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   Chapter 6 Blooming Seduction

Magical Romance: My Heart Beats To Love Rhythms By Qin Wei Characters: 6120

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In the morning, the sun lazily projected in through the window lean, reflecting on Wendy's face. Last night's sex seemed to nourish the dry fish, Wendy.

To be honest, Wendy had tried to have sex with man the first time, but it was as if every cell in her internal organs had been opened. She only felt hearty and comfortable.

Last night's sex made Wendy fall into a deep and sweet sleep. When she woke up, she only felt comfortable as if she had just taken a shower.

Wendy didn't want to admit it, nor did she dare to admit it. She had a very good feeling with this crazy man called Jacob. Maybe it was because this man was really good at having sex with women!

Wendy squinted at the sleeping man beside her like a cat. This man had very long and thick eyelashes, a tall nose, and slightly pouted lips that looked plump and dexterous.

The sun was shining quietly on the man's face, making his extremely beautiful face look a little sunny and brilliant in sleep. Wendy's nervous mood was slowly relieved. For some reason, at this moment, that guy's face didn't look as hateful as it was when they first met.

Wendy did not know she was not the only one who had the same feeling. When Wendy was squinting and quietly looking at the man beside her with her hand supporting her head, the sleeping man suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Wendy with a pair of sharp eyes under his long eyelashes.

"Are you awake?" The man said with great interest. His broad and strong chest muscles were buried under the light blue quilt, emitting the bronze color in the morning sunshine.

It was as smooth as chocolate.

Being stared at by Jacob, Wendy felt guilty for no reason. She actually felt comfortable today because of the sex last night. Wendy didn't want this man to know how she felt at the moment.

"If I don't wake up, do you think I'm dead?" Wendy stared back angrily.

"Yes, I thought you wanted to die last night." A faint smile flashed across Jacob's face. The seductive state of Wendy, who had been whispering under him last night, instantly appeared in Jacob's mind. It was worth thinking about.

Jacob suddenly sat up, and the thin quilt slipped down instantly, revealing a large part of his bronze skin.

Wendy turned her face away awkwardly. She felt like her eyes were raped.

"Cut the crap. Can you let me go now? I want to leave here and go back. " Wendy's eyes twinkled with excitement.

Jacob suddenly stood up. Wendy quickly covered her eyes and almost cried out.

'This freak!' Wendy cursed in her heart.

Caught off guard, Wendy's eyes went blind again. She didn't expect that Jacob would suddenly stand up.

Seeing Wendy's shy look, Jacob felt that she was even cuter.

"Woman, don't worry. Are you in such a hurry to leave me? Isn't it good for us to do this? " Jacob's ambiguous words made Wendy blush.

Indeed, Wendy couldn't help crying out loud last night.

"Tell me, how long do you want me to stay here?" Wendy looked at Jacob with resentment.

"But your body betrayed you. It seems to lik

e me very much. It's impossible to leave. " Jacob pulled a towel on the chair and wrapped his lower body with it to exercise his muscles and bones.

"Shame on you!" Wendy sat up and covered her body with the quilt angrily.

"Woman, don't jump to a conclusion too early. It's too late for you to thank me then! " Jacob turned around and walked into the bathroom, starting to wash his face and brush his teeth.

When she heard the sound of water from the bathroom, Wendy stood up immediately, picked up her clothes and put them on quickly.

She glanced around and saw a luxuriously decorated room. Everything in the room was extremely luxurious.

The crystal chandelier was hung high on the ceiling, making a perfect match with the marble floor. The unique antiques filled the whole room of Jacob. It could be seen that Jacob liked this villa very much, so he had placed so many favorite toys in his room.

But Wendy didn't care about it and went to the window quickly. Since the door had been locked by Jacob, Wendy couldn't get out at all. She stood on tiptoe and looked out of the window. Only then did Wendy find that it was a small villa with two floors. The windowsill was about four or five meters away from the ground.

Wendy thought for a while. If she jumped down directly, although she was agile, she would inevitably get a sprain and lose her arm.

Looking back, Wendy found that there was no rope at all in the room.

The sound of water came from the bathroom. Wendy had no time to think too much. She turned around and picked up the sheet quickly, rolled it into a long strip, tied one foot of the table, and then tied the other end of the long strip on her waist. It seemed that it was tied up firmly.

Wendy was overjoyed. If she went on like this, she would be at least two or three meters away from the ground.

All right. Wendy was so happy that she climbed to the window and was about to jump. When she was about to jump, a big hand grabbed Wendy's clothes.

Wendy was pulled back and almost strangled to death.

"Who? Let go of me, freak!" Wendy felt so uncomfortable that she grabbed the clothes around her neck. It turned out that she was too focused just now that she did not notice that the sound of water in the bathroom had already stopped.

When she wanted to escape without being noticed, Jacob had already taken a shower and walked out.

Seeing this, he pulled forward and caught Wendy back as if an eagle was catching a chick.

With just a little strength, Wendy was pulled up by a man with a quilt. Then she was heavily thrown to the ground by Jacob.

"Do you want to leave? Did I agree?" Jacob asked cynically when he wiped his wet hair.

Wendy was choked and fell to the ground. She covered her neck and coughed violently.

"You have no reason to imprison me. Give me back my freedom." Wendy's eyes were bloodshot. It seemed that she was strangled just now.

Seeing the anxious look on Wendy's face, Jacob couldn't help but frown. A trace of tenderness for women crept into his heart.

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