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   Chapter 5 Dare You Do It Or Not

Magical Romance: My Heart Beats To Love Rhythms By Qin Wei Characters: 6058

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Jacob's movement made Wendy's wish come to nothing.

"You are wrong. Do you dare to recognize it after doing it, Miss. Wendy?" Jacob said coldly.

"I just want to take it for a souvenir for the sake of Miss. Wendy's passion and hard work. If the video has been accidentally spread out, it doesn't matter how others think of me if they see it."

"If others see Miss. Wendy's expression on the video, what would others say about Miss. Wendy while appreciating it? Is Miss. Wendy really exceedingly beautiful?" An evil and attractive smile flashed across Jacob's face.

Wendy was so angry that she raised her hand and was about to slap the man in front of her, but was caught by Jacob.

"Don't be mad at me, woman. I have experienced more than you. If you don't want to suffer, serve me well. "

Jacob's eyes suddenly became cold and attractive. That cold blood made Wendy feel scared. She had just experienced sex and suddenly felt that men were terrible animals.

A formula flashed through Wendy's mind. She admitted defeat for what happened last night. It was all her bad luck that she met Jacob.

But she never thought that this beast would record the video of their love to threaten her. "What a despicable man!"

It was said that a gentleman and a woman were difficult to get along with. And now in Wendy's eyes, the despicable man was also hateful and terrible. Yes, it was true that Jacob had accurately grasped Wendy's weakness.

As the future heir of the Xiao Group, Wendy was very clear that she couldn't show such a video to others.

Of course, she knew what Jacob meant. Once she called the police, these hateful videos would be exposed to the public like pornographic pictures.

Wendy closed her eyes in despair. As one of the most famous families in the city, she would rather die than let such an embarrassing video show.

She slowly put down her raised hand.

Once again, she was held up by Jacob, and Wendy stopped struggling this time. She knew what the man in front of her wanted. For her future and family reputation, Wendy gave up resistance. She closed her eyes obediently.

Feeling that she was placed on the wide and soft bed, her black hair, like a waterfall, spread out from nowhere and fell on the big bed; she felt that Jacob's kiss fell on her forehead, nose, face, and lips.

Wendy closed her eyes and let Jacob's kiss fall like rain. She slowly opened her defensive chest. There was a saying that life was like a rape. If one couldn't resist, then it was better to enjoy it.

When this sentence suddenly flashed through Wendy's mind, she suddenly smiled. Wendy smiled very good-looking, with two dimples, coupled with the current atmosphere and environment, with a bit of desolation. Jacob was obsessed immediately.

He looked at Wendy with amazement and then realized that a woman was more beautiful when she smiled than when she was angry.

He suddenly opened his eyes wide, looked at the little face under his body, and kissed it as if he had obtained a treas

ure. Along the way, they took off their clothes.

"Can you turn off the light?" At this critical moment, Wendy pleaded with a pair of twinkling eyes.

Unexpectedly, Jacob didn't even give her the basic care, so he turned on the table lamp several degrees all of a sudden. "Why should I turn off the light? What a pity to turn off the light for such a beautiful body! "

Jacob pulled away the last piece of shyness cloth on Wendy's body. The mysterious area was the forbidden area for him that he had been to before.

The heat in his lower abdomen was already surging, and the man's genitals rose from the ground without a doubt. Wendy pretended not to see and looked away. But her face had already turned red.

"Look at me, woman." Obviously, Jacob was not willing to be with his female companion who was absent-minded like this. His rough big hand turned Wendy's small face right. He looked at Wendy with his eyes. His fiery eyes seemed to want to ignite all the passion of Wendy.

All of a sudden, Jacob pinched Wendy's nose. Wendy's eyes were tightly closed, and she opened her mouth naturally. Then, Jacob's deft tongue swam in, trying his best to find a sweet spot.

Enduring the overbearing man in front of her, Wendy closed her eyes and accepted his gifts quietly. Wendy's fair and tender body was touched by his rough hand.

Stroking the woman's body, Wendy couldn't help but groan. She was shy for her own reaction.

She was about to bite her fingers to hide her shyness. Jacob's kisses fell down, and his whole body was covered, like a spring rain, wet Wendy's whole body.

The man's hand dexterously touched Wendy's whole body, like a magician. Wherever it went, Wendy's body melted like spring water.

Under the flirtation of Jacob, Wendy couldn't help but gently twist her body, like a beautiful and tempting snake.

Wendy was taken aback by his sudden move. Although it was not the first time, she frowned because of the pain.

But the man entered so deep that before Wendy could snort, he used his rhythm to let Wendy be happy.

Wendy bit her finger tightly. She was afraid that her cry would make people laugh. But the man on her body was like an engine with a motor, full of power. The tremendous explosive energy made Wendy's body excited for a while, and she almost screamed.

"What should I do to make you so attractive to me?"

Suddenly, when she closed her eyes, she heard the man's blurred voice when he was deeply in love.

Wendy held back her breath and opened her eyes slightly with bright eyes. She looked straight into Jacob's eyes.

Jacob's question was too bad. It was obvious that he had taken advantage but still be innocent. Although Wendy also thought that if she had no time to resist, she would rather close her eyes and enjoy it.

But Jacob was really a bad guy. She bit the man's broad shoulder hard, which made Jacob squeak and close his eyes. Then he moved and a hot stream rushed to Wendy's face. Now her face was as beautiful as a peach blossom.

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