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   Chapter 26 Kiss Me

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"Of course not. I will play with you, and the brother will play with you, okay?" Charles was like a person who suddenly broke in. In fact, he had been listening beside.

"But I just want to play with sister." Children were always honest and innocent, without any scheming. Looking at his innocent eyes, Charles could not bear to get angry.

Ella couldn't help laughing. "Okay, I'll play with you. Let's make a castle with sand."

But it didn't take a long time for Ella and the little boy to find that no matter how hard they tried to build the castle, they felt something was wrong. They always felt that it was not good-looking, and it was easy to fall down.

All of a sudden, she heard Charles sighing, "Alas, such a master of sand piles is also ignored. I'm good at building sand castles, sand houses and so on. What a pity..."

When the two of them looked over, they saw Charles shaking his head.

"Humph! You are just bragging. If you have the ability, you can make one for me!" Ella didn't believe that Charles could do that. She guessed that he hadn't touched the sand for once.

Charles smiled maliciously. "You want to provoke me by goading me? This method is useless. I won't fall into the trap."

"It doesn't matter. We won't laugh at you if you admit that you cannot do it. You said you wouldn't fall into a trap. If you have the ability, just show it and let us be sincerely convinced." Ella continued to ask Charles to build sand castles.

However, Charles knew what was on her mind, but he did not say anything. He just silently walked to the side of the castle they had built that was not very successful.

Charles swept away the upper part of the castle, reinforced the bottom, and then piled it up. In a few minutes, a castle of medium size appeared, much better than the castle made by them, and more solid.

"How can you do that? But we couldn't..." Ella was a little confused. It didn't seem to be much different. He just piled up the sand as they did.

"That's because you are so stupid. Do you want to learn it? If you want, just kiss me. I will tell you how to make the sand castle beautiful and solid. What do you think?" Charles snickered.

Hearing his words, Ella almost wanted to throw the sand on his face. She had seen shameless people, but she had never seen such a shameless person. How could he be so playful to her in front of a child?

"Charles Lin! You..." Ella was stunned before she could finish her words.

Because the cute boy had already run over and kissed Charles openly. After the kiss, she could vaguely see the saliva left by the little boy, crystal clear on his face.

"Ha, ha..." Seeing Charles was in a mess in the wind, she couldn't help laughing. It was no problem. The boy had already kissed him, and that was a big and lovely kiss.

The little boy held Charles]'s hand and said, "Big brother, please teach us how to build a castle. You are so handsome and smart. Please help us, brother..." While speaking, he shook Charles's hand.

As a matter of fact, Charles couldn't stand it anymore, so he nodded in agreement.

Charles had to teach hand to hand, of cours

of Matcha milk tea. The strong taste of tea combined with the classic milk. And what's more, Charles seemed to have tasted the jasmine.

The last layer was the same as the one in the glass of Ella's drink, CHARM OF THE SEA.

Charles felt that this drink was really magical. It didn't have big portions. There were only a few stuff on each layer. Even if he drank up all of them, he wouldn't be particularly full. He could still eat other things.

The taste of each layer was so unique and meaningful, like the colorful life. He had experienced a lot of ups and downs during his life so far. Just like the sweet and bitter milkshake, sweet and salty strawberry and pineapple, bitter cappuccino, fragrant Matcha, and finally returning to the fresh sea salty taste, as if he had returned to the original plain life, although plain, but so happy.

The two of them felt very good just by having their drinks. They were looking forward to the next dishes. Would them bring a different feeling?

Because they had drunk something good, the two of them were in a good mood. Even though they waited for dinner for a long time, it did not destroy their good mood.

Ella suddenly glanced at a man in a corner not far away. It was a man who was tightly wrapped and his features could not be seen at all. He was dressed in black, with a mask, sunglasses and peaked cap. Fortunately, he was reading with his head down. Otherwise, he must think that Ella was one of those gossip paparazzi.

But his seat was a little remote. If she hadn't seen it by accident, she wouldn't have noticed the strange man.

After a few glances, Ella withdrew her sight and moved back to the table.

But what she didn't see was that when she looked away, the man raised his head and looked at her. No one knew his expression under the sunglasses, and no one knew who he was.

Finally, the dinner was ready. The waiters served the dishes on the table one after another. The delicate dishes were placed on the table, and the tempting aroma was constantly impacting the vision and sense of smell of Ella and Charles.

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