her image, she picked up a piece of bread and ate it without waiting for Jacob to speak.

The golden soft bread was just baked well, fresh with the smell of cookies. As soon as she ate it, she knew that it was made by a very good cook.

"Why are you wolfing it down? Besides, no one will take it away from you and you can eat more after you finish it." While eating the steak with a delicate knife and fork, Jacob obviously despised Wendy's anxious look.

At this time, Wendy didn't care about her image as a lady. Perhaps, in fact, in front of Jacob, Wendy had already forgotten her image. What satisfied her most was how to gain Jacob's trust and then leave here.

And Wendy had already sent a message to her family according to Jacob's order. They should not doubt her. But as for Jacob, Wendy knew that he was a very cunning man. How could she get his trust and make him be careless? Then she could get the negatives of the video and leave this damned place?

Wendy immediately put on an innocent and charming smile and looked at Jacob with her big clear eyes as if she was not familiar with the world. "Auntie is really good at cooking. I haven't eaten such delicious western food for a long time. She is better at cooking than a five star chef outside. " Wendy said, pretending to be satisfied. Her fresh smile revealed her sweetness and loveliness.

Hearing this, Jacob was slightly stunned. He picked up a napkin to wipe the corner of his mouth and said. "It's good that you like it. If you like it, just stay here for a long time. Eat more. "

Wendy glanced at the man and buried her resentment in the bottom of her heart. "Mr. Jacob, it is cool and warm here. Of course it's good to have food and accommodation! But I would feel bored if I stayed here for a long time. Why don't we go out and play for a while? " Wendy pretended to be relaxed.

"Ha ha, are you getting impatient so soon? Well, I'll take you to the sea today. " Jacob snapped his fingers and his assistant, Mike Mi, came over.

"Mr. Jacob." Mike Mi said respectfully.

"Arrange a cruise for me. I'm going to take Miss. Wendy to the sea today." Jacob said coldly.

"Okay, Mr. Jacob." The moment Mike Mi turned around and left, Wendy began to think of a plan. 'In this way, at least I can leave this damned place for the ti

me being. Staying in Jacob's private villa, even if I died, no one might know.'

Wendy thought to herself. 'After Jacob takes me out of the villa, I will find a chance to escape outside.'

Wendy made up her mind that she performed well all the way. She was sweet and obedient. Sitting next to Jacob, Wendy didn't know what was on his mind.

He drove her to the seaside in person.

As they approached the sea, the salty and fresh smell of the sea wind began to waft into their noses. It was poured into Jacob's sports car and Wendy's lungs.

The road became wider and wider, and the scenery on both sides of the road became more and more charming. Indistinctly, Wendy began to look at the sea in the distance.

The road was getting wider and wider. Wendy really wanted to yell at the blue sea. The pressure Jacob had been suppressing in her heart these days made her almost be crazy. Seeing that the ghost villa was getting farther and farther away, Wendy began to feel relaxed.

The sea breeze blew in and raised a few strands of Wendy's long hair. The flying hair touched Jacob's lips, bringing a few sweet smells of her hair. From the rearview mirror of the car, Jacob could see that Wendy was in a good mood.

It was not Jacob's idea to trap this little woman in his villa.

After all, no man would be willing to trap his beloved woman in the cage and treat her as a canary, which was not Jacob's hobby.

Seeing that Wendy's frown gradually dispersed and her eyes were filled with smiles, Jacob gradually put down the huge stone in his heart.

To be honest, he fell in love with this girl at first sight.

He fell in love with her the first time he saw her.

He had always hated himself for having sex with her in such a rude way. But there was a saying that if a man really loved a woman, then he would have sex with her. If he didn't dare to rape her, how could he love her?

A scornful smile appeared on Jacob's face. Yes, if he loved her, he would have sex with her. If he couldn't even sit in prison for her, how could he talk about love? In order to get Wendy, Jacob was willing to devote all his heart and soul to take all the responsibilities.

When they arrived at the dock, a huge cruise ship was parked there, and Mike Mi was already prepared on the side.

"Go upstairs!" Wendy followed Jacob and Jacob took her on the cruise. This was Jacob's private cruise, which was not often used. If Wendy hadn't mentioned it, Jacob wouldn't have come to this cruise.

The cruiser soon went deep into the sea. Wendy wore a long white dress with a bow hat. She looked pure and lovely.

Wendy stood barefoot on the cruise, surrounded by the blue sea. The waves of the sea were gently rolling, and the rising white foam made Wendy feel like a shark.

Perhaps when Wendy was in danger, she always felt a sense of ambush when she was with Jacob.

For a moment, she didn't forget her mission to get on the cruise, which was to get close to Jacob and then puzzle him, so as to delete all the negatives of the video.

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