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   Chapter 28 Most Fortunate

Loving You Always And Forever By Xiao Zhaoling Characters: 10323

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Raymond didn't know what he should do next. Should he let Ella come back to him, or should he really let her stay with Charles all the time?

Until now, Raymond was still in a dilemma, because he found that in his heart, Ella seemed to be in a much more important position than he had imagined. Otherwise, he wouldn't have done so hard to protect her.

For him, it was a sleepless night.

On the second morning, the wind came slowly with the smell of the sea, and the air was a little wet. Perhaps it was because the villa was close to the sea, the morning was still a little cold.

Ella got up early and went to the open space in front of the swimming pool downstairs for some exercises.

"Turn left, turn right, neck and buttocks twisting, early sleep and early get up, let's do sports together..."

Ella didn't expect that she would sing this song when she was doing exercises, which was really cute.

As expected, in the black villa next door, when Raymond saw her behaviors, he couldn't help but smiled. It seemed

y out. He only took his mobile phone with him. Fortunately, his mobile phone was with high pixels, so he could use it to take photos.

Today, Ella wore a long dark cyan slip dress, white flat shoes and a white gauze coat.

Standing by the sea, she didn't need to deliberately move her body, and she was like a harmonious and beautiful picture. The black hair floated in the sea wind, which looked a little messy, but made her look more charming.

She was not short in height, and the long dress was very suitable for her. The dark cyan dress made her look fresh and elaborate, and she was a little bit nifty, like an elf, very pleasing.

Charles was very satisfied. He felt that every photo he took was as amazing and beautiful as a movie shot. He didn't know whether it was because of his own good photography skill or because Ella was very photogenic.

The two didn't talk about anything. One was walking by the sea, and the other was taking photos from different angles, trying to capture the beauty of that moment.

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