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   Chapter 27 A Strange Man Who Was Scalded

Loving You Always And Forever By Xiao Zhaoling Characters: 10698

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It seemed to be a combination of Chinese and Western food, which was a very fresh mix.

Ella ordered fried lamb chop rice with rosemary, spaghetti with garlic flavored lobster, dessert plate, instant puff, macaroon with Matcha flavor and yogurt pudding.

On the other hand, Charles ordered fried clam rice with coconut milk, a baked shrimp farfalle, and a small glass of specially-made cocktail—Bloody Mary. The attractive bright red was lying quietly in the glass like blood.

The amount was just right, not too much and quite a lot. They enjoyed the meal very much. It was a feast for both of them.

"Excuse me, I need to go to the washroom." Ella told Charles that she wanted to answer a call of nature before leaving.

When she went to the washroom, she walked past other style areas, which made Ella feel very interesting. Each style was very distinctive, which made her pace slow down.

Coming out of the washroom, Ella looked at all kinds of guests in the restaurant. Although they were of different ages, everyone had a relaxed and happy expression.

and no desquamation. It was just a simple red and swollen, and it would be fine after applying some medicine.

Seeing such a large red and swollen wound, Raymond was not surprised at all with an expressionless face. No matter how serious the wound was, he had experienced a lot. These were nothing compared to his injury during the mission. These were not injuries at all, and he didn't need to care too much.

After taking a shower, Raymond applied some medicine with difficulty on his own and was about to go to bed. He had to get up early tomorrow so that he could have time to follow them.

Lying on the bed, Raymond rested his head on one hand underneath and supported himself with one knee bent. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

He seemed to be thinking about what to do in the future. Raymond knew he had a lot work to do. He needed to finish the mission and tasks from the headquarters and also run the business in his family company. It was difficult to refuse the tasks of the headquarters, and he had to perform that with his life every minute.

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