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   Chapter 29 The Hero Saves The Beauty

Loving You Always And Forever By Xiao Zhaoling Characters: 10500

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Charles wanted to take these photos as the memory of his lovely moment with Ella. He just thought it would be interesting to recall it in the future.

When they finished taking photos, Charles shamelessly took a selfie with Ella. Moreover, he let Ella as the background person, and his face was in the front with all kinds of strange funny faces.

Ella didn't disturb his complacency, and acted as a background quietly for him.

However, in the end, perhaps Charles felt that he was not enjoy himself to the full to take selfies, so he pulled Ella forward to make funny faces with him. They played and laughed all the way.

Not far away, Raymond, who had been watching them all the time, darkened his face. If it weren't for the fact that he was wearing a mask and fully armed, people would have seen his unhappy face.

Unknowingly, it was noon. Charles finally began to feel hungry. The two of them went to the restaurant for lunch.

Ella was in a good mood, so she had a good appetite. After lunch, she planned to go back to the villa to have a rest and prepare for other plans in the afternoon.

On the way back to the villa, she saw some small shops and couldn't help but go in and have a look.

There was a small boutique, which was very exquisite. The decoration was very unique, and the things inside were very special.

There were all kinds of accessories and souvenirs, such as shells, wind bell, shell bag, special hand bracelet and so on. All kinds of things made Ella feel good, but she miraculously didn't say that she wanted to buy.

Charles was about to pay the bill with his wallet to show his gentleness, but he didn't expect that Ella didn't give him the chance at all.

After walking out of the boutique, she saw some stalls selling goods on the roadside nearby. She took a fancy to the specialty here, like sea salt coconut candy, and walked over without hesitation.

And Charles also ran over.

Ella held the candy and was reluctant to put it down. She liked this kind of candy very much. She looked at Charles with pitiful eyes. Because she didn't bring money out, she could only ask him for help.

"I don't take any money with me. Help me pay the bill." Ella held the candy in one hand and pulled the sleeve of Charles with the other. She was so pitiful for she was afraid that Charles would not agree.

"No problem. But I have to charge interest. Maybe you can kiss me as the payback." Regardless of Ella rolling eyes, he continued to wink at her.

"Humph!" Ella didn't care much. She thought she just needed to give the money back to him. Why should he charge any interest? A kiss? What? She found that Charles was becoming more and more abnormal. Was he letting himself free?

Charles took out his wallet and paid the stall owner. Then Ella left with a candy in her hand. Charles was amused and waited for the stall owner to give him changes.

Suddenly, a woman's scream came from not far away. Charles looked over and found that a man with a knife was chasing after Ella.

He didn't even have time to think about it. He ran to Ella immediately. But Charles was also puzzled. Why did it

ed that Ella would be frightened by these things.

"She's fine. She's just a little scared. She'll be fine after a rest."

"Okay. The instigators are against us, not against her. I guess they are people we know. I came back to J City to make it easier for investigation."

"Okay. Be careful. Call me if anything happens," Charles said.

After the two of them finished talking on the phone, Raymond just returned to his company and went straight back to his office to deal with all kinds of urgent problems. He didn't tell Charles just now that his company was also invaded by a hacker, and the situation was roughly the same as that of Charles's company before. It was obvious that it was done by the same person, and there was a great provocation in it.

While reading the documents, Raymond wondered who was so capable. This mysterious man hid himself so well that he couldn't find any clues after searching for so long.

And was the matter in A City also planned by the same person? Or was it just a coincidence? Something happened there, and the hacker invasion happened in the company at the same time.

These series of questions confused Raymond, and he had no clue for the time being. Too many things had happened all of a sudden, and he needed some time to straighten out his thoughts.

He decided to call his men to investigate first to see if they could find anything, and then continue to deal with the mountain-like work.

The wound on her shoulder was not too serious, but he couldn't move it too much.

Raymond was really unlucky. His back was red and swollen because of the hot soup, and now he was cut by a knife. Something also happened to his company, so he felt that there were many things to deal with at once.

Although he hadn't found out who planned all these, Raymond had already hated him. He either hid himself well, or waited to be ruthlessly tortured after being found out by Raymond.

It was well-known that Raymond was cruel, resolute, but now he didn't even know who the man was. Once he was exposed, it would definitely be very interesting.

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