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   Chapter 4 I Will Be Very Gentle

Magical Romance: My Heart Beats To Love Rhythms By Qin Wei Characters: 5892

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"Bad..." Before she could say the words "bad man", Wendy's words were swallowed by Jacob's kiss.

This time, Jacob's kiss became more intense, different from the simple touch just now. This time it was a direct and domineering possession and devouring.

Wendy's mouth was instantly covered by Jacob's kiss. It had to be said that although the man in front of her was annoying, his kissing skills were very superb. He could always tug at people's heartstrings just in time, making them unable to stop and refuse.

He could control women's sensitive spots, know how to flirt with and touch, and could ignite women's passion and lust.

For a moment, Wendy tried to convince herself to take him as a free pimp.

But in the passion, reason quickly prevailed, washing away Wendy's absurd thoughts.

How could it be possible? Wendy was not such a person at all. Who would go to find a pimp, and who would go to find a pimp for her first time without even having a boyfriend.

After regaining her sanity, Wendy began to struggle with all her might.

"Don't move." The man on her body roared in a low voice, and the sudden rising desire seemed to devour him. The uncooperative twisting of the woman under his body did add to his desire.

He tore off Wendy's shirt and the delicate peachy red underwear suddenly appeared in front of Jacob. His eyes were like burning with fire, bursting out a strange light.

Wendy's plump and snow-white skin was unforgettable to Jacob. The feelings he had last night instantly swept over his heart. He felt a warm current coursing through his body, as if it was rising restlessly.

Jacob had an unprecedented strange feeling at the first sight of her. Although Jacob had seen a lot of people, he would never have been so interested in a woman's body if he hadn't met Wendy.

Although Jacob knew that what he was interested in was definitely not only Wendy's body. However, at this moment, her beauty was in front of him, making him irresistibly excited again, as if he had been given an aphrodisiac.

Jacob's hard work made her pink bra slip down. Wendy hurried to hold her arms. No matter how hard Jacob tried, she would not let him succeed.

"Don't be stubborn, little woman. You really want it. Why do you still pretend to be innocent today? Your body has betrayed your soul. "

Jacob's ambiguous words sprayed on the back of Wendy's ears, bringing her a soft and itchy heat.

"It was a mistake last night. It doesn't mean anything. " Without concealing in front of the man, Wendy's confidence was much weaker. She didn't dare to say anything wrong, fearing that she would irritate the man on her again and be eaten up again.

"Duplicity. I will let you know what is natural and mutual love. " He abruptly broke away Wendy's hands that were protecting her chest and firmly cut her back.

Jacob bent over and kissed the sensitive area of Wendy. She couldn't help but snort.

"How d

o you feel now?" Jacob was like a dashing warrior, full of energy.

He held up his hands and looked at Wendy with infinite blurred and passionate eyes.

"It hurts." Blushing, Wendy couldn't help telling the truth.

"Ha ha, I will be very gentle." Then, as expected, Jacob began to move carefully.

To be honest, although Wendy had experienced a lot of things between men and women last night, she didn't enjoy it because she was in a trance.

At this moment, when Jacob's lips covered her body, Wendy felt a current quickly sweeping through her body.

Her plump body seemed to be ignited by the man in front of her, and every cell was filled up, like a spring water rippling to her whole body, making her want to be needed and filled.

But Wendy would never admit her inner feelings, especially the words of Jacob. "Your body has betrayed your soul." In Wendy's eyes, he was a shameless man.

As a smart and independent daughter of a rich family, how could she have a desire for a strange man who had just met and slept with her? Did she really have the heart of a slut under her gentle and graceful appearance?

Wendy quickly dispelled the idea in her mind. She kicked the busy and defenseless man, Jacob, out of bed.

Jacob was caught off guard and fell to the ground.

Wendy pulled up her clothes to cover her snow-white body and got out of bed. "Let me go." She said coldly.

"Why? Isn't everything going well? "

Jacob stood up. There were eight abdominal muscle on his broad chest, which made Wendy dare not look at them.

Wendy turned her face away from Jacob. She did not look at him.

"I don't want to degenerate like this anymore. You can indulge yourself, but please don't involve me. If I'm the one you indulge, don't blame me for being rude to you. " Wendy said firmly.

She stared at Jacob with a pair of resentful eyes, which made Jacob feel that she was quite cute.

Jacob suddenly burst into laughter, and Wendy's face instantly flushed. Wendy was very serious. Why did she feel that she was always like a fool in front of this man, often being laughed at by Jacob for no reason?

Why did she attract only Jacob's contempt and ridicule? Wendy suddenly became angry from embarrassment. "Don't be happy too early. It was my first time to sleep with you because I fainted.

And this time, if you force me, I will sue you for rape. I'll let you spend the rest of your life in prison. "

Wendy said angrily. She looked so cute when she was angry.

Jacob didn't care. He just picked up the phone on the table and turned on the video, shaking it in front of Wendy.

"Did you see that?" Wendy heard his sexy and dreamy voice. Wendy took a closer look and blushed.

Because the video in Jacob's hand was not something else, but the video of her and Jacob having sex in the hotel bed last night.

"You bastard!" Wendy blurted out and stood on tiptoe, trying to grab the phone from Jacob.

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