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   Chapter 4 You Are So Awesome, Raymond

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Sitting in the living room and listening to Charles's groan and moan outside, Ella felt quite uncertain in her heart.

Raymond slammed the door from the inside, then he sat opposite Ella and lit a cigarette.

He smoked elegantly and forcefully, with his hands on the back of the sofa. His movements were casual, but more resolute and handsome.

After thinking for a while, Ella finally opened his mouth, "Raymond Xia, tell me, have you done anything with your aunt about the pregnant report?"

"No." He answered decisively. Then he put out half of the cigarette as if remembering that she was pregnant.

Ella didn't like his frankness. She never believed that she would be pregnant with other people's baby.

"I said I didn't do anything with that Charles Lin. Do you believe me?"

"I don't believe you."

"I said the baby is yours. Do you believe me?" Ella didn't believe it herself, actually.

Raymond took a deep look at her with a face of joking, "I, Raymond Xia, have only made a mistake once. I have treated you as your sister and slept with you."

Ella fell silent.

After a while, she slowly stood up from the sofa. "I'm tired. I want to have a rest. If you want a divorce, just wait for me to figure out the whole thing."

Raymond lit up the cigarette again and put that hand holding the cigarette on his forehead. His eyes were fixed on the back of Ella.

After returning to her room, Ella called Vicky to confirm what had happened a month ago. But Vicky hesitated but admitted that Ella had really gone to the wrong room of Charles Lin.

Ella felt so weak that she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

She didn't care about the sound of the door closing downstairs, because she couldn't keep Raymond with her.

After nightfall, the villa was so empty. Because of work, Ella often went everywhere for business trip. She didn't hire servants in the villa. She lived alone, as if a huge palace cage was imprisoned her.

Suddenly, she didn't know who was coming. The footsteps were noisy and there seemed to be a lot of people. The knock on the door awakened Ella.

She opened the door and saw Mrs. Xia—Raymond's mother. She showed a well maintained but resentful face.

Mrs. Xia was followed by several servants of their old mansion of the Xia family and also the drivers. Their cars were parked at the gate of the villa, making a grand scene.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Before Ella could finish her words, Mrs. Xia moved her hand which made Ella dodged in a subconscious.

Mrs. Xia was angry. "How dare you dodge? What did you do? Just look at you! I opposed Raymond to marry you that time, but he didn't listen to me. But now, Ella Sheng, you are even bossing around the Xia family!"

"Mom, have you eaten yet? I'm a little hungry. I'm going to cook some food. Please wait for a moment." Ella always behaved indifferently in front of others, so she didn't care about anything.

"I'm already full with anger. Go back to the old mansion with me now."

With a frown, Ella looked at Mrs. Xia with hesitation.

Although the Xia family had never liked her since she married into the family, they didn't dare to do anything to her because of Raymond.

Seeing that Ella didn't believe her, Mrs. Xia added, "Raymond is also here. Everyone is waiting for you."

A big trial of her fate?

Ella felt cold all over her body. After a while, she said, "Okay."

Women's intuition was always accurate. When they arrived at the old mansion of the Xia family, the family members sat together according to their seniority. Everyone was staring at Ella, with disgusted and sick eyes.

The only person who had a clear mind was only Raymond. When he looked at the glittering eyes of Ella, he had never been emotional. He only had the sticky and dark eyes.

As he didn't like Ella, the father of Raymond, Jackson Xia didn't have to greet her first. Jackson cut to the chase. He asked, "Ella, you have

been married to the Xia family for two years. I heard that now you are pregnant. Is that true?"

Glimmering at Lora, Raymond's aunt, Ella answered, "Yes, Aunt Lora checked me up."

"Then let me ask you again, who is the father of the baby?"

"Who do you think it is?" Ella asked back. She was also confused. She thought it was Raymond, but the truth would always slap her in the face.

As for Charles Lin, she didn't believe she really had anything to do with him at all.

Jackson's eyes became sharp and he didn't say anything more.

If the news got out, the Xia family would be humiliated.

In silence, Mrs. Xia, with her maiden name of Taylor Zhou, said coldly, "Jackson, we're not in a hurry to make a conclusion. Evidence is everything we do now. Why don't we have a DNA test of the amniotic fluid when the baby is three months old? If it is Raymond's child, we can let her give birth to it. If it is not, it won't be too late for us to decide."

With her eyes narrowed, Ella turned to Raymond, who had been silent all the time. She was expecting him to say something.

The Xia family had been an old family with a century history in the Jiang City. No matter how fashionable they were in their dresses, they couldn't hide their old fogyish thoughts. With a little fear, Ella indistinctly felt that Taylor was up to something. Even if the baby was Raymond]'s, she was only a tool to give birth to a baby in the eyes of the Xia family. If it was not Raymond's, she would suffer more miserably. She would either be killed, or she should turn to the Lin family for help.

Neither result was what she wanted.

Feeling the gaze of Ella, Raymond glanced back at her indifferently and said loudly, "I agree."

The Xia family was a big clan with many branches and flourishing generations. Although Jackson was the head of the clan, the real power holder who could give orders was Raymond, who was only at his thirty-year-old age.

Ella felt cold, and a chill spread from the soles of her feet to her heart, making her difficult to breathe.

She walked up to Raymond and praised him, "You are so awesome, Raymond Xia."

Raymond looked up at her and said fiercely, "Ella Sheng, whoever goes against me has never had a good end. You will be, so will Charles Lin."

The trial of her fate didn't go on, and Raymond's cruelty left no room for everyone present here to interfere.

Ella was arranged to the innermost room in the corridor on the second floor. Taylor specially asked someone to make chicken soup for her. Ella was so hungry that she ate it up, though unhappily.

Only when she had the strength could she run away. She thought.

Although the baby in her belly was inexplicable, she didn't want to be played to death by the Xia family, so she had to escape.

After eleven o'clock in the evening, the Xia family regained its peace. Leaning against the window sill, Ella could see the distance between the first floor and the second floor. It was unrealistic to go out from the gate. There were also people on duty at night in the Xia family's courtyard, so she could only climb through the window.

There happened to be a small balcony in the room where Ella was living. It was less than two or three meters down from the balcony. She pulled the bed sheet and tied it to the guardrail, dragging it when climbing down little by little.

Finally, she landed on the ground. A mellow and familiar voice came to her ears. "Ella Sheng, you have filmed too many martial arts dramas, haven't you?"

Dressed in casual home clothes, Raymond stood behind Ella in a lazy but noble manner.

"Compared with being played to death by you, climbing to the balcony is already easy enough to handle." Ella patted her body and passed Raymond barefoot.

Raymond grabbed her and said, "I can drive you away."

"Alright, so, what's the condition?" Ella knew him well. He never did a losing business.


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